To complete the series of machines warfare, Wargaming released World of Warships – a game about clashes of battleships.
Is Raid Shadow Legends good? It is definitely worth playing. The “novelty effect” in ‘raid’ it is present all through the gameplay.
Games about Vikings is a popular theme in all games format and genres. War of Clans takes a niche of global mobile strategies and takes it successfully.
Cuisine Royale is a good looking captivating game, under the humorous sauce, where the genre’s standards comfortably neighbor with parodies and tweaks to the standard scheme.
War Thunder is a historically and physically accurate wargame dedicated to fast and furious skirmishes.
The company decided to make their game on which Hypixel would have full control.
Upcoming Battlefield 6 shall continue good traditions of the series and enhance them with the new generation consoles technologies.

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