About Insider.Games

About Insider.Games

Video games inspire a lot of people. Games spark joy, creativity, and, most importantly, the desire to share. Video games today are a vast and variable domain. At the moment, a person cannot comprehend all of the possible games existing, and even releases of a year become unreachable due to the diversity of games. Therefore, it would be wise to choose only the best game that fits you. Besides, today it is not enough to simply run the game. Modern hardware allows experience video games like never before: sound, image, tactical feedback – everything matters and brings different sensations to the table. Therefore, it is important to pick the right gaming devices for the most satisfying outcome. 

John Gatsby, the founder of Insider.Games, started his project a year ago due to the passion for video games and related technologies. The idea of the website is to provide information concerning the best video games and the best devices on which you can play. Here you will find pieces of consumer advice in the tops format. Besides, the website has useful guidance on how to choose a proper device for gaming. Here you will find advice for creating a decent gaming setup too. Passionate gamers created the website for people who want more from video games. Come along, leave a comment and tell a story about video games of your own. If you are a novice in the world of video games and gadgets, then you will learn about different sides of the industry. 

Our Team

A year ago, the Insider.Games website was a passion project of a single person. Today, it is an actively developing portal with a team of professionals who create content, form tops, and test various gadgets. 

John GatsbyJohn Gatsby – an IT specialist and the writer of Insider.Games. John has a degree in computer science and extensive experience in video games. 






Logan DaviesLogan Davies – an Excel enthusiast. Logan organizes the website and makes it a neat place. He also likes sports cars and mountain hiking. 







Amelia BarkerAmelia Barker – a PR specialist.  It is important to stay relevant in the constant flow of information, and Amelia makes it happen. She is a PR professional with years of experience. 






Daisy GreenDaisy Green – an Outreach Specialist. Edward worked with John on different side projects and helped the website occasionally. Now, he is a part of the regular team. 


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