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Every serious bettor seeks a site on the internet to monitor important eSports gambling events. Welcome to our warm online community. Insider.Games is the perfect place for informed cyber sports betting. Our professional eSports editors have explored the whole web to gather up-to-date information about eSports gambling sites, eSports betting tips, and the most profitable welcome bonuses.

What do we offer eSports betters?

This relatively new type of online wagering – eSports betting has lately been gaining popularity, and we have seen plenty of activity in it in the last years. To keep updated about current events, the top portals for wagering on your favorite sports games, and learn about profitable pages and benefits, stay with the Insider.Games team.

You will undeniably find our website interesting and handy. Apart from useful specifics and figures, you will learn which games have matched betting eSports, and you will view the well-run bookmaker ratings, see the agendas, odds, new betting sites, or cyber news. Insider.Games wishes to be your preferred and individual destination for the whole lot related to cybersports, a place that you visit regularly to receive the best from your bets. It makes no difference whether you are a proficient gamester or a novice who needs supervision to start betting, we are working to provide paramount content to our visitors.

The Best eSports Betting Sites

To survive in the cyber world, you may want to find a reliable bookmaker. The selection of a suitable provider should be approached very carefully. You should make your first bet with small amounts, check it for honesty, ease of deposit with withdrawal, and other conditions. Here’s when Insider.Games will eagerly help you discern the best bookmaking sites.

Indisputably, any ranking scheme needs to be objective. Our assessment of major online cybersports sites is not an exception. Our betting on eSports ratings we create are regularly updated and can be considered well-thought-out. To put our bookmaker rankings into a standpoint, here are the most significant factors, which we research while making a ranking for any specific sportsbook. When creating the rating, we try to bear in mind the vital features that are significant for most users: the selection of bets, margin value, and limits.

We consider these points the exact ones that bettors should be enquiring when checking if a portal is convenient for them.

Reputation of the Best eSports Betting Site

The bookmaker’s reputation is the basic factor in choosing a reliable website. We pay attention to the reliability of the e-game provider in making our rankings. Note that in the present online cybersports industry, it is much harder for a rogue website to survive today than ever before. Using a search engine, everyone can uncover the disputed past of a bookmaking company. Besides, social networks like Twitter can reveal facts about the legality of a cybersport provider, and customer reviews from a range of top betting sites are accessible. The standing of an eSports betting site, and the fame behind the name, are initial fragments of our sportsbook evaluations.

We want to share some elements we research in detail with you. First, go to the page and check all the operator’s permits and documents. Then listen to the opinions of current and former clients of the portal. You may find this evidence on specialized forums, as well as from our reviews. Third, if you decide to register on the particular portal, start placing bets on a small Deposit.

ESports Betting Sites Review
BetWay eSports Review
Betway: Pros and Cons Betway esports started in 2006 as a simple sportsbook. However, this vector of development was quickly expanded by releasing several different sites. Betway offered online casinos, poker, and bingo sites. Betway prides its variability of services and position as one of the most innovative betting sites available today. As a part...
eSports GG.Bet Review
GG.Bet: Pros and Cons There are dozens of online betting websites dedicated to different eSports disciplines. Reviews of such portals will be useful in distinguishing one particular platform, which will help you to gain profits and have quality time with online betting. Our review of the GG.Bet website will help you to see if the...
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Luckbox: Pros and Cons As for now, you already know basic things about eSports betting. Now it’s high time to get acquainted with the specific sites where you can place your bets. Our special “guest” is Luckbox. This eSports bookmaker has been providing its services since 2018. It deals with various major video game competitions...

Esports Online Betting: Bonuses and Rewards

No gamer will refuse a bonus to their account. While staking on eSports online on new betting sites, a very important thing to know is in what ways one bookmaker differs from others in terms of the bonus system they offer. Most providers offer a varied assortment of bonuses – from “free” bets to a bonus with actual money to your balance.

Yet, be cautious – read all the terms of bonus use and further withdrawal of funds before placing the bets. Several eSports virtual betting platforms have great welcome bonuses; still, some operators don’t provide any welcome bonus currently. Some top betting sites have VIP clubs with seasonal perks for their gamers; other cybersport staking portals have great newcomer bonuses and other privileges.

When evaluating the best eSports money betting bookmaker, the price is just one of the focal features. Sites often offer clients, especially novices, a selection of the bonuses with promo codes that allow you to increase the payout that they will receive for the bets. Pay special attention to these attractive offers:

  • VIP programs/money back programs
  • Free bet
  • Cash-back bonus
  • Deposit bonuses

Other kinds of bonuses can be absolutely distinctive.

Sportbook Betting or Lounge / Skin Betting

The main thing to bear in mind is if the gaming portal is an informal or formal bookmaking site. Informal gambling sites or portals as CSGOLounge are prevalent alternatives for bettors. There are numerous advantages if you opt for betting on eSports online at a cyber-sportsbook.

When it concerns informal marketplaces, you do not have a clear idea who is behind that establishment, or you have no idea about the honesty of the bookmaker. You either don’t have a choice or an action plan if anything bad happens with your bets or your funds.

It is also problematic to turn in-game things into actual money. Not every player wants to bet such items as a means to create a cash return. Yet for people who do, the transferring process of prizes into actual cash is a complex, timewasting, and usually an unsafe effort.

Shifting your staking to a common mainstream sportsbook lessens such concerns. The best thing is to pick out an eSports betting operator that is strictly licensed– actually, plenty of the online sports staking operators we place on our list are solid and dependable companies. This ensures integrity and guarantees that you are unable to get with informal gambling markets. A worry about the price volatility or the difficulty of withdrawing your cash simply vanishes due to the company’s good reputation.

Free eSports Betting

The notion of “free bet” in fact comprises a wide collection of promotional benefits with exclusive terms. Overall, the concept of free bet relates to:

The game provider rebating your primary stake if those bets result in an unprofitable game, or the sportsbook provides you some money upfront, which can then be used to make bets.

The bookmaker knows that in case you get their free wager – often a comparatively minor amount of money – then chances are high that you’ll later become their client. As people tend to get accustomed, these gamers are prospective clients as they are expected to come back to this website. In cases when the bookmaker gives a guarantee for your primary stake, there is some further advantage – the users are content when they win, and glad when they lose the bets too. That also indicates the client is expected to return to the bookmaking portal.

For each offer, the conditions and rules for free bets are different. We prepared a list of basic features typically found in the platform’s policy to somehow give you an understanding of the terms:

  • New Clients: As the concept suggests, the newcomer bonuses or novel clients’ bonuses, or so-called “free bet are only obtainable to users who haven’t made a personal account yet.
  • Playthrough: The cyber game provider may ask that you risk a fixed amount of cash before your bonus turns to money, which you may cash out. This one is a shared practice used to prevent fraud by bookmakers.
  • Odds or over: Free bets often have a condition that the gamer place bets comprising some minimal odds or more.
  • Eligibility Window: Once you sign up, there may be a certain time frame that the operator allows you to claim your bonus.
  • Account confirmation: The company may require verification before they process a bonus (a scheme prevention measure, too)
  • Bonus Expiration: The portal may set a certain limit on the period you have to gain the bonus or fulfill the necessities connected to the bonus.

Let’s analyze a model. Betway eSports company initially offers a free bet of up to $30/£30/€30.

To earn it, you must:

  1. Create a user account.
  2. Deposit $10/£10/€10 at least within a week using accepted payment means.
  3. The free stake is to be used only in a single stake.
  4. You’ve got to place bets adding up to your deposit’s value.
  5. Free bet is not contained within any returns.
  6. The offered free stake will then be directed to your account automatically.
  7. Within a week, you claim and use the bonus bet.

We can conclude that cyber portals are not as plentiful as they were before with their free bets. Yet, with cybersports wagering, we can see rivalry among the most promising eSports wagering sites fetch back the free stake system into fashion.

All eSports Games Review
Best PUBG Betting Sites
PUBG has taken the video game scene at lightning speed since its release in 2017. It is now the most popular game on Steam, and its competition is far behind. PUBG regularly peaks at 2-3 million players per day, sometimes more than triple the game in second place. PUBG incorporates a lot of betting-related elements...
eSports Fortnite Betting
Fortnite success can be compared with a supernova blast. Released in 2017, the game gathered around itself an army of millions of fans. The appealing visual style, an unusual combination of gameplay mechanics, and battle royale format attracted casual and professional gamers. Superstars and celebrities alike recognized Fortnite as well. The free-to-play format and availability...
Best Websites for LoL Betting
League of Legends (or LoL for short) is one of the most popular games on the e-sports scene. Released in 2009, the game is still actual and can provide both competitive and casual entertainment. The game has its e-sports league, that culminates in one of the most viewed world tournaments. The betting community of the...
Best Dota 2 Betting Sites
Every enthusiastic gamer knows about Dota 2 – there is no doubt in that. This widely-known video game is created in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or simply MOBA) form. It represents another top-rated product by Valve Corporation, besides Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and other titles. Also, Dota 2 is one of the most in-demand cybersports worldwide,...
Best CSGO Betting Sites
Cybersports is definitely on the rise nowadays, being in high demand among the most avid gamers and gamblers. For this reason, one of the most popular games of today – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or simply CS:GO) – is presented at the galore of CSGO betting websites. CS:GO represents a multi-player computer game developed by Valve...

Is it legal to bet on eSports?

Why is betting on eSports legal?

There is no particular answer for all users and all sorts of bets. It is necessary to know that you, as a risker, are supposed to follow the regulations of your jurisdiction. If any specific type of sports wagering is outlawed in your region by law, then most likely, the same relates to eSports betting.

Who regulates eSports Betting?

At the moment, there is no central regulatory body for cybersports, though numerous leagues and organizations interact at different levels. In terms of ruling and rates, responses will vary depending on the bookmaker.

It is equally important to clarify if you live in a country where online e-gambling is regulated. Briefly, the lawfulness of eSports basically depends on the place you are residing in. Betting on eSports is permitted for those who reside in a place where wagering is legal and who is 18 years old and above. We suggest that you explore the legal situation before proceeding.

Let’s say if you reside in the UK, the betting site that you choose should carry a UK license. In the USA, the situation with betting is currently changing. But, if you are looking to try esports in the US, you may consider illegal betting sites as an option.

How to Bet on eSports
eSport Betting Tips: How to Bet on eSports
Look at eSports today: it is on the rise. The popularity of esports also means the popularity of a different kind, namely the betting market. The aspects understandable for experienced users (the odds system and betting process) are murky waters for people who hear about it for the first time but are very interested. We...

Commonly Asked Questions About eSports

Our team at Insider.Games often receive questions from site visitors about eSports bets. Inquiries include some of the typical features that come to mind about specialized video gaming.

How can I watch eSports online?

Currently, Twitch is the foremost live eSports events-based streamer worldwide, whereas other popular services like Youtube have also presented special cybersport events. The availability of eSports live betting video broadcasts is undoubtedly the best of any specialized sports, which are typically free. Streamers are considered celebrities in the virtual eSports space, with a possibility to reach millions of sport bets supporters.

Are the prices for eSports good?

Different online eSports operators will have different odds for each match. You will probably decide to make your bets first with different portals to determine which of them has the most profits. But don’t think that once you opt for the most gainful bookmaker, it will always remain so. This question is for you to ask yourself regularly, since these marketplaces are very dynamic, and bookmakers may become better (or worse) at predicting niche destinations over time.

Who is the wealthiest eSports gamer?

Cyber sports gamers are among the wealthiest contestants on the global scale, earning as much as millions of Euros every year. A winner and star of Dota 2, Kuro Takhasomi, has received once over $5 million in the award funds, with this number not counting the money-spinning sponsorship funds.

When did cybersports or challenging e-gaming appear in the video gambling space?

The entire history of cybersports makes for fascinating reading. There are numerous records of challenging video game contests proceeding at Stanford University in the early `1970s. With the appearance and development of the internet and since that time, eSports has eventually advanced into somewhat much more significant and is now worth billions of USD internationally.

Can you stake with bitcoin on eSports?

This inquiry is very common, which is surprising. We think it’s connected to the current age demographic of cybersports fans. The brief answer is, you are free to easily bet with BTC token on eSports.

Is US eSports betting permitted in the USA?

The US is undertaking a sports bookmaking alteration, as we mention it. Using the internet, you may find more about states that have approved authorized eSports betting. Still, a great number of American players place bets with another cybersports sites daily.

Is eSports streaming available even in Singapore?

eSports staking is within reach in Singapore with a remarkably popular pastime in this small country. Compared to other Asian republics, Singapore is prosperous, and though they do not have delimited sports staking, many of the important Singaporean eSports staking portals accept customers from there.

Can any person bet on games on eSports?

Similar to all forms of staking, the law procedures that you must obey are the ones where you are living. If you live in the UK or Australia, cybersports staking is absolutely legal, comprising gambling on cybersports, on condition that a user is at least 18 years old. Ensure to enquire about the regulations related to sports staking before registering at any online bookmaking sites.

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