Privacy Policy for Insider.Games

Insider.Games protects the private data of its users. If you have any issues related to personal data protection, usage, and saving; please, contact us, and we will assist you to resolve them. When you visit the Insider.Games website, you confirm your consent to the processing of your data as it is described in this Privacy Policy.  


Personal Data – information related to an identified, natural person
Processing – it is an operation or a sequence of operations that is performed on Personal Data or blocks of Personal Data.
Data subjects – these are users whose Personal Data is undergoing Processing.
Child – children are users younger than 16 years of age.
We/us (capitalized or not) – Insider.Games.

Principles of Data Protection

Insider.Games follows the next data protection principles: 

  • Data processing is transparent, honest, and lawful. We have lawful grounds for your data processing. The rights of the users are considered before the Data Processing. The website provides information about data processing upon request. 
  • The processing aim is the limit. We do not process the Personal Data beyond the necessity and the aim for which the data was collected. 
  •  We use the minimum amount of data for processing. We need only the most essential data for processing and do not ask for any additional information. 
  • Data processing has a time limit. We do not keep our users’ Personal Data more than is required. 
  • We guarantee the accuracy of the processed Personal Data. 
  • We guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the processed data. 

Data Subject’s rights

Insider.Games users, data subjects, have the next rights:

  • Right to information. Our users have the right to know what data is collected and what the source of this data is, whether users’ data is going through the processing and who does the processing. 
  • Right to access. Our users have the right to access the data collected from them and about them. This right includes the right to request a copy of the gathered Personal Data. 
  • Right to rectification. You have the right for the Personal Data rectification or erasion in case if the Personal Data is incomplete or incorrect. 
  • Right to erasure. This right means that you may request to erase your Data from Insider.Games records under certain circumstances. 
  • Right to restrict processing. You may restrict the processing of your Personal Data under certain conditions. 
  • Right to object to processing. You have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data in certain cases. For example, you may object to the processing in the case of direct marketing. 
  • Right to object to automated Processing. This right means that you may object to automated Processing, including profiling. You may refuse to be subject to decisions based on automated Processing. You can apply to this right whenever automated Processing results in legal effects that affect or concern you. 
  • Right to data portability. You have the right to receive your Data in a machine-readable format. If it is possible, you may request a direct transfer of your Personal Data from one processor to another. 
  • Right to complain. If we refuse your request under the Rights of Access, you will receive a message with a reason why we did so. If you are not satisfied with the answer and the way your request was handled, you may contact us to resolve the issue.
  • Right for the help of supervisor authority. This right means that you may ask for help from a supervisory authority or any other legal remedies. For example, it can be claiming damage. 
  • Right to withdraw consent. You have the right to withdraw any consent for your Personal Data processing. 

Data we gather

Information that we use as your Personal Data: 

  • The information you have provided us with. Usually, this information is your contact data: email address, home address, name, and phone number; the information that is necessary for the delivery of products and services or to improve your customer experience. Insider.Games saves the information for you to comment on or do other activities on the website. 
  • The information about you is automatically collected. It is information that cookies, and other session tools, store automatically. When you use Insider.Games’ services or browse the content, your activities may be logged too. It can be your IP address, shopping history (if there are any), and shopping cart information. We use this information to improve your customer experience with the website. 
  • The information from our partners. We gather the information from our trusted partners if they have legal grounds to share this information. It could be the information that you provided to our partners or the information that our partners collect about you on a legal basis. 
  • Publicly available information. We may gather your Personal Data that is publicly available. 
  • Technical information. To ensure that our users or any website visitor can navigate and use the website efficiently, we gather the following information: the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect you to the Internet; your login information, browser and its version, a setting of the time zone, browser’s plugins, and their versions; your operating system and the platform; information about your vision, including the URL clickstream to and from our website. 
  • Comments. We collect Personal Data shown in the comments, including the user’s IP address and browser. We need this information to detect possible spam. Another piece of Personal Data required is your avatar picture. An anonymous string created from your email, is directed to the Gravatar service to verify that you use it. You may learn The Gravatar privacy policy here: profile picture will be displayed in your comments after the Gravatar service approval.
  • Media. We do not gather the information from the files that you upload with your messages (for example, images). Try not to upload images with embedded location data. Other visitors of the website may extract location data from the images uploaded on the website. 
  • Contact forms. We need contact information to get in touch with you. Insider.Games does not use contact information for marketing purposes. 
  • Embedded content from other websites. Insider.Games articles may include embedded content; For example, videos, images, and links to the other articles. Embedded content from other resources works the same way as if users visited outer websites. These websites may collect your Personal Data as well. They may use cookies and additional third-party tracking tools and monitor your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account for the embedded website.
  • Advertising. Insider.Games uses Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising. As a third-party vendor, Google uses cookies to place advertisements on our website. DART cookies are used to show targeted advertisements to our users according to their browsing history and visits to the Insider.Games website. You may opt-out of the use of the DART cookies by checking out the Google Ad and Content Network privacy policy. 
  • Insider.Games uses Google Adsense for remarketing, demographics and interests reporting, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, DoubleClick Platform Integration. Insider.Games uses both first-party and third-party cookies and identifiers together to compile data of users’ interactions with advertisements and other ad services as they relate to Insider.Games. You can set preferences for Google’s advertisements using the Google Ad Settings page. 

Mediavine Programmatic Advertising

Insider.Games uses Mediavine for management first-party and third-party advertising. Mediavine provides advertisements and content that may use first-party and third-party cookies when you visit Insider.Games. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer by the website so the website could remember your activity on the website, some of your searches and requests within the website. Cookies include information about your device, IP, browser type, and version; demographic data, and the URL of a linking page if you visited the website through third-party sources.

A website that you visit directly creates first-party cookies. A domain other than you are visiting creates third-party cookies. These cookies are used in behavioral advertising and analytics. Third-party cookies are used to optimize advertising; the cookies, pixels, tags, and beacons (collectively “Tags”) may be placed on the website to monitor interaction with advertising content. Each internet browser has cookies settings, so you may manage first and third-party cookies. You may also clear the cache of your browser to discard cookies after a browsing session. The “help” function of browsers will describe how to stop accessing new cookies, disable existing cookies, and receive notifications about the cookies. Consult the information at

You may disable cookies any moment, but without them, you cannot use full advantage of the website content and features. Please consider that disabling cookies does not block advertisements and any related content of the website. 

The website may collect IP addresses, location information, and other relevant data to provide personalized ads and direct them to Mediavine. If you want to learn more about the cookies and Mediavine mechanism, and to know about opt-in and opt-out choices of the data collection, check the next resource –

To learn more about interest-based advertising, visit and

You may download the AppChoices at to opt-out in connection with mobile applications. 

Mediavine partners with the data processors:

  • Pubmatic. The data collected on the website may be transferred to Pubmatic and its partners for targeted advertising. Third parties may use statistical data, and non-cookies tracking technologies, such as eTags and browsers’ cache, on this website. Settings of your browser do not affect these technologies, but you can always clear your cache to delete such trackers. Data collected on one device may be used on another device that is linked to the browser, which collects the data. You may find Pubmatic’s privacy policy through this link –
  • Criteo. This resource may collect Personal Data to enhance targeted advertising also. Criteo may access, collect, and use non-identifying data to upgrade the promoting technology and other products, programs, and services of the company. The non-identifying data includes user’s behavior on the website, page content data, URLs, internal search requests, and overall statistics. Adl call collects the non-identifying data with Criteo cookies. Such data is stored for the 13 months period.  You may find Criteo privacy policy through this link –
  • Pulsepoint. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline targeted tracking. You may find Pulsepoint privacy policy through this link –
  • LiveRamp. We may share the information collected from you, such as an email ( in de-identified form), information about your browser, operating system, and IP address with LiveRamp Inc. and its partners (“LiveRamp”). LiveRamp may use a cookie on your browser and match the collected Personal Data with their online and offline marketing database. This information may be directed to the LiveRamp partners that create links between your browser and the LiveRamp marketing database. These links may be shared by our partners globally for the targeted advertising improvement and enhancing of your online experience; for example, web, emails, in-app experience, and cross-device usage, by third parties that are not affiliated with Insider.Games. The third-parties may link interest-based or demographic data to your browser. To learn more about the LiveRamp technology and to opt-out company’s targeted advertising, visit the next resource: You may find LiveRamp privacy policy through this link –
  • RhythmOne. The company uses cookies and other tracking technologies (for example, mobile device identifiers) to provide its services. RhythmOne may use aggregated information about your visits to Insider.Games to provide advertisements and goods of interest to you. The aggregated information does not include name, address, email, and telephone number. If you want to learn more about the RhythmOne tracking technology and to know how to opt-out of it, visit the next resource: You may find RhythmOne privacy policy through this link –
  • District M. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline targeted tracking. You may find District M privacy policy through this link –
  • YieldMo. YieldMo executes similar tracking technologies as other advertisement providers. You may opt-out from sharing your Personal Data with YieldMo too. You may find YieldMo privacy policy through this link – 
  • The Rubicon Project. The Rubicon project focuses on the creation of personalized advertising. You may opt-out for sharing your Personal Data with the Rubicon Project or exercise your rights under California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). Besides, you may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page. You may find Rubicon’s privacy policy through this link –
  • Amazon Publisher Services. You may find Amazon Publisher Services’ privacy policy through this link –
  • AppNexus. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline targeted tracking. 
  • OpenX. You may find OpenX’s privacy policy through this link –
  • Verizon Media, the old naming is Oath. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline cookies from Verizon Media and not to share your Personal Data with the project. You may find Verizon Media’s privacy policy through this link –
  • TripleLift. The company uses cookies for the creation of targeted and retargeted advertising. If you want to opt-out of receiving targeted advertising (retargeted advertising included) from TripleLift’s services, visit the next resource:  You may find TripleLift’s privacy policy through this link –
  • Index Exchange. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline the use of cookies for targeted advertising. You may find Index Exchange’s privacy policy through this link –
  • Sovrn. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline targeted tracking. You may find Sovrn’s privacy policy through this link –
  • GumGum. GumGum may apply cookies to the end-users, their browsers, and devices for providing targeted advertising. Besides, GumGum may collect the data and use web beacons to gather information about the end-users too. The gathered Personal Data may be combined with other information collected about the end users by third parties to enhance the targeted advertising experience. You may find GumGum’s privacy policy through this link –
  • Digital Remedy. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline targeted tracking. You may find Digital Remedy’s privacy policy through this link –
  • MediaGrid. MediaGrid uses a number of tracking tools to gather and store information about users’ interaction with Insider.Games. These tools are cookies, advertising IDS, tags, pixels, and server-to-server connections. MediaGrid collects the next information: the page a user requested, and the linked pages; information about the timestamp – the date and time user has visited the page; IP address of the user, mobile device identifier, a model of the device; an operating system of the device, type of the browser, demographic data such as gender and age; geolocation, GPS position included, data of the clickstream; information of cookies, first-party identifiers and email addresses stored in the hash; interest-related data, including demographic interest data; post-conversion data from online and offline user’s behavior. Partially, this data collected from the Insider.Games website, partially – from third-party advertisers. MediaGrid needs this Personal Data to provide its services. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline the use of cookies for targeted advertising or review their privacy policy to have more information. You may find MediaGrid’s privacy policy through this link –
  • RevContent. RevContent gathers Personal Data about your devices and browser type, the operating system of the device, IP Address, device type, mobile or stationary, and user agent string. RevContent gathers information about the websites you visit through the company’s services also. Such information includes the time and date of your access to the pages, specific pages, content, and ads you clicked on. Users may decline any targeted tracking by opting-out of RevContent’s data gathering. 
  • Centro, Inc. You may apply to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page to decline targeted tracking. You may find Centro’s privacy policy through this link –
  • 33Across, Inc. If you want to decline targeted advertising, you may visit the next resource: You may find 33Across’s privacy policy through this link –
  • Conversant, LLC. The Conversant company uses Personal Data that does not identify you directly. It may be, for example, information about your browser type, time and date of your visit to the website, your purchases and transaction activities, advertisements clicked or scrolled over. Another type of non-identifying Personal Data may be unique identifiers, such as a cookie string or a unique advertising identifier provided by your mobile device during your visits to this and other websites. All this Personal Data is used to provide targeted advertisements about services and goods that may be interesting for you. Conversant may use cookies, tags, pixels, and other tracking technologies for collecting non-identifying Personal Data. If you want to learn more about targeted advertising, decline Conversant tracking, you may visit these resources: or You may find Conversant’s privacy policy through this link –

Third parties

Insider.Games, at its discretion, may provide and include third-party services and products. These third-party websites have different and independent privacy policies that do not relate to the Insider.Games privacy policy. The website does not have any responsibility or liability for the activities, content, and services of the linked websites. However, Insider.Games includes only trusted third-party sources. We value our users’ feedback; therefore, if there is an issue with a third-party link, you may contact us to resolve it. 

The Usage of Personal Data

Insider.Games uses Personal Data for the next aims:

  • Provide the basic website services: registration of an account, provision of requested goods and services. 
  • Enhancing customer experience via website’s work optimization. 
  • General improvement of the website’s functionality for better service provision. 
  • Fulfilling obligations under contracts and law. 
  • Providing our users the information in which they are interested or which may be relevant to the subject of interest. 
  • Ensuring security and safety of our website infrastructure and underlying business. 
  • Personalizing our users’ experience and providing the most interesting goods and services. 
  • Coordinating communication between users and the website. 

As long as there is no other feedback from our users, we offer them products and services that are based on users’ purchasing history and browsing behavior; it is our legitimate interest. 

With the consent of our users, the website does the processing of Personal Data for the next aims: 

  • Sending newsletters and campaign offers from the website and our trusted partners. 
  • For any purposes that we may offer and after your consent. 
  • Personal Data Processing is required to fulfill obligations rising from the law or use the data for options provided by law. Insider.Games reserves the right to anonymize gathered Personal Data and to use this data accordingly. Personal Data will be used outside the scope of this Privacy Policy only if the data was anonymized. 

The gathered Personal Data may be processed for additional purposes that we might not be included in this list. Still, they will be compatible with the purpose for which the data was gathered. To do this, we will ensure the next points: 

  • Purpose, context, and nature of Personal Data are suitable for Processing; 
  • Processing would not harm our users’ interests, and there would be a fitting safeguard for Processing. 
  • You will receive notification about further Processing and its purposes. 

Protection of User’s Personal Data

Personal Data safety is one of our primary goals. We use such tools as anonymizers and pseudonyms where they are suitable. Insider.Games goes through regular checks for vulnerabilities and hacker attacks. We do not use scanning to PCI standards or vulnerability scanning. 

According to our measures, we have appropriate security controls in place of Personal Data protection. At the same time, Insider.Games is not liable for interaction between your device and the boundary of the website’s information infrastructure. Users should be aware of possible risks of Internet communication and take respective steps to protect their Personal Data. The website is not responsible for any breaches that happen beyond Insider.Games security’s control. Even with our best efforts to provide the best protection possible, we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of information. Nevertheless, in the case of a security breach, Insider.Games will inform suitable authorities as soon as possible. Our users will receive notifications concerning possible threats to their rights or interests. Insider.Games will do everything that we reasonably can to prevent possible security breaches or help respective authorities if one happens. Please take into consideration that if you registered an account on our website, you should keep its login and password in secret. Do not divulge your personal data to unauthorized users. 


Insider.Games does not have any intentions of collecting or knowingly collecting information from minor users. Children are not the subjects of our services. 

Cookies and other technologies we use

Insider.Games uses cookies and similar tracking technologies for the users’ behavior analysis. The administration of the website tracks the movements of the users and collects relevant information about them. We do that to personalize your experience and improve your communication with the website. 

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer and stored there. The website sends cookies to ease the communication between the end-user and the website. Only Insider.Games can reach cookies created by the website. From the user’s side, you may control the cookies flow on the browser level. If you disable cookies, your Personal Data won’t be tracked, but this may hinder some of the website’s functions. 

Insider.Games uses cookies for the next aims:

  • Necessary cookies. We need these cookies to provide the basic website functionality, such as logging in. The cookies do not collect Personal Data. 
  • Functionality cookies. These cookies are needed for the convenient and comfortable functionality of the Insider.Games website. Besides, these cookies help to form personalized features. For example, these cookies are used to remember your login and email in comment forms, so you don’t have to enter them each time. 
  • Analytics cookies. We use these cookies to track the website’s performance, usage, and services. 
  • Advertising cookies. Insider.Games uses these cookies to provide personalized advertisements according to your preferences and tastes. In addition, these cookies are needed to limit the number of times you see certain advertisements. With the website’s administration permission, advertising networks place these cookies on the website. These cookies store information about your visits to the website. This Personal Data is shared with other advertising organizations. Advertising and targeting cookies are usually linked to the website functionality provided by a third-party organization. For example, you may save your login data in cookies to stay logged in to our website. These cookies exist for your convenience and last for one year. 
  • Temporary cookies. If you have an account on the website and you log in, you will receive temporary cookies. It is necessary to define if your browser can accept any other cookies. A temporary cookie does not include personal data of any sort. It is deleted at the end of the browsing session. 
  • Insider.Games may use trusted third-party tracking tools to track Personal Data on our behalf. 

Users control the cookies they receive on the browser level. You may choose an option to receive warnings from your device each time a cookie is sent. You may turn off all the cookies as an alternative too. You can do this via the browser’s settings. The cookies stored on your device may be discarded in the browser’s settings as well. If you turn off the cookies, it will not affect your experience with the website. 

Insider.Games uses Google Analytics to measure traffic on the website. Google has a Privacy policy of its own, which you may check on the official website. If you want to turn off tracking by Google Analytics, visit the Google Analytics opt-out page. 

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Insider.Games website keeps the right to change this Privacy Policy in any way the website seems necessary.