GTA Online Tutorial: How To Play

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most discussed, loved, and controversial franchises ever created in the genre of open-world action-adventure games. The first two games in the series were quite a different experience, but it gave players the sense of endless opportunities given by the quite hectic GTA world. But if you never tried to join the multiplayer campaign, it is time to change it and start your journey among the best players.

GTA has been around for seven years, and it is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Of course, you need to have the best operating system for gaming. It can help you to get top fps in the game. Don’t worry; the game counts hundreds of thousands of active players, regular updates, and everything you need for a good time. The game has similar gameplay to its single-player entries; you can complete missions, roam the open-world, or cooperate with other players for achievements. You are not limited on how to play GTA 5 Online and the one route of developing your character, but it is more interesting to gain points and transform into the local boss, and you may need a gta 5 tutorial for that, rather than just wandering on the map. Well, if you’re into wandering, then do it! We created a GTA Online tutorial that will help you to quickly figure out what to do next and enjoy the game even if you never played it before.

Here’s our GTA 5 Online tutorial for beginners

Start with the prologue

GTA 5 Online PrologueYou need to start with a Prologue of the main single-player campaign before accessing the multiplayer game. That takes about 20 minutes before you can skip the cutscene of Michael visiting the therapist, re-enter the main menu, and join the GTA Online. Then you need to create a character and play a multiplayer tutorial. We will talk about character customization in the next step.

What’s the point you may ask? Why so many introductory missions? It’s a direct response to the question “how to play GTA 5 Online”. It will introduce you to the story, basic mechanics, shortcuts, and other aspects you need to know, so the game won’t be confusing for you, and you’ll know how to complete gta online tutorial. Have some patience and enjoy the ride as you become a part of Los Santos city with all of the crazy things that happen there. It’s better to be safe than sorry and get the opportunity to train. So, the first rule of Grand Theft Auto – if it offers you a GTA Online tutorial, you better take it.

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GTA online tutorial: You begin with character creation

GTA Online character creationThe character creation step is one of the most liked features of multiplayer games. You can be anyone you want to, but there’s something you need to know, aside from picking the appearance of your hero. By the way, GTA Online has one of the most interesting character customizers (and it has a sweet easter egg that you will spot right away); you’ll get what we are talking about once you enter the game.

The stats are another interesting aspect you should pay attention to. You need to choose how many hours your character spends on daily activities, which results in determining your stats. You should be very attentive because some lifestyle aspects can increase your stamina but decrease shooting abilities. Note: you have only 24 hours to distribute, and a minimum of 4 hours should be spent on sleeping. The distribution of hours affects not only your skills but the clothing you get.

More GTA tutorials? Never skip tutorials, never

Lamar GTAHow to play GTA 5 Online? Ask Lamar. Who’s Lamar? Oh, remember the thing with “never skip the GTA 5 online tutorial?” Cool. So Lamar is Franklin’s childhood friend, he is not the best person in the world, but he’s alright. He introduces you to some key characters that can give you missions, explains what’s going on in the city, and usually, it is helpful to pay attention to his words.

The power of tutorials is usually underestimated. We are used to thinking they are a waste of time because they are boring. It is not the case of GTA Online. Here you learn all the basics, as we mentioned before. You don’t have to suffer from the consequences of not knowing something, but advance some of your skills before you enter the big world.

Some tips for the beginning from the GTA Online Tutorial

GTA ReputationYou should learn some tricks on how to play GTA 5 Online with the max comfort:

  • At the start, you might want to avoid any confrontation with other players. Press M to access the interaction menu and choose a passive mode. This mode will allow you to explore the area without being attacked.
  • It is helpful to investigate your interaction menu, as it has a lot of helpful features. First, you can schedule your trips on GPS; then, you can browse through your inventory for healing items, clothing, or set restrictions on who can enter your car.
  • Remember that the biggest progress systems in GTA Online are cash and RP (reputation points). Cash helps buy all the items you need (and there’s no cheat on how to get money), and RP increases your level. A lot of missions and items are locked up until you reach some level.

How to earn cash?

How to earn cash? GTAThere are various missions you can complete and coin money. Here are some examples:

  • Collective item missions require you to hunt down different collectible item sets. You can actually get $150k for each collection. This is one of the most hassle-free missions you can take.
  • Heists can provide you with $400k per hour, but you need some prerequisites to take these missions. You need to invite your three friends and pay an upfront cost to start the heist. The difficulty mode also affects the amount of profit you will gain. There are countless heist missions, but they become accessible for you as you level up.
  • Premium races will earn you $80k per race. If you like this type of activity and you invested in a fast bike or car, you can become a star of them. However, they also require a deposit of $20k from you. Races change every week, and they are rather a hobby than a decent income.

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And there’s so much more you can discover, it’s hard to count all of the ways you can get some reward.

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Cars and weapons: all the best in our GTA online tutorial

Cars and weaponsThis is one of the essential questions in how to play GTA 5 Online, how you can spend money wisely? First things first, don’t buy a car, steal it. That’s what GTA is all about, you just borrow someone’s vehicle and make it yours, easy-peasy. You should definitely purchase a tracker and insurance for your car, though. Also, buy the garage on 124 Popular street. Just like in real life, it requires searching for the best offers from real estate agencies via your phone. After you get a nice place, you get access to the Mechanic, whom you can call any time regarding your car queries. Another thing is guns, start with purchasing something easy but effective. Maybe Micro SMG from Ammu-Nation, you don’t have to reload often with an extended magazine. After you save some coins, you can look at more expensive and exquisite weaponry.

If you are exploring the world of GTA Online, you should know more about the key elements of the game – cars. Any GTA 5 beginners guide will emphasize the importance of having a reliable car to navigate through the online madness.

There are numerous vehicles in the GTA online world that you can still use. However, they will not stay with you when you leave the game. To secure the ownership of the car, you need to place a Tracker on it. You can obtain one in the Los Santos Customs shop.

Race Tutorial

Cars, as they are, may be fun for a short time. When you start to crave a challenge, you may participate in races. Races in GTA Online are similar to the ones in the main game. You find the spot where the race starts. It is marked with a blue circle. When you enter the race menu, you can choose your car’s color and personal victory pose. 

After that, the actual race begins. The principle is the same: your reaction and driving skills are tested around sharp corners and oncoming traffic. Besides, there are crazy custom races that could literally make you race in the skies. 


garageWe can’t avoid this topic in our GTA Online tutorial. Your garage is the first example of a property you’re gonna get. As we mentioned before, some missions are available for you after you reach a specific level and have some prerequisites to enter the mission. The good idea is to save some money and purchase an underground facility that will be your base for further heists. Also, don’t be shy and see various possibilities, from high-end apartments to the aforementioned base. As an owner of a property, you will have sleeping quarters, security room, lounge, and many other luxuries. Also, you can buy a boat, and it will count as your base.

Note: you also might need to become CEO for some missions. Everything comes gradually, don’t worry if you are not a criminal mastermind since day one. You will figure out these aspects as you’re progressing.

Collect Money to Buy an Underground Facility

Underground Facility

Another part of the GTA online tutorial is underground facilities. Bunkers are a vital buying for the late-game heists. A good robber needs a place where they can stack all the money, right? Besides, a bunker is a necessity to take part in Doomsday Heist. One of the key tips of this GTA 5 online tutorial is: start to collect money as early as possible. The cheapest underground facility is in Paleto Bay and will cost you $1,125,000. In terms of real money, you can buy the facility for $19.99. In exchange, you receive a security room, sleeping quarters, and a lounge besides other luxuries. 

Hijack a Chopper

GTA Online Helicopter (1)

One of the biggest estates in the game is Blaine County, and it indeed boasts a vast territory. Stealing a chopper to ease the navigation within the estate is another crucial step of this GTA 5 online tutorial. Besides, the cheapest helicopter from Elitas Travel, Buckingham Maverick, will cost you $780,000. You may spend this money more constructively. Therefore, your path lies towards Los Santos International Airport, near the flight school. Here you will find a great variety of aircraft, including choppers. GTA V online tutorial advice is to vault the nearby fence and get access to the flying vehicles. Choose one to your liking. 

Buy an Elite House

Elite House in GTA Online

An underground facility and a chopper are only the beginning steps in the GTA 5 online tutorial for high-end content. Another necessary piece for comfortable superb heists is elite houses. GTA v online tutorial advice is to reach level 12 before searching for sophisticated property. It opens access to the elite estates. They come with planning boards that serve as heist setups. Besides, there are a lot of luxuries, such as a golf course or a water pool. To follow GTA V online tutorial, you may search for the cheapest elite house in Del Perro Heights. Dynasty 8 Real Estate will cost you $200,000. 

Participate in Weekly Events

Weekly Events

GTA doesn’t follow the seasonal format for the updates and special offers; Rockstar Games prefers to give their players something new each week. Note that the weekly update happens each Thursday at 2 AM. You can read a detailed report on the developer’s official website and see what has been changed, what missions are added, and what is the weekly update.
For instance, the latest update offers you the triple reward in the King of the Hill mission, the double reward for the Air Cargo Sales mission, and a bonus of $250k for the movie prop collectibles mission by September 23. In other words, you are always busy with the missions and new emerging goals; it is hard to imagine a scenario where you are bored in GTA. Of course, they are not obligatory to complete, but they offer you a higher reward and RP as well as a unique experience.

Don’t Forget About Story Missions

GTA Online

GTA online is full of activities: deathmatches, races, and many other things. Still, GTA online tutorial is not limited by them. To find something more personal, try story missions. How many missions are in GTA 5? More than enough to keep you entertained. These short stories are similar to the ones of Lamar, Gerald, and Simeon from the original GTA 5. The missions may be simpler in GTA online, but they have a decent direction and give the feeling of a unique, bespoke adventure. Besides, they give you сash and Reputation Points, which are always in handy. Any GTA 5 online tutorial will confirm that. You should bring up the mission list from the pause menu to learn how many missions are in GTA 5. 

Have fun

gta online Have funOf course, all missions are all about getting the RP and money to unlock more luxurious things for your character. On the other hand, we should never forget the real reason why we come back to the streets of Los Santos. It’s all about fun. Here you can play with complete strangers or invite your friends and build the empire together. You can try and go solo as long as it is possible and challenge yourself in various missions. Usually people play in the best porn pc games for fun. It is a good way to relax after hard-working days.

Like any other cooperative game, GTA 5 Online connects people who want to relax and have fun; it is a territory of communication and team play. You don’t have to push too hard to be the best player of the year. Yeah, sure, you should aim at bigger goals, but if you feel pressured, then what’s the point of it. Overall, enjoy your journey and try to have as much fun as possible.

Don’t cheat

Don’t cheatYeah, it may be obvious, but cheating is the worst enemy of fun. One of the essential things that GTA offers you is a fair competition and convenient multiplayer. You are not getting extra points for your cleverness when you exploit the game glitch. You are not looking smart when attacking other players just for the lulz. You actually can be claimed as the asshole of the block and get reported. However, mouse can improve your skills in a few days. So, check our review of the best gaming mouse under 50. The article includes cheap mouses for everyday use.

We were inspired to include this tip due to the recent news on how Rockstar Games deals with cheaters: they got kicked out of the game with their accounts deleted. That sounds like a harsh thing that can happen to you, especially if you don’t consider yourself the one to blame. Still, we all know better, and cheating leads to serious consequences. Either way, why bothering, if anyone can lie their way to the top.

5 Things To Do in GTA Online

GTA Online has dozens of activities, and you easily may feel lost among such a variety. In this gta v tutorial, we’ve collected the top 5 most engaging and entertaining activities that will help you to get used to the game and have the most fun from it.

Doomsday Heist

GTA V online tutorial

Doomsday Heist is one of the most ambitious missions in the game. The authors let themselves go and give players an ultimate, crazy attraction. Doomsday Heist is an expensive mission too. Therefore, you want to complete the gta v online tutorial walkthrough before entering Doomsday Heist. However, when you meet the in-game cash requirements, you’ll see one of the best missions in the game, with jetpacks, flying cars, and a crazy AI.

UFO Mission

GTA V online tutorial

The players were searching for traces of UFO in GTA 5 for years. The myths around Mount Chiliad kept the players excited and were heating up the mystery. Finally, Rockstar added a full-fledged UFO mission in the game. Still, it is not that obvious, and you want to know how to start gta 5 online tutorial for this event. You need to complete at least 600 Gunrurnner supply missions. After that, start a new mission between 21:00-23:00 in-game time….Seriously? Alines in GTA?

Tron Light Cycle

GTA V online tutorial
If you don’t know how to spend your enormous wealth, you may buy rare vehicles. One of such in-game gems is the motorcycle Nagasaki Shotaro. This two-wheels miracle is inspired by such cult classics as Akira and Tron. Besides, it is incredibly fast. You need only $2000000, and this sci-fi sensation is rightfully yours. You won’t be able to buy this cycle only through gta online tutorial missions, but it indicates a clear goal you want to achieve in the future.

Hire Mercs

GTA V online tutorial

There are a lot of ways to feel like a king of the hill in the game. One of them is to hire mercenaries. Once you reach level 35, you may hire Merryweather Mercenaries to place bounties on other players. It is pretty expensive entertainment, but it is worth it. The mercenaries may not be too skillful, but there are many of them, and they provide quite a show. You may watch the bounty hunt from your virtual TV and feel like the king of the world.

Orbital Cannon

GTA V online tutorial

Another expensive toy to waste your in-game cash is an orbital cannon. You need to install a weapon system in your underground facility. For another $900 000, you can add an orbital cannon to the party. A single shot from this cannon costs an additional $500 000. However, you surely confirm the elimination of any player at any point on the map. The most expensive insta-kill in the game.

GTA Online Tutorial– Los Santos waits for you

Los SantosGTA Online doesn’t seem so hard or hostile after reading this guide, isn’t it? It is easy to catch up with other players and explore all possibilities available for you. Spoiler: there is quite a lot of unpacking, so GTA also demands your attentiveness – blink and you miss something important. If you like the series and you finished the single-player campaign, it would be even more interesting to become an influential person in Los Santos. Of course, it would be even cooler to meet the heroes of the main campaign during your missions, but it’s a small inconvenience. Overall the game is above the praise for the multiplayer and versatility of activities available for the players. Do you think GTA Online managed to be as good as single-player entries of the series?

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