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Cybersports is definitely on the rise nowadays, being in high demand among the most avid gamers and gamblers. For this reason, one of the most popular games of today – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or simply CS:GO) – is presented at the galore of CSGO betting websites. CS:GO represents a multi-player computer game developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. CS:GO is the last main game in the Counter-Strike franchises, simultaneously being the sequel to the legendary Counter-Strike: Source game presented to the world’s gamers in 2004. The game’s release for PC running on Microsoft Windows, Mac computers, along with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles, took place more than eight years ago. The Counter-Strike sequel includes a significant graphical innovation and major renovation of the economy, maps, and gameplay. At the same time, it still has the same 5v5 defuse game mode as CS: Source.

Even though CS:GO is a new interpretation of the famous multi-player shooter, recommended by the hardcore gamers, it still most often seen as a computer game, primarily because of its position as the continuer of what many would refer to as the ultimate multi-party first-person shooter on PC. And with the advent of virtual gambling, users have been endowed with yet another way to gain benefit from their favorite pastime they can spend on CSGO betting sites. Want to learn more about this enthralling game? Wish to know the best CSGO gambling sites? Then let’s figure it all out.

How It’s Different from Other FPS

Before talking about the top-rated CSGO gambling sites, let’s find out more about the specifics of CS:GO. Despite being rivaled by such serious contenders as the Battlefield and Call of Duty game series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive differs from these well-known military-themed ego-shooters in several ways:

  • Users do not respawn during a round, but only at the beginning of a new one.
  • Pre-defined classes, for instance, “assault” or “medic,” are absent.
  • Every match consists of short rounds lasting for no longer than a couple of minutes.
  • Players’ health doesn’t regenerate.
  • No specific rewards in the game for a “killing spree,” like an airstrike, are provided.
  • Users do not aim at the weapon’s scope but only use on-screen cross-hair sights.
  • Players purchase new weapons at the beginning of another round with their money accumulated in the previous rounds. These “funds” are rewarded for killing. At the start of their gaming session, each user has only a default pistol.
  • The game doesn’t include any military vehicles, like, for example, tanks or planes.
  • In CS:GO, it is impossible to withstand as many bullets as in Call of Duty without dying.

In contrast to other first-person shooter franchises, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also retains a particular prestige level because it was created eight years after the first game was released. The game’s duration and specifics allowed its inclusion into the category of cybersport. Hence, a realm of CSGO betting sites. The fact that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive nails its colors to the mast and grants such interactive gameplay worthy of a game that can continuously evolve at the professional level and, as a result, grow in popularity among players and punters. The latter are continually searching for the best betting sites CSGO.

The games created in the Call of Duty and Battlefield series are released every year and, for the most part, contain some tricks to try and encourage users to make as many acquisitions as possible. CS:GO, quite the opposite, is glad to show the same “Dust II” map as in the Counter-Strike: Source, which gamers have enjoyed for a decade. Another reason for the emergence of myriads of CSGO gambling sites is that they offer the CSGO betting options in their assortment.

By analogy with Starcraft II, CS:GO will continue to exist long enough for users to succeed in enhancing their gaming skills, and, in all likelihood, any Counter-Strike sequel will keep as much of the same gameplay as the rest of the franchise releases.

Now let’s find out more about CSGO betting websites, types of wagers, bidding tournaments, etc.

CS:GO Wagering

Thanks to the game’s massive popularity, there are plenty of CSGO gambling sites at present, operating with different CSGO bets. Thus, there are three kinds of stakes a gambler can place on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches:

  • Real-money bids
  • Play-money bets
  • In-game skins

These bets can be found on the majority of the best CSGO betting sites available on the web.

Real money / Play-money Betting

Like with “ordinary” gambling platforms, playing on real-money or play money bids is the most common method offered by CSGO betting sites. However, the prevailing number of the top CSGO betting sites endows its visitors with the possibility to push their luck by making bids on the outcome of the match or placing stakes on the future winner of a competition. A simple Google search will allow you to find out about the most convenient CSGO gambling sites suitable for beginners. What are the best CSGO betting sites? It is totally up to you to decide where to place your CSGO bet.

Other resources listed among the best CSGO betting sites provide fantasy cybersport feature, which is similar to creating your own basketball or soccer team and making bets on them. Besides, such a variation of e-sport is considered legal in the US. Players are selected, and their statistics in numerous matches are counted to define a possible winner. Hence, CS:GO Fantasy represents an excellent alternative to real money gambling for the bettors adoring the legendary first-person shooter. You can try your luck at Counter-Strike: Fantasy at almost any of the available CSGO gambling sites. Like in the case with “traditional” CSGO betting sites, a reliable strategy is at the heart of any successful and profit-making fantasy cybersports session.


Another exciting and widely popular way of CS:GO betting is the one involving CSGO skins. For instance, in-game esthetic items were used by the sequel’s fans to wager on different platforms. The latter, alongside other CSGO skins gambling websites, accepted CSGO skins as bids. If you wonder what CSGO skins are, they essentially represent weapon skins – various decorations and colors for the player’s guns and certain types of knives. It is the only way to provide this setting while maintaining the balance of the gaming experience. Each of CSGO skins possesses a real monetary value, which, in particular cases, amounts to hundreds of US dollars.

Such items are ranged by the level of their quality and rarity. Every stake is placed using a certain minimum number of CSGO skins, and the gamer can fetch more of them in exchange for a winning bid. The quality and number of rewarded skins depend on your stake’s size and the coefficients for the round. In addition to the CSGO betting sites allowing using weapon skins, there are similar platforms for gambling on Dota 2.

Thus, where to bet CSGO skins? Another fascinating way of betting with in-game content is on lottery portals. The basis of such resources is relatively straightforward:

  • These best betting sites for CSGO allow the bettors to place a bid in the form of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins worthy of $10 as a minimum. It lets them take part in the random-based lottery for all the in-game content other gamers have wagered.
  • These platforms assign money values for skins, according to the information provided by SteamAnalyst and its own research.
  • Jackpots are drawn almost instantly as soon as the 50% jackpot limit is reached on the site.
  • Each jackpot’s total value varies considerably as the cap is hinged upon the number of CSGO skins wagered.
  • Jackpots at such CSGO betting sites can often be valued at thousands of the US dollars.
  • Similar to CSGO gambling sites, the odds of winning of every participant affect the total value of the CSGO bet (in-game items) they place. A player who wants to pursue the jackpot needs to put up decoration content worth at least $10 to join the drawing.

It is of utmost importance to bear in mind that in-game items do have real-money value in our world, but trying to sell them to other players for real money is always potentially risky. That is because many fraudsters also visit a whole host of cheap betting sites CSGO, looking for the next victim. Fortunately, today, you may not only learn where to bet CSGO skins but also safely sell and buy them on specifically designed websites. However, there were situations where trading bots of these CSGO gambling sites were banned by Valve Corporation, in this way robbing the gamers of their in-game content they had listed on these platforms hoping to sell them.

Best CS:GO Tournaments

In addition to the chance to gain some profit from visiting CSGO betting sites, this game’s admirers can enter the enormous number of tournaments dedicated to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Thus, the banks of such cybersport competitions vary from several thousand US dollars to one and a half million! The list of CSGO betting sites often contains resources ensuring CSGO betting with impressive grand prizes.

For example, a couple of large CSGO betting tournaments were held in 2018 and 2019 (the FACEIT London Major and the IEM Katowice Major, respectively) and even were sponsored by the game’s creator, Valve Corporation. The prize pool presented by these CSGO betting contests were indeed much more enticing than those usually offered by existing CSGO gambling sites. Thus, the discussed tournaments endowed the game’s fans to compete for the top prizes of $1,000,000, with the winner receiving $500,000. Such competitions are generally considered “major” because of their colossal prize funds, and also because they are supported by Valve itself, unlike multitudes of CSGO betting websites.

However, the prize funds of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive contests are a bit lower than those of another world-known product of Valve Corporation – Dota 2. Yet, it is only because the company resorts to crowd-funded player prizes through microtransactions in Dota 2. Although the best CSGO betting sites allow users to sell a lot of stickers, graffiti, and skins, they never contribute to the prize money of CS:GO competitions.

If you are still looking for the best CSGO betting sites, do not worry – after trying out some of the search engine suggestions, you will find the most appropriate portals for you and your budget.

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