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Every enthusiastic gamer knows about Dota 2 – there is no doubt in that. This widely-known video game is created in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or simply MOBA) form. It represents another top-rated product by Valve Corporation, besides Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and other titles. Also, Dota 2 is one of the most in-demand cybersports worldwide, and for this reason, there are numerous Dota 2 betting options at the best virtual bookies.

The origin of such a genre as the MOBA is a matter of dispute among individual players. However, the first widespread example of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena was a player-created map called “Defense of the Ancients” for Warcraft III real-time strategy game released by Blizzard Entertainment. This item was made with the game’s help, yet it didn’t rightfully belong to or wasn’t developed by the Blizzard Entertainment itself. One of the developers connected with the mod emergence, known publicly as “Icefrog,” was hired by Valve Corporation as the design project leader for Dota 2.

Now let’s talk about Dota 2 betting portals and how this enthralling PC multiplayer team game is connected to virtual gambling.

How Dota 2 Is Played

Before we can learn more about Dota 2 betting nuances and talk about what Dota 2 betting sites have to offer its visitors, let’s find out what this famous MOBA represents. Thus, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena works as a mix of role-playing and real-time strategy games. Every match of Dota 2 is played in a 5v5 format and includes ten gamers. One of two bases that continuously send out AI-based “creeps” (a species of creatures in Dota 2) or small battle units is controlled by each team. These creatures move in three ways – or, instead, paths, connecting the bases, and they attack players and towers under the control of the rival team. Towers represent the structures that are strategically located near staging posts along all available paths. The allocation of structures and bases in this Valve game is the same for each match, making it easier to make Dota bets. The winner is determined when one of the two teams destroys one of the central buildings (or the “Ancients”) situated in the opposing team’s base. Users can control one character selected out of a collection of over one hundred creatures, each with unique “powers.” These hero characters gain levels during the round, which allows them to use new abilities due to killing creeps and other users. Defeating other players represents an income source, just like the so-called “Last Hit,” and the funds obtained can be spent on in-game items to boost the creature’s statistics. Hero characters are distinguished by their roles:

  • Carry. These heroes are initially weak, and they grow to become the strongest ones by the round’s end. It is expected that such characters will lead their team to victory in the latter stages of the match.
  • Initiators. Such characters possess the most efficient skills at initiating team battles or when the prevailing number of both teams’ players are involved in one fight.
  • Supports. These characters are designed to help their teammates with restoring health using their healing spells.
  • Disablers. The following characters represent supporting heroes able to prevent enemy creatures from taking particular actions for a certain period.
  • Lane Supports. These creatures assist their team’s “Carries” in destroying units and users in the game’s early stages.
  • Durables. Such heroes can withstand a more significant amount of damage than their counterparts can.
  • Nukers. These can cause considerable damage even at the beginning of the game, using powerful and consistent damage-causing abilities.
  • Pushers. The following creatures are the ones who perfect for destroying towers and fighting for control of the map.
  • Escapes. Such characters possess exceptional capabilities that allow them to move around the area in a specific way.

You may already wonder, “Which Dota 2 betting site is the best?” However, it is better to bear in mind during your visits to the Dota 2 gambling platforms that the abovementioned roles are not strictly determined. Within every classification, there are many divisions – for example, semi-Carries and “hard” Carries, and others. Hence, in general, each hero character may play two of the roles discussed before, or even more. Nevertheless, none of the presented creatures can perform every role.

Best Dota 2 Tournaments

The good thing for returning users of the Dota 2 betting sites is that the Dota 2 tournaments they host have some of the most massive prize pools and numbers of viewers worldwide. And this fact also contributes to the ever-growing popularity of the Dota 2 betting resources. Thus, the matches can be viewed in the Dota 2 client itself via spectator mode. The creator of this in-demand MOBA rewards users for viewing particular competitions with in-game items.

The most large-scale Dota 2 betting contest is the Dota 2 International Championships, which is conducted and supported by Valve Corporation. Last year, the prize fund for this tournament amounted to more than 34 million US dollars. To operate with such figures, the corporation sold portfolios of in-game decoration items, used for changing the character’s appearance but not affecting the gameplay in any way. These items are mainly referred to as “Compendiums.” They can be purchased at multiple prices, and each gamer’s personal Compendium might be leveled up (one way to do so is to spend more money) to enable even more content. Such transactions often take place on some of the Dota 2 betting websites.

Besides that, as more Compendiums are sold throughout the world on the best Dota 2 gambling sites, Valve Corporation produces more content available to all Compendium holders, no matter their level, in a system that resembles Kickstarter rewards. A quarter of the revenue from all sales goes to the prize fund. Nonetheless, there are other contests with completely different prize money, number of participants, the average degree of skill, etc. For full information about the competition schedule, fans of the game may address certain platforms. It will also come in handy to those who have discovered captivating Dota 2 betting sites and wishes to find out more about the partaking teams.

Gambling Real Money or Play money at Dota 2 Betting Sites

The aspiring gamblers who are well aware of betting outside of cybersports, the first two types of bets Dota 2 must be familiar. Resorting to real cash (or bank card money) and play money are frequently provided by the same Dota 2 betting sites, with the only difference in that play money is used where virtual gambling is prohibited by law (like in the USA). Moreover, they are often acting as a tool to get some practice and get acquainted with Dota 2 betting peculiarities.

The types of bets that players make are bids on who will win a specific match, a future stake on the contest winner, a wager on how good the team will do in the tournament, etc. There are myriads of websites that offer cybersports gambling and Dota 2 betting in particular.

Furthermore, individual betting sites for Dota 2 endow its users with the chance to enjoy the fantasy league option. By analogy with fantasy teams for live-action sports, fantasy Dota bets on cybersports are based on punters selecting a list of professional players for their own “dream team.” The productivity of the chosen players determines whether you gain profit or not. Some points are accrued for kills and assists and points that are taken for death.

Gambling with In-Game Content on Dota 2

So, how does betting work in Dota 2? One of the major distinctive features of Dota 2 betting is that you can place bets using in-game items on the results of high-profile matches. With the help of the Steam client from Valve Corporation (which is not really related to the betting itself but allows external parties to use Steam), gamers can visit particular sites to exchange or make stakes in the form of the in-game items they own. Such in-game content possesses real monetary value, and its sale is the principal means by which Dota 2 is financially viable.

Items’ rarity determines their ranks. Players get familiar with each bid’s coefficients, how much content of particular rarity they should bet, and the items they will get back if they win their wager. The fans of the Dota 2 skin betting select items to bet with and send them to trading accounts managed by these resources via the Steam platform’s proprietary trading functionality. After that, they obtain the corresponding rewards and their Dota 2 betting items when the game ends (or they lose and receive nothing).

However, one potential issue for those who don’t play this Valve’s creation but rather savor the possibilities of Dota 2 online betting is that it’s quite challenging to find sites where you can safely sell items to other people for real cash.

Getting an Edge at Dota 2 Betting: How to Win

Earning money at Dota 2 betting requires an understanding of the game and its top users. Besides, merely exploring different Dota 2 gambling portals may bring a huge advantage in itself. This knowledge can be obtained by carefully observing the aforementioned international Dota 2 Championships, where the best gamers in the world fight each other. Any broadcast with a world-renowned commentator will provide you with more information than anyone else because they know more about e-sports than anyone other than professionals.

Besides that, there are qualifiers for the championship, which are great to view to see the pros of the second level and find out more about the budding stars of Dota 2 betting. Get in-depth details about any round at the resources dedicated to Dota 2. Thus, the most crucial statistics contain the following:

  • Kills (K)
  • Deaths (D)
  • Assists (A)
  • Last Hits (LH)
  • Gold per Minute (GPM)
  • Experience per Minute (XPM)

When considering statistics, bear in view the role and character of each creature. Hence, a gamer playing as Carry must have a very impressive LH compared to the rest of their team. At the same time, someone playing as Support often mustn’t.

Dota 2 betting, like all cybersports gambling, is in its infancy. The idea of gambling in this Valve’s gaming product – or betting on any video game – is relatively new. It may take some legwork to benefit from this opportunity, but the information is there, and you can always compile your list of Dota 2 betting sites and push your luck at them. Anyone taking the time to become a Dota 2 betting specialist on the web is destined to make a considerable profit.

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