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PUBG has taken the video game scene at lightning speed since its release in 2017. It is now the most popular game on Steam, and its competition is far behind.

PUBG regularly peaks at 2-3 million players per day, sometimes more than triple the game in second place.

PUBG incorporates a lot of betting-related elements directly into the gaming experience. So the economics of PUBG gambling is already large and is expected to grow. There are plenty of PUBG betting sites out there already, and many new players are looking to get in on the action.

All About PUBG Gambling & Betting

PUBG is short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and comes from developer Brendan’s nickname “PlayerUnknown” Greene.

PUBG is a survival shooter based on the Japanese movie Battle Royale (which was also the inspiration for the Hunger Games movies).

In PUBG, a maximum of 100 players are parachuted onto a giant map where they have to collect weapons and items.

The goal is simple, to be the last player (or the last team) alive.

At the end of each round, players are awarded in-game coins based on their survival performance, kills, and damage dealt. This currency is then used to purchase in-game cosmetic items such as custom skins or character modifications.

These skins have become extremely popular, so much so that rare skins sell for several hundred dollars, and players have created a betting economy around extra coins and loot chests.

You can choose between 5 game modes:

  1. Solo: Everyone can compete; the last man standing wins
  2. Solo First-Person Perspective: It is almost the same as the previous one, but you will have to play in forced FPS in this mode.
  3. Duo: Competition between pairs, you will win if you are the last pair alive
  4. Duo First-person perspective: It has the same nuances as the previous model, but choosing this one, you will have to play in forced FPS.
  5. Squad: Teams competing, the last one alive wins

Battleground Esports Tournaments

Competitive seasons are distributed in such a way in the calendar that participants from all regions get to the main event. PUBGbets can be placed throughout the season.

A total of 9 regions (leagues) have been identified:

  1. ESL – Oceania;
  2. LPPS – Latin America;
  3. NPL – North America;
  4. PCL – China;
  5. PEL – Europe;
  6. PJS – Japan;
  7. PKL – Korea;
  8. PML – Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau;
  9. Southeast Asia.

Each region has its own series of professional competitions. The season is divided into three phases. In the middle of the 2019 season (in August), the All-Star Games will be held – exhibition matches with the participation of the world’s most popular players.

The organizers are negotiating with esports companies to host international events between the three phases of the season.

The largest PUBG tournaments:

  • PUBG Global Championship;
  • Faceit Global Summit;
  • MET Asia Series;
  • GLL Grand Slam;
  • PUBG Nations Cup.

Faceit Global Summit – Held April 16-21 in London. This event follows the first phase of the regional competition, where the local leagues’ leaders compete in the championship. A total of $ 400,000 in prizes were awarded. The first 3 places were taken by OP Gaming Rangers, Shoot To Kill, Team Liquid.

GLL Grand Slam – July 19-21 in Stockholm, second global event after phase 2 of the regional leagues in Europe and North America. 16 teams are competing for $ 300,000 in prize money.

MET Asia Series – July 26-28 in Bangkok, after phase 2 of Asia leagues. Also, 16 teams and $ 300,000 in the fund.

PUBG Nations Cup – August 9-11 in Seoul. 16 teams are selected by country or fan vote. The prize fund is $ 500,000.

The PUBG Global Championship takes place after the third phase of the regional leagues. It brings together 32 teams based on the results of their performances throughout the year. The prize fund is $ 2,000,000.

How Choose eSports Betting Sites

There are many options available for esports fans on today’s market. Hence, it’s not easy to choose the most suitable PUBG gamble site. Everybody knows that you shouldn’t click on the first link found, and we have tried to share all the necessary info for our readers about the PUBGbets. We will help you find the best PUBG betting sites.

Safety and Reliability

To believe the things you can find on the internet is sometimes unwise and will lead you to an unpredictable place. Sadly, there is always a risk on the Webspace to stumble upon some shady PUBG skin gambling site whose only real goal is to steal your money using one of their tricks. The iGaming industry is overgrowing, so the number of such sites is decreasing. Still, it is essential to be careful and pay attention to whether the offer you get is a scam.

Our No.1 priority is reliability and safety because we genuinely want to protect our audience from such things. We never recommend shady sites and check everything thoroughly before putting it on our list.

PUBGbets haven’t been in the industry for a long time, so the regulations are looser here than in traditional online casinos or some sportsbooks. If you want to make sure that the site is trustworthy, you need to pay attention to a few factors. First, search for sites with a significant number of players that provide consistent traffic. The site you choose must offer a few decent options to punters. And of course, the betting options provided should include popular Esport games like CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Don’t forget to check their license; the most reliable licenses are based in Europe, for example, UKGC, MGA, SGA, the Curacao license, however, is less reliable.

Legitimate Design and Functionality

Esports betting is a relatively new option. Most betting platforms are not on the same level yet as traditional sports betting or sportsbook operators. For now, the only factors that differ on PUBG betting sites are design and functionality.

PUBG Gameplay screenshot

If you are ready to place PUBGbets, watch out for sites with low-quality designs. The best sites are user-friendly with a clean interface that makes them look professional and easy-to-use. One more thing that is very important is decent customer service support. The best betting sites provide excellent customer support service and are working hard on improving their product and your overall gaming experience. New punters should be able to contact customer support quickly and get a complete understanding of the PUBG gambling website operation and service level.

Our readers are dear to us, and we try to share as much info as possible so that you could save your money and time instead of spending it on platforms that are not worth it.

Payment Methods PUBGe Betting

The unique PUBG currency is called skins. You can use skins for betting and enjoy PUBG skin gambling, and if you want to test a site you wish to pudge on, use low-value items to make your first deposit. Same with withdrawal. The process won’t be complicated if the website you have chosen is legitimate. So everybody wants to try skin gambling PUBG.

Don’t forget to check forums and social media to get a complete understanding of the PUBG skin gambling platform’s trustworthiness. There are many PUBG fans’ communities that will answer all your questions.

Types of PUBG Betting

Obviously the most common bet is on the winning team. However, it may be difficult to predict the leader, so bookmakers offer additional betting options:

  • Will the team make it to the TOP 10/TOP 20?
  • Which team will last longer?
  • The number of frags a team or a player has;
  • Bet on the winner of the league or tournament.

Punters have the chance to raise their coin bankrolls, win exclusive skins and mods while betting on PUBG, and PUBG betting sites typically offer various types of bets for players. There are four popular bet types that can be made. One of them is a jackpot game in which, by wagering their loot, players can obtain a jackpot. The worth of the loot wagered determines the chances of a player winning. The random spin is often used on the best PUBG betting sites to choose a winner after a bet is closed.

Another form of the game in which you place 1 on 1 bet is Coin Flips; any player here has a high chance to win. There is also a PUBG roulette similar to the classic one. Here you should also make wagers on colors. One more game type is called Crash, here, after making wagers, you will watch a graphic, and your win rate number can be found inside of it. The winning amount depends on how high the number is. You have to do «crashing» before the end of the game. It means cash out.

Why You Should Bet on PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a fantastic user base and is the #2 most streamed game on Twitch now. SuperData claims that more than 200 million viewers have chosen PUBG. The only game that is still hard to beat in the matter of viewership is League of Legends, with its 286 million viewers in October 2017. It is considered the esports game audience.

More than 8 million copies have been sold in PUBG, and it has hit the target of 700,000 active users, which is more than in any existing esports game. The official support and engagement of significant esports teams and brands such as Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9 Gaming, and Team Liquid lead to significant preparations for its 2018 global release in the esports market.

The most popular genre of multiplayer video games is undeniably shooters, and we shouldn’t remind you how in-demand Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is. PUBG has all the critical characteristics of the last decade’s most required esports game, with its loot boxes, FPS and TPS gameplay, survival elements, and the relatively straightforward and transparent death match premise that most mainstream gamers will leap into very quickly. So don’t waste a single minute and pick the best PUBG gambling site.

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