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Middle ages are the era full of romance and controversies. Courtesy of the knights, political intrigues, and a world full of superstitions served as inspiration for dozens of books, movies, and, of course, video games. The dimension of interactive entertainment elevates the medieval epic on a whole new level, with magic, wizards, and dragons (which are usually lame in the movies). Medieval video games cover the whole bunch of genres, tones, and settings, from grim-dark fantasy to harsh realism, from strategies to action-RPGs. These games animate the romantic of the past and may even ignite curiosity about a particular age or a historical person. In this top, one game is not necessarily more supreme than the other, so treat it as a recommendation for playing each of the games. Sharpen your sword and prepare your horse, we present to you the best medieval video games.

From peasant to legend. Best Medieval video games

10. Total War: Medieval 2

The “Total War” series covers the most intense periods of human history and turns them into massive strategies. Created by Creative Assembly, Total War: Medival 2, released in 2006, continues the tradition. The game covers the period between 1080 and 1530 years, which is full of local and massive conflicts, borders changing, and massive social shifts. You play as a ruler of one of the European countries and need to bring your nation to prosperity through the accurate and strategic conquering of your neighbors. The game features economical and political systems as well as full-scale, real-time battles of armies. The graphics and music contribute to the immersion, creating the feeling of a true medieval overlord.

Available on: PC.

9. Mordhau

An indie hit, Mordhau, created by the Triternion and released in 2019, conquered hundreds of thousands of gamer hearts almost immediately. Mordhau is a multiplayer hack-n-slash game, where you take the role of a field soldier in a massive and brutal medieval battle. There are different game modes, starting with simple skirmishes, wall to wall, ending with duels, which have a strict code of rules. In addition to the variety of regimes, there is the customization of the character, which allows creating a knight of a dream. The gameplay masterfully mixes arcade simplicity and game mechanics depth. Easy to learn, hard to master. A true representation of the best medieval games.

Available on: PC.

8. Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings is another renowned series of strategies by Paradox Interactive. Released in 2012, Crusader kings 2, with all DLCs, covers the period from 769 to 1453 and allows playing for any of the European or Northen Africa rulers of the times. Crusader Kings can be characterized as a strategic sandbox: the game does not give you a particular goal; you set it on your own. Instead, it has almost enormous possibilities in politics, economic, and warfare. The game gives you a possibility to write your own medieval saga, full of betrayals, honor, and glory. A deep, thoughtful, and, at the same time, fun medieval game.

Available on: PC.

7. A Plague Tale: Innocence

“A Plague Tale: Innocence” is the first major game for “Asobo” studios. Released in 2019, the game captivated attention with stylish graphics, a thick atmosphere, and charming music. The year is 1348, France. We play as Amicia, daughter of a noble knight, and her life is about to change dramatically. She has a sick brother, Hugo, who is haunted by the inquisition for unknown sins. Children have to leave their home and to struggle for life in the plagued land. “A Plague Tale” is a stealth game, which tells a touching and deep story about how the world’s cruelty may corrupt even the purest of souls. A Plague Tales takes its place among the best medieval games rightfully.

Available on: Pc, Ps4, Xbox One.

6. Mount and Blade

Mount and Blade is not only one of the best medieval games known today, but a true phenomenon in the gaming industry. It excellently mixes the personal adventure in a semi-realistic, medieval world with strategic elements and mechanics. You start as a vagabond with very humble possessions in the middle of nowhere. However, slowly you collect your own army, gain personal glory, conquer a piece of land for yourself, and turn into a true lord. The game features real-time world simulation, full-scale combat of armies, with you taking part in them in person, and management of your settlements or craft shops. Mount and Blade received an award as the best indie game and IGN’s editors favorite.

Available on: PC.

5. Dark Souls 3

A game about the European middle ages by Japanese developers “From Software” game company. The game was released in 2016 and is the final chapter of the Souls series. There are a lot of praising for the Dark Souls games on the internet regarding their tough mechanics, interesting challenges, and gargantuan bosses. However, in this top, we want to feature the artistic style of the game and how it transfers the feeling of medieval to its players. The Japanese vision of the European middle ages often exaggerated and goes to extremes: castles the size of sky-scrappers, cathedrals filled with extremely detailed carvings and statues, swords as long as one’s height. The unprecedented feel of style makes Dark Souls 3 one of the most cool-looking medieval game.

Available on: PC, Ps4, Xbox One.

4. For Honor

A brutal slasher, developed by “Ubisoft” and released in 2017, leaves no place for hesitation or doubts – it is a pinnacle of medieval action combat. The game answers an eternal question: “Who is stronger – a knight, a samurai, or a Viking?” You may find it out by yourself. The game throws together the most famous warriors of history into a struggle with no end. Each faction has unique fighters with their combo-moves, visual style, and roles on the battlefield. Besides, there is a story mode, which is pretty simple but gives you an understanding of how to play the starting characters. The complex fighting system, a variety of fighters, and a semi-realistic setting make “For Honor” one of the best medieval games.

Available on: Pc, Ps4, Xbox One.

3. Assassin’s Creed

Another remarkable game by “Ubisoft” is on our list. Original Assassin’s Creed was released in 2007 and, despite heavy sci-fi influence, is the most historically accurate game. Assassin’s Creed tells the story of Altair, one of the infamous assassins – elite killers of the middle ages. He ought to take life from those who are unworthy. The game allows you to visit the cities of Acre, Jerusalem, and Damascus of the Third crusade times. Gameplay was pretty plain back in the day, but the atmosphere of true middle ages, detailed cities, filled with citizens and their activities, the history which revolves before your eyes – all of this makes Assasin’s Creed remarkable.

Available on: Pc, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.

2. TES IV: Oblivion

The fourth part of the legendary series by “Bethesda game” studios. Oblivion was released in 2006 and blew the minds of gamers. Wast, open-world filled with adventures, mysteries, and dangers. You started your story as a prisoner with no name but might end it as a legend and even a demi-god. The game heavily implements high-fantasy elements such as magic, mystical creatures, curses, etc. However, the setting gives the possibility to experience a slice of medieval life – you may put down your sword and just have a walk in the picturesque landscape, have a nice meal and go to sleep in your house. Oblivion immerses a player in itself like no other medieval game.

Available on: Pc, Xbox 360, Ps3.

1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios and “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” were a dark horse of the game industry for a long time. The game was released in 2018, but it took two years to become a full-fledged, complete game. However, the result is beyond any expectations. The story of a simple man named Henry in the XV century Bohemia is a masterpiece of interactive media. The visuals, the sound, the game mechanics – everything contributes to the idea of living the life of a simple person in the middle ages. The combat system was based on real fighting techniques. The game world was designed according to the medieval sources. The game breathes authenticity and gives you more than mere entertainment. One of the best medieval games at the moment.

Available on: Pc, Ps4, Xbox One.

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