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League of Legends (or LoL for short) is one of the most popular games on the e-sports scene. Released in 2009, the game is still actual and can provide both competitive and casual entertainment. The game has its e-sports league, that culminates in one of the most viewed world tournaments. The betting community of the game is well-developed and active as well. There are different kinds of the league of legends betting, different sites dedicated to it, as well as numerous schemes for how to gain maximum profit from lol betting with minimal risks.

League of Legends Details

Before committing to lol betting, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of the game. They are crucial for understanding betting odds and the creation of the betting strategy. League of Legends is a game in the MOBA genre: two teams, five characters in each, fight on three lines, trying to destroy the enemy defense, which implies destroying towers, killing enemy minions and champions, and destroying the heart of their base. Betting implies stakes on total kills, victory or loss of the team, and other factors, which influence the success or failure of the game. LoL has other regimes, but the classical gameplay follows this formula. There is also the ARAM mode (all randoms, all mid) and the Twisted Treeline mode, which implies three players from each team.

Players choose from a wide roster of 130 characters with unique abilities. Despite such a variety, there are strict roles, which champions follow: tanks, fighters, assassins, supports, marksmen and mages, and support. Each role fits its niche on the battlefield; coordination between them is key to the team’s victory. However, micromanagement of a character has the same importance as the team composition. The performance of each player contributes to the team’s win. That is why it is important to monitor progress not only of separate teams of the esports league of legends scene but also their players.

World Championship Tournament of League of Legends

Due to the champions’ variability and gameplay depth, League of Legends has almost endless replayability and space for improvement. Such kind of a game is a perfect example of becoming an e-sports discipline and answering the question of how much of esports is league of legends. Both players and viewers are engaged in the game matches during the tournaments. It is fun to support the favorite team and spectate especially smart or risky moves of cyber-sportsmen in the LoL esports league.

The goal of the most professional players is to win the Summoner’s Cup, awarded to the best team in the world at the annual Lol World Championship tournament. To participate in the tournament, the teams shall play through year-long, region-based leagues to gain tournament points. Teams with the highest score compete in qualification matches, which happen during the year. Teams that passed the region qualification converge on a single location to compete in the World tournament. The main competing regions of lol sport include Europe (EU), North America (NA), South Korea (LCK), and LPL (China). There are also so-called “wildcard” spots. They are offered to the teams that passed qualification but do not fall within the regions. League of Legends World Tournament is one of the best produced and marvelous spectacles on the e-sports scene.

Betting on League of Legends

E-sports is a respectively new field of betting. However, general principles are similar to regular sports. Even if you do not know all the game’s rules, you can still participate in the league of legends betting to learn the ins and outs of the process. There are several common beats in League of Legends:

  • Money-line Beats. These beats are similar to those with regular sports. The betting goes on a particular result of a match. For example, for the win of Team A or Team B. It is a good option for novices in esports league of legends bets to build up a bankroll, learn the game, teams, and regions.
  • Outright Bets. These bets are also known as “future market bets.” These bets have a bigger scope than money-line bets and concentrate on the results of the whole tournament. You may bet on a win of a particular team or region.
  • Accumulation bets. Another name for this type of betting is “combo bets.” It is a bit tricky scheme, which, however, can bring much profit. The idea of accumulation bets is making several stakes, which in sum significantly increase the overall odds and profit respectively. A player makes several stakes, which refers to different outcomes (for example, win of one team and loss of the other). In sum, these bets generate more profit than each of them separately in lol esports.
  • Special bets. This type of bet fits for experienced players who have in-depth knowledge of the game. Special bets are made for a particular event in a match. For example, player A will secure 20 kills, or team B will secure the Baron twice against team A.
  • In-play bets or live-bets. This type of bet is for the most experienced players and people who understand lol betting. In-play bets work similarly to special bets, but the core difference is that live-bets are made only when the match has started. An example of an in-play bet maybe that Team B will destroy the enemy’s line towers in five minutes.

As well as in regular sports, lol esport betting requires time and patience. With practice, you will learn how to read lol betting odds and make the most profitable stakes. However, it is always easier (and safer) to learn from someone else’s experience. There are several useful tips, which will help you to gain maximum from lol betting odds.

League of Legends Betting Tutorial

You do not have to be a professional LoL player to earn money from the game. Smart betting and understanding lol sport scene may give you a great profit. However, before jumping into big bets and major events, you should learn how esports lol works. Here we present you a few tips and starting points where to begin your league of legends betting. First things first, you should learn the game and the teams. You don’t have to be a pro player yourself, but knowing game mechanics, champions, and most popular strategies will increase your awareness of the game. When choosing a team to follow, it would be wise to concentrate on one particular region. You will increase your knowledge of a particular playstyle, which will allow you to make wiser betting decisions. The betting shall be selective and objective. You don’t have to bet in every match and make bets with your reason but not emotions. Your favorite team may be not the best option for winning bets. Don’t focus on the major tournaments and lol championship betting only. Regional league esports is a fine opportunity for profitable betting as well. Lol skin betting is an engaging and safe option too. Finally, track your chosen team’s dynamics and changes. The history of a team, its strategies, and changes in the command structure influence the chance of successful betting significantly.

Best Lol Betting websites

The growing popularity of e-sports betting lead to the increasing number of online betting sites, which offer online League of Legends gambling experience. Before choosing a league of legends betting website, take into consideration the next recommendations:

  • Avoid platforms that offer slow payouts or unprofitable odds. These sites may be a fraud scheme for the new-coming betting players.
  • A betting website shall contain secure banking and regulations. Licensed websites offer a partnership with official banks and their accounts for comfortable lol gambling.
  • The website shall contain different betting options and betting games.
  • A positive sign for a trusted betting website is the loyalty programs, bonuses, and best rewards to build up your bankroll.
  • Decent websites offer variability in banking options and monetary transactions, different types of betting, including lol skin betting.
  • Finally, a good betting website has compatibility with different mobile devices and 24\7 customer support.

Following these recommendations, you will find a safe betting website for League of Legends.

Start Winning with League of Legends Right Now

Despite the Wild West in e-sports betting, similarity to the real sports makes league of legends betting fun and profitable. Here we presented you with the basic concepts of the game, how to approach betting, and which features a good betting website shall have. With time and practice, you will gain a solid bankroll, which will give fruitful benefits. Now, it is your chance to win big. Learn the game, choose a game, and make your bet on the best websites.

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