eSport Betting Tips: How to Bet on eSports

Look at eSports today: it is on the rise. The popularity of esports also means the popularity of a different kind, namely the betting market. The aspects understandable for experienced users (the odds system and betting process) are murky waters for people who hear about it for the first time but are very interested. We can’t stay away. We want to help the fans of Esports understand how they can safely and correctly bet their money on favorite teams and events.

We have a team of experts who have built an impressive experience in the betting system over the years. With their help, we will guide you through placing bets, finding the best odds, and learning types of markets and how to place your first bet. With our esport betting tips, you will soon become a pro even if now you don’t know how to bet in general.

Importance of the Game in eSports Betting

Let’s talk about some common rookie mistakes. They say that personal experience is the best teacher, but trust us, you won’t want to learn from your mistakes in this case.

The grave rookie mistake is trying to focus on several games at once. We do not want to argue that this cannot be done in principle. You can choose a couple of favorite games in the future, just do not do this from the very beginning. From personal esport betting tips: it’s crucial to learn about the game you choose.

Why? We’ll figure it out right now:

  • Uniqueness. Esports games may be similar in general. For example, they are united by the fact that teams compete online on servers. But CS:GO, Dota, LoL, and Smite are very different. They have individual settings that require a player to have a unique set of skills to play and an in-game knowledge base. It’s like cricket and baseball. Players have a bat and ball, but can you say that a cricket equals baseball? No. The same thing here.
  • Action. CS:GO is all about fast action. It’s a first-person shooter, where a team can win in 5 minutes. Dota, LoL, or Smite are more about strategy. Position on a map, play with objectives, and character skill mechanics can extend matches up to an hour. Sometimes, it may be even longer.
  • Settings. Games like StarCraft and CS:GO focus on sci-fi and military strategies. LoL, Dota, and Smite are about myth, magic, and deities. Each character here has its unique skills, spells, and passives, but they can be counterplayed by other characters.

You can now see why it can be difficult to calculate the formula for success in several games at once. Hence, one of the best win bet tips is choosing a game you like and understand the most.

How to Bet on Skins

In eSports betting, you can bet not only money but also skins on some sites. If you hear “skins” in context with games for the first time, let us explain briefly. Skins are the cosmetic items in the game, such as character’s costumes, colors, tattoos, graffiti on the weapons or vehicles, or special visual effects (finishing moves like in Mortal Kombat and character’s emotions like claps, waves, or dances). They do not change the mechanics and skills of the characters but appease the visual aesthetic. Gamers can spend hundreds of real dollars to purchase skins. Hence, many bookmakers have decided to adapt and allow betting with skins or offering them as deposits. And skins betting becomes a trend because it avoids age restrictions and related complications.

How to Make First Bet

As for now, you have already chosen a game and a betting site. Now, let’s focus on another tip in the eSport bet tips guide, namely how to bet on eSports.

The Odds, The Wins, The Profit:

*Odds show the amount of money you can get;

**We use decimal for odds formatting.

Imagine two teams, team A and team B, who have to play with each other. Usually, team A has a better performance and consistency than team B. Team A is more likely to win the match. But we feel that team B will be better. Let’s say roster changes or team scrims make us feel that way. So, we want to bet on team B. Now, we should consider the following key factors:

  1. The Odds to win. The bookmaker offers 10.00 odds for our chosen team B to win.
  2. Amount of money we are ready to invest. Let it be $10 (easier for making an example).

The choice is made, and we place our $10 for team B with 10.00 odds to win. If our team loses, we will lose $10. If our team wins, we will win $100. Our bet is multiplied by the odds, and we get our final sum:

  • bet ($10) x odds (10.00) = final winning sum ($100)

However, our actual profit isn’t $100 because $10 is our money from the very beginning. So, note the following tips bet: always calculate your actual profit. For this, you need to subtract 1 from the odds announced by the bookmaker. Here is the formula:

  • bet ($10) x (odds – 1 (10.00 – 1)) = actual profit ($90).

(however, the higher the sum, the more chances that your bet will lose).

Remember: bookmakers calculate the odds based on the probability of an event to happen. So, odds for team A will be lower, but chances to win will be higher. Consider that we decide not to risk and bet $10 on team A. The odds here 2.5. If the team loses, we will lose our $10. But if team A wins, we will win $25. The actual profit will be $15.

As you can see, nothing changes when the team loses. Our $10 is lost forever. But there is a big difference in income if a team wins (compare $90 to $15). Another advice from the esport betting tips: don’t let the higher actual profit decide the betting team for you. Bookmakers stay in the betting business for a reason.

The Mistakes to Avoid in eSport Betting

We can say that esports betting is similar to traditional sports in choosing the best teams to win streaks. It means more chances for success. We also can say that the esports segment can provide new teams every season (season = year). Thus, a team that performs for the first time in a new season can suddenly show good results and beat existing teams.Esports can trick into making a rookie mistake and punish for it heavily. A few bet tips from us will help you to know common mistakes and avoid them successfully.

Forget About Guessing Approach

The first one is very obvious, but do try to bet on the teams you know well. Watch the teams playing during play-offs or placings. If someone from the team is streaming scrims, watch the scrims. If someone from the team is streaming individual play, watch the play. Read players’ or teams’ competitive history (you can find information on official web sites or wikis). Do analyze. Do not rely on guessing approaches. Rely on learning how teams and individual players are performing.

Avoid Favourites in Best of One

In eSports, the Best of One matches are very unpredictable. Your chosen team can be good, but something goes wrong, and they might lose. And you will lose your money. Beginners are lucky but not in eSports betting (remember about bookmakers). Avoid favorite bets, and avoid betting large sums of money.

Mind Roster Changes

We believe that you are not new to a definition of roster changes when a team or owner of a team decides to replace a non-performing player with another player. Roster changes are common in eSports. Actually, each year, a team with a familiar name may represent players from different teams you saw last season. Hence, you should note this moment among esport betting tips.

Famous LoL, Dota, CS:GO, and Smite teams can change their players occasionally. The eSports players receive a salary, and if the team does not perform well, then something needs to be changed. Important bet in tips moment: swapping players, however, can have different impacts on a team’s performance. Namely:

  • Chemistry and compatibility. In eSports, teams consist of a small number of players (from five people). Roster changes can improve players’ compatibility, but also they can bring five individually perfect players who can’t play as a team and don’t have great teamwork.
  • Competition. When a team fires a player, another team can hire this player. As a result, the player can either improve teamwork or get used to the new team and communication with new teammates.

Generally, we advise you not to bet on teams who have had recent roster changes. It is always better to watch their performance before betting your money on them.

That’s all you need to know before placing bets in the eSports betting market. The betting process itself is very simple, but you always need to mind nuances that can affect your profit. In our turn, we give you basic esport betting tips. It’s your turn to invest them into practice and research on your game and teams to become a pro.

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