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Fortnite success can be compared with a supernova blast. Released in 2017, the game gathered around itself an army of millions of fans. The appealing visual style, an unusual combination of gameplay mechanics, and battle royale format attracted casual and professional gamers. Superstars and celebrities alike recognized Fortnite as well. The free-to-play format and availability for different audiences granted Fortnite a long life-cycle and persistent popularity. E-sports Fortnite competitions became a natural extension of the game’s community. The most recent Fortnite World Cup had a prize fund exceeding 30 million dollars.

How Fortnite is Played

Before betting, it would be wise to learn how the game works and which strategies may be considered as winning. There are several versions of Fortnite: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Mobile. Battle Royale is the most played regime and, as a result, the primary mode for fortnite gambling. Therefore, we will focus on this regime only. As in the other games of the genre, Fortnite premise is simple – 100 players are parachuted on the map, with no gear except a pickaxe. They loot resources, guns, and ammunition and fight until a single winner (or a single team) remains. The formula is simple on the surface, but Fortnite brings unique twists to the process, which should be kept in mind for successful fortnite betting.

First of all, the surroundings of the Fortnite map are highly interactive and can be destroyed with the player’s pickaxe. Trees, cars, and even entire buildings can be demolished into dust. Besides destroying objects, players can build ones of their own. They can build walls, ladders, and even traps. Mastering the art of quick building is essential for playing successfully in Fortnite. Usually, the winner of a fight is not the best sharpshooter but the quickest builder. Besides building simple coverings on the field, players may also set traps in loot-rich areas, confirming kills with the environmental damage. This fact leads us to the next important element – the game’s loot. It is a crucial component not only for the gameplay itself but also for answering the question “how to win fortnite wagers.”

During a match, players will find various items, which will help them fight – guns, from regular pistols and shotguns to sniper rifles and grenade launchers. There are also different restoring items such as potions of shield, health, and bandages. All of these are ways to succeed. Besides the variety in types of equipment, there is also diversification in the rarity of the items, from regular white to legendary orange. The rarity of the player’s items influences the success of wagers fortnite. The rarer the item, the bigger impact on the game it has. Therefore, it would be wise to switch a regular rifle for the same but more rare model. Therefore, players are constantly searching for better equipment, which can be found on the map or picked up from a defeated foe.

Finally, the game has the storm mechanic, which constantly narrows down the active, playable zone. Players, who are left behind the circle, receive damage from the storm and, if they don’t enter the circle, they will die eventually. Fortnite betting relies on the storm mechanic too. The storm mechanic adds another layer of depth to gameplay – players may take risks and enter the storm for a short time to escape the active confrontation or trap their adversaries in the storm by constant fire.

Fortnite Tournaments

The Fortnite competitive scene is one of the youngest esports scenes. However, esports fortnite betting gained popularity and solid monetary prizes extremely fast. In early May 2018, the first Fortnite competitive season had a prize pool of $100 million, without mentioning decent Fortnite Wagers. Epic Games keeps promoting the title and keeps the momentum of the game’s resonance. Fortnite will be actual and profitable for a long time to go.

Competitions in Fortnite work for the regular matches rules, except the pros taking part in them. Betting for fortnite is more profitable in the pro scene. There are solo, duos, trios, and squad competitions. Each of the game types varies in the process and watching experience. Solo games bring more competition between skills of shooting and building. It is the fastest variant for betting for fortnite. Duos duels are focused on keeping the momentum of the fight and accurate management of resources. Trios and squads duels are more tactical; the best team is the one, which manages to read the opponent’s strategy and give a counter in a short time. Knowing how the tournament works will help you learn how to win fortnite wagers.

Usually, the Fortnite competitive season consists of the Solo Cash Cup, Champions series, and the annual finals named The Fortnite World Cup. All these competitions combined present a year full of activities almost every week across seven global regions. If you want to learn more about Fortnite, take part in a competition, or monitor a certain player or team’s progress – you will find a fit competition almost at any moment.

How to Betting on Fortnite

Immense Fortnite popularity makes it one of the best betting operators in traditional or esports. There are dozens of betting platforms for you to explore. Besides, Fortnite presents a unique opportunity of streaming fortnite betting, giving you the possibility to make wagers during a streaming game.

There are different platforms, which can give you a fortnite betting opportunity with honest odds and profitable outcomes. Finding one with the best financial options is the only requirement for comfortable betting. There are also different kind of wagers fortnite, which you can make in the game:

  • Bet on a kill counts. It may be considered as one of the safest fortnite betting options. A player may not always reach a win royale, but each player confirms at least a couple of frags during a match.
  • Bet on winning royale. One of the most common Fortnite Wagers, a player who wins a match as the last man standing, brings profit to ones who bet on them.
  • Bet on time alive. Pretty unusual and risky betting. Fights in Fortnite may be lighting fast or slow-paced. Therefore, you never know how long your player will survive. Still, it is one of the most rewarding and interesting types of bets.
  • Another kind of Fortnite Wagers is a tournament bet. This type of bet is a long shot and assumes that the player will win a final tournament match or even a world cup prize. It is one of the most expensive yet rewarding bets.

These types of wagers are most common but do not limit them. Different betting fortnite wagers websites will provide you with their unique betting options. The game is still developing as an esports scene and as the fortnite betting field. Therefore, there is always space for experimentation and professional growth.

How to Win at Fortnite Betting

One of the common questions is, “how do fortnite wagers work?” Well, Fortnite is very similar to other esports. The scheme is pretty common for esports wagers – choosing a player, choosing a field in which a player, or a team, will succeed, gaining the reward. However, before doing any fortnite betting, it would be wise to learn how the game works. You may try to play the game yourself, to learn the basics and the overall pace of the game for successful wagers. It is not necessary to win, just to understand how the game works. Another useful tip would be monitoring top streamers such as Ninja, TSM Myth, or DrLupo. They have a significant battle experience, and you may learn some pro moves from them. Another mark of the player’s or team’s success is Kill\death rating (KDA) and win rating. KDA more than 10.0 is a good mark for betting fortnite (for example, Ninja has 14.01 KDA), and win rate around 40% is more than a decent number. If your player has such statistics, your bets may win. If you want more info, you may check leaderboards with more detailed players’ profiles to make sure your wagers fortnite will be profitable.

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