Starcraft 2 Cheats: How to Use

StarCraft 2 cheats makes you really good at single player mode

Starcraft 2 is a large-scale and high-budget sequel to one of the most popular real-time strategy games, which is based on the confrontation between three factions (Terran, Protoss, and Zerg), each of which differs from each other not only visually but also in gameplay. This opened up ample opportunities for creating a wide variety of strategies, tactics, and Starcraft remastered cheats, thanks to which the new Starcraft, despite its high complexity, has become a popular eSports discipline. Of course, most players still prefer to play solo, going through story, and participating in battles against computer bots so that they may be interested in the Starcraft 2 cheats published below. Let’s discuss how you can choose sc2 cheats.

How to Use Starcraft 2 cheat codes

You can only use Starcraft 2 cheat codes in single-player mode. To do this, press the enter key during the game and type the text of the Starcraft 2 cheats into the appeared input field.

TerribleTerribleDamage is one of the Starcraft cheats that is an analog of the Divine Mode from shooters. All your units and buildings become invulnerable, and attacks begin to inflict colossal damage. One hit of any attacking unit is enough to destroy an enemy building or kill the most vital unit.

  • WhoRunBartertown – allows you to materialize two of the most crucial game resources, minerals, and gas, in the amount of 5 thousand units each.
  • SpectralTiger – by entering one of the most popular Starcraft 2 cheat codes, you will replenish your stocks of 5000 crystals.
  • RealMenDrillDeep – Vespene gas Starcraft 2 cheat codes.
  • TookTheRedPill is a legal “map hack.” The game map gets rid of the fog of war and opens completely, which allows you to examine the territory of the location and track all enemy troops’ movements in real-time.
  • IAmIronMansc2 cheats for instant research of all available upgrades for buildings and units.
  • SoSayWeAll – after entering one of the most in-demand Starcraft cheats, you can order the creation of any unit.
  • CatFoodForPrawnGuns – one of the most useful Starcraft 2 cheats that helps to speed up construction.
  • HanShotFirst – The units’ abilities will recover faster.


  1. Liam

    Starcraft 2 has been stopped to receive balance updates, and it disappoints a lot. You can never finish balancing a game, only to pause it. It is doubly sad for new players who had to struggle with seasoned veterans. Starcraft 2 cheats help to manage battles with the AI and at least start to grasp the basics of the metagame. Due to the starcraft 2 cheats, I finally learned the optimal strategy for Protoss.

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