HP VH240a Monitor Review

If you have decided to purchase a suitable monitor for both work and playing games, which is a lower-than-average model when it comes to price, HP VH240a is the best monitor to choose from. Being 23.8-inch, the monitor is ultra-slim and has great features as an ergonomic stand and built-in speakers.

HP VH240a Monitor

Image Quality of the Monitor is Great

The HP VH240a review proves that the quality of the picture, which the monitor delivers, is higher than average. Both resolution and contrast ratio follow the industry standards, ensuring a high-quality image. The respective technical characteristics of the model are shown in the following table:

ResolutionContrast ratiosRGBFrames per second
1920×1080 p1000:17260

Some Additional Features for Great Image Quality

The monitor is full HD, meaning that details in the picture are well-seen; the display perfectly renders the native colors. FHD technology also suggests high-quality viewing angles. An IPS liquid crystal display (LCD) enhances the quality of the viewing angles even more.

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HP VH240a Review for the Gaming Industry

Though most gamers might consider 72% sRGB a good option for playing, some gamers, especially those in love with streaming and designing video games, might consider that the maximum sRGD is better. The latter renders the slightest color shades and allows a gamer to see objects in the darkest areas of the game space, especially when a gamer needs to find a hidden object or detect a monster in the dark room.

Performance of the HP VH240a Monitor is Good Too

HzPanelInput lag

Due to the IPS panel, the HP VH240a has great viewing angles and high-quality color reproduction. Meanwhile, a 60 Hz refresh rate is enough on average to perform one’s work or watch average-quality videos. The input lag is low, which means that the picture is smooth.

HP VH240a Review for the Gamers

60 Hz is not the best suggestion for playing a game that requires high-end computer hardware. However, as for amateur gaming, the gameplay will commence with the minimal probability of getting image lags. The chances of experiencing a motion blur are low, and a 12.8-millisecond input lag ensures no long delays.

Some Disadvantages for Gamers

The monitor is not compatible with AMD FreeSync technology, meaning that the animations may fall behind the GPU due to the absence of synchronization between it and the monitor.

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Extra Functions

The model has a simple on-screen display, which is easy to use. The on-screen settings available to the user are Menu Control, Language, Management, Power Control, Input Control, Image Control, Color Control, Contrast, and Brightness. The main disadvantage for the user is the lack of ports for USB devices. That said, the monitor does not allow the user to connect to USB storage devices or mobile phones, which can be a huge disadvantage for office workers. On the other hand, the model has VGA and HDMI ports.

On the backside of the monitor, one can find three keys and a power button. The two buttons are used to switch between HDMI and VGA along with accessing the Viewing Modes. By the way, one of the modes provides reduced blue light emission, which is especially convenient for gaming or reading in the dark. The HP VH240a also has two built-in speakers with 2 watts per channel, for which the third button is used.

Superb Design

The greatest design feature about the monitor is a bezel-less frame, which creates an optical effect of a no-frame monitor. The monitor has been customized in lots of ways: the tilt and height stay in the -5-30 degrees range, while the positional viewing is 178 degrees. The model can be easily adjusted to the eye level to fit various configurations of chair and table heights. The monitor is also ultra-thin. It will look good as a part of any interior and take less space than other models, ensuring comfortable work. Additionally, the model has a VESA mounting feature: the user can freely put the monitor on the wall. Note that the mounting bracket is not a part of the monitor’s set.

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Our HP VH240a review shows that the monitor has a couple of impressive features one would not expect from a mid-tier model. It has a great ergonomic design with a bezel-less frame and a VESA mounting, for instance. Because HP VH240a is not compatible with AMD FreeSync technology and has 72% sRGB, the gamers might want to opt for a more advanced model when it comes to image quality.

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