Sceptre 27 Inch Curved Monitor Review

If you wonder whether Sceptre is a good monitor brand, this Sceptre 27 inch curved monitor review will help you make an opinion about Sceptre gaming monitors. Sceptre C275W-1920RN is an averagely priced model which comes with a 27-inch curved screen. The design is superb and keeps making the monitor’s owner happy even when turned off. With a great 1920 x 1080p resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio, and a 75Hz refresh rate, the Sceptre curved monitor provides a decent gaming experience and office work. However, for those who work at an office and get distracted by the beautifully designed 1800R curvature or need a USB port in the monitor, Sceptre C275W-1920RN might not be the best option. The model is also not the best for professional games that prefer a 5ms response time to 8ms.

Sceptre Curved Monitor

Sceptre 27 Inch Curved Monitor


  • Superb Design
  • Good Image Quality
  • Average Price


  • No USB Port
  • No AMD FreeSync Compliance

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The design of the Sceptre curved monitor is the most attractive feature for the admirers of moderate 1800R curvature, high-quality 1080P resolution, and high contrast ratio. With almost edgeless corners, plastic bezels, and a case made of matte-black metal, the monitor will make a good purchase for those who want a superbly designed model with average-quality features for office or game playing. The dimensions of the 27 inch curved monitor are 24.3 x 8 x 16.8 inches.

The model weighs 8.5 pounds and allows the user to adjust its tilt: 5 degrees in direction to the viewer and up to 15 in the opposite direction.

One of the top features in the monitor 27 review is definitely VESA compliance. For those who would like to enjoy picturesque scenery on their walls, the model has drill holes, but because they are inconveniently placed, you may want to get longer screws or a full mounting hardware kit.


Along with the modern design, the best feature which takes the top place in the Sceptre 27 inch curved monitor review is its fast 8 millisecond response time. The latter allows the gamer to quickly switch viewpoints while exploring the battlefield or the murder scene. Good response time is a must in every fast-paced real-time game.

The response rate of the sceptre curved monitor is decent, equaling 75 Hz. It is slightly above the mainstream 60Hz and is a decent choice for mid-tier gamers.

Ports and Audio

Two characteristics that make the Sceptre 27 special are speakers and ports. Built-in speakers save space on the user’s desk and save them the hustle of looking for dedicated audio systems.

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There is a good set of ports in the Sceptre model. Both HDMI and VGA broaden the possibilities to connect to different gaming stations, which is a great feature for gamers.

Final Note for Gamers

As evident from the Sceptre 27 inch curved monitor review, the display curvature might feel unusual for those who got used to flat ones. Nonetheless, this feature is a healthy choice for one’s eyesight. Besides, it makes every picture on the screen more immersive.

Unfortunately, the model lacks AMD FreeSync, which would be quite handy for those who play intense action games and heavily rely on immediate rendering in gaming.

The brightness of 220 cd/m² is a perfect fit for indoor gamers. Higher maximal brightness is only useful if the user intends to play outdoors often. Otherwise, the picture would look dim in daylight. Well, it is hard to imagine anyone using this gorgeous monitor outside their comfy flat!

Sceptre 27 Inch Curved Specs

Response TimeRefresh RateScreen BrightnessResolutionWeightModel
8ms75 Hz220 cd/m²1080p8.5 poundsC275W-1920RN

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So is Sceptre a good monitor brand? The answer is ‘yes.’ Compared to other players in the computer industry, Sceptre provides its users with the best equipment at a moderate price.

As the Sceptre 27 inch curved monitor review shows, Sceptre C275W-1920RN is an example of a budget gaming monitor. Despite its moderate price, it delights the user with a superb design, high-quality resolution, good refresh and response rates, and a decent set of ports. Nonetheless, professional gamers might not like this particular 27 inch curved monitor, opting for a higher response rate, AMD FreeSync Compliance, screen brightness, or flat design.


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