How to play Minecraft

What comes in your mind when you think about the perfect game that helps you forget about the real world for an hour or two? Do you have some creative ideas you wish to turn into reality, but you don’t know which game you should pick?

Minecraft is one of the most recognizable and popular open-world sandbox games on the market. Developed by Mojang Studios in public alpha in 2009 for PC, it celebrates it’s 11th birthday this year. The game has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, and it seems not to cease in popularity among the players of all ages. Millions of players enter the game each month to share their experiences and challenge themselves. So, how to play Minecraft, If you never tried before? You came to the right place – here’s our Minecraft guide that you would like!

Ten tips on how to play Minecraft for beginners

So, what is Minecraft, and what it offers?

Let’s look at some basic ingredients that make Minecraft quite an experience.

  • Minecraft is an open-world game where you can roam wherever you want almost without limits. It is not designed to be played linearly, and it is up to you what your first hours in it will look like.
  • It also has sandbox elements, which is crucial for understanding how to play Minecraft. Sandbox means you can change the environment in any way suitable for you: building castles or making a tropical paradise.
  • Minecraft is a procedurally generated game: it means that there are almost no limits on how to play the game. The world is nothing and everything at the same time. You can make anything from your playing experience.

Where can I play Minecraft?

The game is ported and adapted for almost every console and both iOS and Android platforms. If you decide to play on a PC, it is better to try out a demo version to test your PC and manage to work properly with it. Yes, Minecraft may look like a simple and not demanding game, but it has quite sophisticated in-game physics and world generation.
PC edition doesn’t cost a ton, and it’s worth the money you give to the developer. Everything is fairly clear with the console editions, while the ones designed for smartphones and portable consoles allow you to take the game anywhere you want.

Signing up for an account

First of all, you need an account to enjoy your Minecraft experience. You need to proceed at, which takes only several minutes. Create the account with your active email address, select a password, and voila. Verify your account, and you are ready to proceed with your username and game purchase. Then download the game and install it. The process of installation for PC is quite intuitive, and you won’t be lost.

You can use several profiles if you are not the only one who plays from one PC or console, but let’s assume you are sticking with the one you have created to enter the world.

Start with creative mode to learn some basics

This is one of the most fun steps of this Minecraft guide and the game. The interface is very user-friendly, we must admit. In the single-player, you can create your new world, give it a name, pick the game mode (choose Creative mode), and enjoy your ride. Each new world is a unique experience. The game starts as you are dropped in the world. The creative mode is good for learning about mechanics and objectives. Your inventory has all the tools and materials to start something new (in comparison, Survival mode displays materials that you collected during the game; in other words, you start with nothing).

What is Survival mode?

As soon as you get used to Creative mode, you start to wonder what else is there you can do in the game. Your first steps in Survival mode are revolving around creating tools, building a house, and finding food to eat. You start with nothing, but quickly you get used to game mechanics and become a more advanced explorer. Note: one day in Minecraft lasts for twenty real-time minutes. So, think of it as being the sole person on the island, where you have to be fast and creative not to get cold or eaten by mobs. Sounds like fun!

More modes to explore

For a better understanding of how to play Minecraft, it is important to explore more modes beyond Creative and Survival ones. There’s a Hardcore mode that is designed for more skilled players because the name speaks of itself – here’s nothing will be easy for you. If in Survival mode, you can respawn after you die, in Hardcore, you lose all your gear, items if you didn’t manage to grab experience orbs. Adventure mode allows you to visit a map to roam around; it is a hybrid between Creative and Survival modes. Adventure mode is useful for creators who don’t want their worlds to be damaged but allow other players to roam the map.

Learning how to play Minecraft involves learning how to craft

Crafting at first seems to be a real trial for you because you have to obtain your first materials with bare hands. Start with a tree to gather log blocks, then drag them from your inventory into the crafting box beside your avatar. The crafting box is limited to 4 squares, and you can craft the simplest items at first. More advanced items will require a crafting table, which you can create with four logs converted into the wood. A crafting table is one of the essential tools available for you, so add it to the quick-access bar and right-click it on the ground. The later steps are a matter of practice and time. All materials you collect, you can turn into the items and then turn them into tools. No worries, you will discover more materials as you progress, and you will intuitively learn what is next: from cooking to building complex shelters.

Some farming tips

Minecraft allows you to grow food, and you can actually create your farming paradise. Farming materials are easier than relying on the chance to find something, so you can start with tree farming, then gradually learn how to produce wheat, carrots, and potatoes. Some vegetables and fruits can be found naturally. For instance, you can extract the melon’s seeds by placing it on a crafting table. It is fairly easy to maintain them on your land. You may as well tame some animals and breed them. You have to build the barrier and then feed them in time.

Some shortcuts for your consideration

  • Mouse movement – used for turning, aiming, and looking around;
  • Mouse left-click – destroying of blocks + attack;
  • Mouse right-click – using items and placing blocks;
  • Mouse scroll wheel – allows you to switch items in the quick-access menu;
  • Spacebar – jumping, double-tap initiates Fly Mode only in Creative mode;
  • E – access to your inventory;
  • Q – dropping the item on the ground;
  • Left Shift – sneak mode for moving on ledges and move quietly;
  • F1 – toggles on-screen display;
  • F2 – allows you to take a screenshot;
  • F5 – switches the camera angle;

These shortcuts are easy to remember and use during your game. Of course, you can adjust these shortcuts when accessing game options on the menu (the category Controls).

Custom maps? I want one

Our Minecraft guide won’t be complete without this tip. You also have the possibility to use Custom maps created by other players who share them online. You can find them at, and you will be astonished by other creators’ unique vision and creative approach. They are also divided by the genre, and you can find anything from puzzles to horror maps, enjoying the storyline and gameplay (parkour maps are one of the most fun experiences).

When you download the map, you should extract it, copy the data to the saves folder of your game, and then launch the game. You will see the map name in the Play Selected World tab.

What’s Happening?

It seems crazy that some games are not aging at all. We would argue that Minecraft would still be worth playing even ten years in the future because some things are made to become classics of the genre. As you unlock the wisdom of how to play Minecraft, you can find that there are many things to discover even when you believe you have tried it all. There are endless opportunities, either you play alone or with your friends. Let us know if you liked our Minecraft guide! What is your favorite mode in the game? Have you faced any frustrating things when playing the game for the first time?
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