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It is in human nature to improve what was already created by our ancestors. Video games are one of those things. We, the consumers, become more sophisticated and want something that will turn our impression upside down. Best VR games, for example, fit well for this task. They can turn a first-person game into a real episode from your life. It is like you become a character in a video game or its settings become a part of your reality. Mostly, VR headset and motion controllers are all you need to taste this experience. These devices are getting cheaper, and, as such, these best VR games may well be the most popular on the market in the nearest future. Whether you are an exquisite VR gamer or the one who only starts experiencing this type of entertainment, we are happy to present the overview of games everyone must play. Or, at least, give them a try.

Top Virtual Reality Games to Steal Your Sense of Reality

10. The Climb (video game)

The ClimbIn 2016, Crytek released the game, which can be called one of the best for getting started with best virtual reality games. The Climb (video game) is its name. You won’t see a complex plot that will prevent you from learning how to use additional devices. The Climb (video game) is as simple as possible: you need to climb the walls and spectate the beautiful environment. It’s all the game requires from you. For a change, Crytek gives you a few modes: free solo climbing, multiplayer, bouldering, and tourist mode. Basically, The Climb (video game) is good for beginners because you get used to using the helmet and controllers. Experienced VR video gamers can find this game too short for their liking, but it is still good to relax, contemplate the environment, and forget about a hard day. Metacritic shares our opinion while giving the game generally favorable reviews and 71 score. Fellow players confirm that the game is worthy of your attention: it earned more than $1,000,000 for Crytek in 2017 only.

Available on: PC, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest.

9. Virtual Virtual Reality

Virtual Virtual RealityWe have a special place in our hearts for the best VR games manifesting some kind of irony. In 2017, Tender Claws gave us one such game called Virtual Virtual Reality. What is it all about? It is a travel to the world of virtual reality inside virtual reality. A nice paradox making Virtual Virtual Reality one of the best VR games. On the surface, you have to satisfy the needs of your AI clients. But be very attentive because the game hides its secrets. Perhaps, after a walkthrough, you, like us, will no longer store butter in your house. Or you will look suspiciously at the artichoke, expecting it to scream at you.

Virtual Virtual Reality is not a very long game, but it has more than 50 worlds to explore and a lot of characters that will talk to you non-stop. Metacritic is yet to give its score to the game, but players rate Virtual Virtual Reality mostly positively (it has almost five stars). What else can we say? Prepare your VR-headset and your attentiveness to piece together an intriguing plot.

Available on: PlayStation 4, Android, PC.

8. Journey of the Gods

Journey of the GodsIf you like Left 4 Dead, we have a VR video game for you from the same developer Turtle Rock Studios. If you also have played and liked The Legend of Zelda, you will be pleased with Journey of the Gods game even more. Released by Oculus Studios in 2019, Journey of the Gods became an important part of best VR games having a solid, coherent plot and a bunch of action. You have to dive into the world threatened by evil forces. You need to find old gods that can stop it. Battles with various monsters are waiting for you, and you can defeat them with a sword, shield, and crossbow. Sometimes, you need to combine your weapons, so make sure that you set the sensitivity to your style. What else Journey of the Gods have that put it on our list? Puzzles and an owl as a little companion that will interact with you in between missions.

The game has mostly positive reviews from players. Be sure to try it: the owl will absolutely steal your heart.

Available on: Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, PC.

7. Ghost Giant

Ghost GiantThe best VR games are not only about the mechanics and a chance to become a part of the virtual world games. They are also about a plot, a hidden meaning, and a question of what gamers can take for themselves. At the beginning of 2020, Zoink Games presented Ghost Giant as the embodiment of the listed elements. At first sight, you are helping a young cat-boy Louis return friends and help his mother during the long journey through a colorful world. Spend a little more time on Ghost Giant, and you will see that this beautiful tale has a deep context and a lesson for children that they shouldn’t hide their parents’ problems (like alcoholism in this case).

Ghost Giant is a game with a beautiful wrapper and delicious candy inside. Although its main essence is rather dark or sad, visuals, voice acting, and lovely characters soften the “main dish.” Metacritic users have similar thoughts and give this game a total score of 80.

Available on: PlayStation 4

6. Trover Saves The Universe

Trover Saves The UniverseIf you like Rick and Morty, you are going to love the next game on our list because it’s a game from the same co-creator Justin Roiland. Released in 2019 by Squanch Games, Inc., Trover Saves The Universe found its place among virtual reality games and gamers’ hearts. Just like Rick and Morty, the game is very special and strangely humorous. See for yourself: your dogs are kidnapped by a crazy guy who is going to use them to destroy the planet. Trover, a purple monster with holes instead of eyes, will be your assistant in saving the universe. Trover doesn’t really like to work and doesn’t really want to save the universe. You can control his movements, but you can’t control his words. And, believe us, he has what to say about almost everything in this game.

A distinctive visual part, unusual adventures, and specific but subtle humor lead to 80 total score on Metacritic and the place in our list.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, Xbox One, PC.

5. I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To DieThe game states I Expect You To Die, we state that you may die of delight (figuratively, of course). Released in 2017 by Schell Games, this game justifies the existence of VR video games as a genre. Here you become a secret agent whom everyone is trying to kill (hence the name of the game). You need to solve puzzles to survive. Any mistake you make can be fatal for your hero. To mitigate this aspect, the developers have prepared for you moderately complex riddles, great humor, great music, and the ability to touch any object. From our experience, I Expect You To Die is the rare case when you will happily re-play the levels to get all the in-game achievements. But get ready for two cons: you will sit the entire game and the OST that might be an earworm for you.

Despite these cons, the game received a total score of 82 on Metacritic and brought $2,000,000 profit for the studio.

Available on: PlayStation 4, PC.

4. Job Simulator

Job SimulatorOur “best VR games” list wouldn’t be complete without a funny simulator in it. So, meet Job Simulator published by Owlchemy Labs in 2016. The plot is pretty simple: you are living in a distant future with robots. In the museum, you can remember or learn what the jobs were like in the past. You have four cartridges, so four levels: auto mechanic, office worker, cook, and salesman. You are limited only by the number of jobs; everything else is to your liking. You can diligently follow instructions from the robots, or you can ignore them, explore the rooms, and even wreak havoc.

Although it’s an entertaining game, it is a very short one, and, thus, Metacritic score is 68. Nevertheless, this disadvantage did not stop gamers from buying over a million copies.

Available on: PlayStation 4, PC.

3. In Death

In DeathThe fans of Dark Souls, as well as ones unfamiliar with it, will appreciate In Death released in 2018 by Sólfar Studios. You live in a fabulous medieval time, and it just so happens that you are the only one who can save the balance. You need to go to Purgatory, go through abandoned Heaven, and save the Underworld. Your best weapon in battles will be a bow and arrows. Your enemies are randomly generated; thus, it will be an entirely new experience whenever you decide to re-play the game. You can improve your skills, but be prepared that your foes become stronger.

In Death is a real challenge to your skills, so it received a total score of 77 on Metacritic. But once you get used to mechanics, the game will become one of the best VR games for you.

Available on: PlayStation 4, PC.

2. Subnautica

SubnauticaSurvival games are a test of your logical and strategic thinking. VR survival games make this experience even closer to reality. Just like Subnautica, which was released in 2018 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Here, your ship was wrecked, and you found yourself in the underwater world. Your only way out is to go down, so you need to improve your skills constantly and find the necessary resources while fearing hostile creatures. Subnautica is a timed game, so you need to try your best. And do not forget to pay attention to the surroundings as they keep a secret of this world. Can you reveal the secret and survive?

The game has everything to receive a relatively high score (87) on Metacritic and enjoy more than 5 million sold copies.

Available on: HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and Rift S, Valve Index.

1. The Gallery Episode 1: Call of Starseed

The Gallery Episode 1: Call of StarseedIn April 2016, Cloudhead Games ltd. released a game which made users regret that games under the discussed genre were too short. The Gallery Episode 1: Call of Starseed invites you on an adventure with tons of puzzles, a pinch of nightmares, and a few charismatic characters (a few because you won’t see a lot of characters at all). The story begins with your missing twin sister, who left you a message with hints where you can find her. You will be assisted by a Professor, who is mysterious enough to suspect he has motives of his own. Which ones? This is what you have to find out alongside other tasks you need to do.

This is a very atmospheric game that immerses you in the films released in the 80s. Unfortunately, it can be very short gameplay even for people who may somehow struggle with puzzles in their walkthrough. However, neither this fact nor 79 score on Metacritic prevents The Gallery Episode 1: Call of Starseed from being one of the best VR games.

Available on: PC

Final words about best VR games

Undoubtedly, VR video games can give you many great hours, even being too short to your or our likings. Of course, all this is due to the perfect combination of plot, graphics, hidden meanings, and the opportunity to become a real hero of your favorite game. But the fun doesn’t end there. Real entertainment also relates to the process of adjusting to the genre’s peculiarities. You will need to forget about a keyboard or joystick and get used to the fact that you control the character with your movements. Having a special VR helmet on your head also limits your perception of real reality. So, we advise you to start playing these games with someone near you to save you or objects in your room once you are lost in virtual reality too much. And, speaking again from our own experience, sometimes it is even funnier to watch someone playing a game than playing them themselves. Want to know where you can find even more (yeah, it is possible!) fun and entertainment? Our WhatsHappening community channel on Youtube is an answer. Visit it, and you will see how many new and interesting things you can discover.


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