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Despite the fact that the App Store and Google Play release many mobile games of various genres every day, it is not quite easy to find something really good. How not to get lost in the sea of content and find exactly that game that will bring you a lot of fun, instead of disappointment and regret for the time spent? Of course, try the top mobile games, which are popular among a lot of players around the world. We have thoughtfully selected the top 10 best mobile games, so on this page, you will find only the most interesting and carefully selected products for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. These top 10 mobile games were selected based exceptionally on the ratings and popularity of games around the world. Each mobile game from this top has the highest ratings and hundreds of positive reviews from players around the world. Don’t even doubt, every single game from our top of the best phone games can be surely tried, and most likely you will stay in this game for a very long time!

15. GRID Autosport

grid autosport

GRID was developed by Codemasters, released in 2014, and ported to mobile devices in 2019. GRID presented a new word in racing games, showing a delicate balance between simulation and arcade elements. The game is not too difficult for a beginner but not too easy for seasoned racers. It does not have a story per se. Yet, it allows a player to go through a career as a race driver who gains reputation and popularity in the community.

Other selling features of the game are a detailed damage model of the cars, variable modes, and the rewind function. It allows a player to unwind a few seconds of the race in case of an unfortunate mistake without restarting the whole competition. GRID is a good auto simulator and one of the best mobile games on the market.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.

14. GRIS

GrisGRIS was developed by Nomada Studio and released in 2018. We take the role of Gris, a young woman who experienced the pain of loss. Now, Gris enters her inner world to bring the colors back to it. The game is a poetic expression about depression and its overcoming, which is a rarity even among the best mobile games. GRIS features picturesque and astonishing hand-drawn graphics and a touching soundtrack.

Gameplaywise, it is a puzzle platformer. Gris needs to jump over obstacles and take different forms to progress further. For hardcore fans of the genre, GRIS may look a bit oversimplified and lack a decent challenge. It may be true, but as a portable experience, GRIS is one of the best phone games and maybe even the most creative among them.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, PC.

13. Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra was developed by Riot Games and released in 2020 but riveted attention almost immediately. It would be fair to say that the niche of online collectible card games is overcrowded. There are such giants as MTG Arena and Hearthstone, without mentioning dozens of their replicas.

Legends of Runeterra is based on a popular MOBA game – League of Legends. Seasoned players will immediately recognize familiar faces, and novices will get a chance to be charmed by this expanding, fantasy universe. A fine-tuned game balance comes in addition to an awesome art-style.

The game requires tactical thinking and careful deckbuilding to succeed. At the same time, Legends of Runeterra is pretty easy to learn. Even the basic knowledge is enough to get a grasp of the game. It is one of the best phone games you can find.

Available on: PC, Android, iOS.

12. Levelhead


From the first glimpse, Levelhead may look like a generic platform with a cute robot in the center of the screen. The game was developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans and released in 2019. Levelhead has a few aces in the sleeve, which may surprise you.

The game includes the usual features for platformers: jumping, platforms, and hazards. The interesting things come with the aim of each level – obtain and deliver a package to the finish. The package is indestructible and may be used as a means to overcome obstacles. Besides, our robot has a telescopic arm, which helps it move objects around and solve puzzles.

The most exciting part about Levelhead is that you can create stages of your own and share them among all platforms that support it. It is one of the best mobile games and one of the best creative platformers of the year.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Android, PC, iOS, Xbox One.

11. The Room Series (Four Games)

the room

The Room also holds an honorable title of one of the best mobile games. The first game of the series was developed by Fireproof Games and released in 2012. The fourth and the last at the moment, The Room VR, was released in 2020. The game series lived for so long due to the perfect fit in the mobile niche.

The series will offer you many challenging puzzles that involve opening the locks, doors, and figuring out how intricate mechanisms work. The Room utilizes a mobile interface to the maximum, which makes the game stand out as one of the best phone games available. The game series features a mystic story behind the puzzles as well, making the exploration of mazes even more interesting.

Available on: PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Playstation VR, Oculus Quest.

10. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is actually a mobile version of Mario Kart played by gamers on Nintendo DS and Nintendo Switch. But fans of such races will be glad to play the smartphone version because in the mobile version developers added several exclusive maps based on real-world cities. Also mobile game has different control and gameplay. But the main features, which a lot of people loved so much in the classic version of the phone game, are kept in Mario Kart Tour. For example, players, while fighting each other, can do different tricks to slow down the opponent. Not only can you fight with your friends, but you can also confront artificial intelligence. But there is bad news for those who like to play nonstop. The game has a scale of energy, which is spent during the races. It is a very common thing for mobile games. Energy can be bought with real money, and not every player accepts this feature. If you have no problem with this, and you love racing mobile games, Mario Kart Tour is an excellent choice for you! Mario Kart Tour is truly one of the best on google play mobile games.

9. Fortnite

In Fortnite Battle Royale you will be involved in online multiplayer battles. In a tough fight you will face up to a hundred players, and only the last survivor will triumph at the end! Fortnite Battle Royale is almost a full copy of the PC version. The gameplay is exactly the same, the same map, the same heroes, weapons, and so on. If you have an account in Epic Games and bought some skins in Fortnite, then you will definitely have everything on the mobile version. Fortnite was made on the Unreal Engine 4, so visual effects are similar to the versions for mobile game consoles and PC. Fortnite Mobile is one of the best free mobile games, but it has different items that can be purchased with a donation. In addition to all of these, cross-games are available, which means that you can participate in games against other gamers who play on PC, PlayStation4, Xbox One, iOS, or Android.

Fortnite Mobile has been at the top of good mobile games for a long time and a lot of peoplebelieve that it is the best Battle Royale game on smartphones.

8. Marvel Contest of Champions

There are not so many F2P projects in the new tops of mobile games. A fresh example of a high-quality F2P game is “Marvel: Battle of Champions” from Kabam. Recently the company has been working very closely with Hollywood, and that’s why it has brought high graphic standards and license advantages to the mobile games sphere. As a result, the game received more than 30 million downloads and took a leading position in the top 25 applications! Obviously, it regularly appears at the top of mobile games. Some collectors managed to steal and imprison in special crystals all the heroes and villains of the famous Marvel universe. It is impossible to escape from these crystals; the only way to get out is to win the battle. The player must collect a team of heroes and release all prisoners in brutal battles! Based on the screenshots, you would probably think that you are looking at a fighting game. But after the first battle, you quickly discover the true goal of this game: collecting characters and their upgrade. You are looking for 3D fighting game mechanics, and as a result, you are quickly addicted to a long-term character collection. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, you should try the Marvel Contest of Champions.

7. Pokémon GO

Without a doubt, Pokémon GO is a real phenomenon. One of the most interesting and unusual gaming experiences not only in 2016 but perhaps in the whole history of video games! Pokemon Go is a mobile game that contains elements of augmented reality. Your goal is to find Pokemons in the real world, and then train them and participate in battles with other players. The game is free – players spend their money on in mobile game purchases. Pokemon GO is definitely a unique phenomenon not only in the world of mobile games but in human life in general. This is, perhaps, one of the first games that made some people walk out to the streets of their city to find their favorite Pokemon. Besides, Pokemon GO connects people. People on the streets of different countries share information about the location of the nearest Pokemon. Personally, I liked playing Pokemon GO and I hope that the pleasure will not be temporary. Even if you are totally indifferent to pokemon, try playing Pokémon GO -it’s really a very fun experience. Enjoy the hunt!

6. Minecraft

These days it is quite difficult to find a person who loves phone games and has not heard about Minecraft until this moment. Minecraft is a sandbox game that has become the leader of the genre and it stays in the top mobile games almost all the time.

The main feature of Minecraft is its full, unlimited freedom. You can do anything here, or more correctly everything you have enough fantasy for. You can build castles and destroy cities. You can fight, steal, raise cows, or dig mines to the center of the earth. Thanks to this Minecraft has received such enormous popularity, becoming a real super hit right after release. For creative people, this mobile game is simply a treasure. If you’ve already played “sandboxes”, you liked them, but for some reason have not yet discovered the huge world of Minecraft – try it as faster as you can! This game can be not only a tool for self-expression but also a great time killer.

5. Hearthstone

If we are talking about mobile Collectible Card Games, then Hearthstone is still an absolute leader of this genre. In comparison with similar card games, Hearthstone has at least a couple of remarkable benefits: first of all, it is made by such a famous studio as Blizzard, and secondly, it is positioned as part of the world of Warcraft. In this game, you have to collect cards, creating decks from them, and then fighting with other players who have about your level of skill. Hearthstone has some problems with the Pay2Win, but the beginner can easily build his deck to understand the game mechanics. But if you want to win more often, you will have to get popular powerful decks. If you are a fan of card games – you can safely try this game, and most likely you will enjoy it a lot, because the graphics and atmosphere of the game are at a very high level, and the battle will always find you if you want to.

4. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a game in the genre of “Battle Royale”, where players land on the island and fight to the last survivor. This project is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and by 2019 has over 500 million registered players. Comparing to PUBG, only 30 players per round participate in Free Fire, which reduces the waiting time and the device load. Battlefield narrows with time, forcing players to get closer to each other. On the island you will find numerous buildings, vehicles and, of course, a lot of weapons. In general, Free Fire is a great and entertaining game, but only for experienced gamers or very hardcore beginners. We sincerely recommend it, even if you are not a fan of the Battle Royale genre. It allows you to practice the reaction to unexpected situations, and it is always useful even in real life.

3. Clash of Clans

The Clash of Сlans goal is to become a player who has collected the maximum number of trophies. You earn trophies by attacking other people’s villages or successfully defending yourself against other online players. As you collect trophies you rise in the rankings, and you will face equal or stronger opponents.

In online mode, you attack the village of another player, and you have three minutes to make as much damage as possible. The main goal is to completely destroy the enemy, after that, you get the biggest number of trophies, as well as additional gold and potion. If a complete victory is not possible, you just come back with a small amount of loot. To fully immerse yourself in the game, you need to join a clan and start participating in clan wars, then this wonderful world will open to you completely. This is one of the best free phone games. If you have heard about this game but were just going to try it, it is time to do it!

2. Call of Duty mobile

Not so long ago Activision has released Call of Duty: Mobile – this time the game is focused exclusively on the multiplayer. And so far it offers the best experience of any mobile multiplayer shooter. That’s why CoD Mobile always at the top of mobile games. Shooting in CoD Mobile feels as good as it can be in a mobile shooter. Perfectly balanced recoil, quality sound, excellent animation, and typical Call of Duty hit indicators – all this makes you enjoy the first few matches. Call of Duty uses one of the best graphics for the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms. The game runs perfectly on the ultra-settings on the flagship models and is quite playable on weaker mobile devices. Overall, the details and textures are at the highest level. Call of Duty: Mobile managed to maintain a good balance between gameplay and pay-to-win elements. The multiplayer is fun to play, thanks to the excellent gameplay that has been migrated from the “older” parts of the series. CoD: Mobile is definitely worth a try.

1. The Best Mobile Game – PUBG mobile

Mobile multiplayer online shooter PUBG Mobile has already brought developers a huge amount of 3 billion dollars since its release, which was just over two years ago! PUBG Mobile was downloaded by 734 million people worldwide, and didn’t leave the top 10 mobile games for over two years!

The PUBG concept is a popular “Battle Royale” format: players fight each other, trying to survive as long as possible and remain the last living player on the map. The last person or team that survived is the winner of the battle. PUBG Mobile received the same weapons, vehicles, and in-game items as the PC version. The map was also recreated as accurately as possible: we spent more than a couple of hours in the game, comparing it with the desktop version, and didn’t find any differences.

Certainly, the game is worth your attention: dynamic gameplay, multiplayer for 100 players, the ability to create a team of up to four people – extremely cool for a mobile game.

Conclusion from InsiderGames about the best mobile games

Now you can easily choose the game for yourself: finish first in an exciting race, remain the last survivor of the battle royale, defeat the opponent with your own creative card strategy, build your own dream house or collect fiction heroes! Enjoy an amazing experience of the top mobile games right now!

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