How to Play Riven Guide

rivenRiven League of Legends is well known for its versatility of champions and the possibilities you have when choosing the specific character. It is also important to note that each character has their unique abilities and positions, which you can figure out only when you try it. What makes LoL such an extraordinary experience is the attentiveness to details and unique approach to each hero. Grab your PC and get ready to learn how to play riven for beginners!

Today we’re gonna talk about one special champion, once a swordmaster of Noxus, she is an expatriate in a land she tried to conquer. She is also a holder of the legendary blade with riven runes. Riven is a one-person army, the perfect melee character. When played well, Riven can be bad news for any enemy character who stumbles upon her in the lane. So, if you are a beginner to Riven League of legednds or it is your first time playing her, we come to the rescue for you. Here’s our Riven guide that should help you to become a true star of your match.

Here’s the helpful Riven guide on how to play

How to Play Riven: Learn some skills

Riven gameplay1Riven is a unique champion who has an insanely high damage output and mobility that can be used for your team’s benefit. If you know how to play Riven, you most definitely will be the one player that will cause the most opponent’s damage. Here is the list of the abilities that this swordmaster possesses:

  • Riven runes Blade is the passive ability. The champion’s blade is charged by other abilities, and basic attacks are charged for dealing with additional damage.
  • Broken Wings allows Riven to lash out in a series of powerful strikes. The ability can be reactivated three times in a row, and a third hit always damages nearby enemies.
  • Ki Burst shots the energy that causes the damage of nearby enemies.
  • Valor enables her to step forward a short distance and block incoming damage.
  • Blade of the Exile is a ranged attack that kills the enemy almost instantly. Riven empowers her keepsake weapon with energy and gains Attack Damage and Range.
  • WInd Slash allows this assassin to unleash a wave of energy in a cone to hit the targeted direction.

Learn about Riven combos

Riven Gameplay 2

Useful items 

Riven is a highly offensive character. Therefore, to answer the question of how to be good at riven, you need to collect offensive items and gain as much damage as you can for a short amount of time.  Start the game with the long sword, health potion, and warding totem. 

In the early game, you want to buy Boots of speed, Caulfield’s Warhammer, and Phage. The Warhammer gives a boost to your attack, and Phage will help you to live longer. It’s your choice what to pick first, watch the situation in the game and act accordingly. 

Essential items for Riven are Ionian Boots of Lucidity, The Black Cleaver, and Ravenous Hydra. These items extend buffs from the early game and create the backbone of the character. After you collect them, the question “is riven hard to play” is not an issue. 

The further items to gather depend on your team composition, enemies, and the situation in the game.  Riven relies heavily on her combo attacks and quick initiative. At the same time, she lacks consistent healing or strong armor. Therefore, make the most of enemies’ mistakes and chain your abilities respectively. 

Offensive items: 

  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Death’s Dance
  • Lord Dominic’s Regards

Defensive items: 

  • Maw of Malmortius
  • Mercurial Scimitar
  • Guardian Angel 


  • Health potion
  • Elixir of Wrath 

If you want to be an expert in playing this champion, you need to learn about the combos. It would be quite hard to describe all possible combos in this Riven guide, but here are some piece of thoughts:

  • Riven combos can cancel the animation. For instance, you can use Q and cancel the animation with auto-attack after using a skill. In such a manner, it is easy to complete Riven combos, and auto-attacks increase extra damage on your opponents.
  • Use E to get close to the enemy with E, then follow it up repeating Q + auto-attack, W, and walk away after the stun. This doesn’t allow counterplay.
  • Another Riven TOP combo that dismisses counterplay is combining E with a followed skill, while the second skill executes while you’re dashing.
  • When your enemy goes for the last hit, you can strike them by doing an E-Q combo to initiate and finish it with a stun without being harmed.
  • Try to experiment with her combos; it’s fun and lets you discover many additional perks she has.

Strategies you can use when playing Riven

Riven Gameplay 3Splitpishing is one of the best strategies you can implement in the game for a certain victory. Strong mobility and high damage can make this character a good jungler. She also dominated the top lane, successfully ganking enemies as well as avoiding getting ganked herself. Try to move around the map, explore all your possibilities, and implement the strategy that will catch your enemies off guard. Practice and patience, usage of various strategies is an essential part of any reputable Riven build guide.

So, what strategy is the best when you learn how to play Riven game? The short answer is

– try all possible scenarios. You won’t be disappointed with the result. However, note that:

  • Crowd Control stops her from being mobile;
  • She can be stopped if enemies have a lot of armor.

Riven + Teamfighting = Victory

Riven Gameplay 4Teamfighting with this particular character is indeed a bit harder, but it only seems so, like how to play Riven for the first time. As soon as you make sense of some aspects, it will be nothing but joy. When you are in a teamfight, it is better to work hand in hand with a guardian angel, squish on the opponent team, and oneshot them. Also, if you are getting ganked, the swordmaster assassin takes care of this problem quite easily with her AOE damage. It is the best strategy to push enemies hard if you’re ahead of the lane.

There’s also a possibility to choose a more safe teamfighting mode, where you have to protect your carries. Staying in the backline and killing everyone who gets close to carries can be pretty beneficial for the team. It is easy to kill assassins in this manner. Yet, it is a true statement that with Riven, your teamfights can become easy, as she takes a lot of damage control.

Practice makes it perfect

Riven Gameplay 5It is true that you can play the swordmaster in the most comfortable position and use strategy that you think would be beneficial for the match. You have to practice and play a lot of matches to figure out what she is. Some people like plating a tank Riven, others prefer to be a supporting character. You can experiment with spells and items you need when playing her, decide what’s your role, and what lane you can dominate. The opportunities are endless for you; you just have to put some effort into it.

It is hard to write a Riven guide without saying over and over how powerful this champion is. She can beat almost every enemy at the beginning of the match. You can cause a true rampage with your enemies when you figure out how to play Riven TOP and use her abilities well.

The Champion worth dying for

Riven 2Playing Riven is something worth trying. As soon as you learn how to play Riven, whose abilities enable her to play in any lane equally successful, you might discover that she might become your favorite champion. At the same time, it is extremely useful to practice and experiment with Riven combos and tactics that can increase your chances of winning. How do you think it is possible to use Riven’s skills for even more damage? Would you call Riven your top five champions of LoL? What other champions would you like to know how to play?

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