Best PC games of all time: TOP 15

The year is not over yet, and we have a lot of things ahead. Many games are still under production and wait for their major releases. However, we already can experience some of the most hyped titles and enjoy them in full, the games both expected and beloved by critics and industry’s underdogs. We decided to look at what 2020 has to offer and make the best PC games list.

Although the game industry never stops and always jumps over the limits, it is hard to indicate the game that will appeal to every audience and hold the winner’s spot. It also depends on what you are looking for when choosing the perfect getaway into another world. You can pick any title that will be your cure for anxiety or a bulletproof way of cheering you up.

That’s to say, and we based this list on statistics and game popularity among players. The choices were not limited by the genre, replayability, setting, or any other aspect that may deserve the list on its own. The selection was tough to make because it includes everything from fan-favorite latest releases to the eternal classics reimagined, here is the list of good games to play in 2020.

If you’re still wondering – what video game should i play? You will find the answer below.

15 Best pc games of all time

15. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


FromSoftware shook their traditional scheme and presented a new yet challenging experience in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, unlike the well-worn Dark Souls experience. The game was released in 2019 and captured the attention of the community immediately.
We play as Wolf, a shinobi at the service of a young master. We swore to protect him with our life. Ironically, Wolf receives the curse of immortality and has to die numerous times to save his master and lift the curse. The game is famous for its challenging combat, vibrant feudal Japan landscapes, and touching story, which in sum makes Sekiro one of the best pc games.

Available on: Pc, Playstation 4, Xbox One.

14. Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon is a famous arcade racing series. Its fourth iteration was developed by Playground Games and released in 2018. As usually in arcade racing games, we take part in competitions on different cars, beat the opponents, earn prizes. The action takes place in Great Britain; the game’s map features small rural towns, busy megapolises, and wild landscapes. Each of these locations is part of a vast open-world which you may explore at your pace or compete in different challenges. Forza Horizon 4 features variable types of racing such as rally, drag, street racing, etc. The game features several hundreds of licensed automobiles that you may unlock during your playthrough. Another selling feature of the game is a dynamic weather and seasons system that impacts racing too. The game received great renown and was titled as the best racing game by Game Critics Awards in 2018, and may be easily named as one of the best Pc games.

Available on: Pc, Xbox one.

13. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the last at the moment expansion to one of the best Pc games ever created. Shadowlands continues the story of Battle for Azeroth: Sylvanas Windrunner tears the rift between the realities and unleashes the underworld on the mortal realm. An army of heroes from the Alliance and the Horde come to rescue the situation.
The expansion features new locations, a new story, and a new antagonist, the Jailor, which is the first villain that originated outside the RTS game. Besides the new story pieces and new locations, Shadowlands provide new high-level activities. One of them randomly generated dungeon Torghast, which will put to a challenge everything that seasoned players have.

Available on: Pc.

12. Ghostrunner

Ghostrunner came out of the blue but at the right moment among other best Pc games. When people still awaited Cyberpunk 2077, Ghostrunner scratched the itch for a stylish adventure in a dystopian cyber-future. We play as Jack The Ghostrunner — one of the last elite mercenaries who had to assassinate a vile tyrant and bring peace to our city. Unfortunately, our comrades and we failed the mission. Now, we have to help Jack to regain his power and complete the mission.
The gameplay features acrobatic puzzles and high-dynamic melee combat. Kata, shurikens, and a grappling hook are tools at our disposal. The game may seem lacking in different elements, but its fast pace and captivating visuals won’t let you get bored even for a minute, unlike some other new Pc games.

Available on: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, Pc, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One.

11. Hitman 3

Hitman 3

Hitman is a famous game about an infamous killer. Despite having number 3 in the title, Hitman 3 is the eight-game in the franchise. The game was developed by IO Interactive and released in 2021. It concludes the new trilogy about the bald killer, World of Assassination, and shows gamers a complete journey of Agent 47 as a professional killer before he started to doubt his superiors. Despite being a story about the past, Hitman 3 is a fine example of new Pc games. The third game in the series is similar to the previous two: there is not much plot or any substantial character development. Agent 47 receives the mission and tries to accomplish it in various, well-developed locations. The third game in the new series masters the scheme of social mimicking and presents players with even more creative options for their targets’ disposal. Besides, Hitman 3 includes missions from the previous two games, which makes it an absolute experience of the new hitman trilogy and one of the best Pc games in general.

Available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Stadia.

10. Control

Remedy Entertainment’s Control is an example of well-done mystery and adventure that enables you as a player to feel the experience of the playable character. Indeed, Control has one of the most satisfying game mechanics we’ve ever encountered with perfect control (no pun intended) of objects and level designs.

Control is an action third-person shooter and adventure, where you are following the protagonist Jesse and have to unravel the secrets of the world you explore. Many things remain unclear, and many things will challenge you to investigate every pixel of the level. The combat mechanics is something you should definitely try first hand. Without a doubt, from a narrative perspective, Control is Remedy’s better attempt to create the cinematic game experience (no shade on Max Payne). Overall, Control has the magnetic charm that makes it to this top of the best PC games.
The game was well-received by critics and players, becoming the winner of prestigious game awards. So far, no exact amount of copies was disclosed, while Remedy Entertainment has only 45% revenue from the game.

9. Half-Life: Alyx

Valve’s Half-Life made itself into a history of game dev, is one of the most cited and mentioned pieces of work in the industry. People loved Half-Life for many reasons, from an engaging narrative to intuitive gameplay and game mechanics. Without a doubt, people were expecting nothing but a masterpiece when Half-Life: Alyx was announced.

Half-Life: Alyx is a VR first-person shooter with the elements of adventure, puzzles, and survival horror that makes it so familiar for fans of the series. The plotline is set five years before the Half-Life 2 events, and you appear in its heart. Therefore, the knowledge of lore is a must so that you won’t miss a thing. Still, if you a newcomer of the series, you can enjoy the gameplay and mechanics,
Appraised as a VR’s first ‘killer app’ Half-Life: Alyx is a subject of discussions and records for VR games. Roughly, it is estimated that about 500.000 – 1.000.000 players bought a copy of a game. Quite impressive numbers for a long-awaited addition to the Half-Life universe.

8. Fortnite Battle Royale

You may be far from the world of games, as you are scrolling through this list and wondering how many titles became a cultural phenomenon even for those who are not players. Fortnite is one of those titles that you know, either from the news about Travis Scott Astronomical concert or countless streams.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a survival, sandbox, and battle royale online video game where your main objective is to keep your base safe and improved, defeat enemies, and boost your character. Engaging gameplay, pleasing level design and interaction with your team make Fortnite: Battle Royale a noteworthy title in every best PC games list. You can also join the story mode and learn about the lore, yet the most fun begins as you join the company.

Fortnite has more than 350 million unique players, and the numbers don’t seem to decrease or stagnate. You won’t feel lonely if you join the game and developers do a good job keeping the servers work as good as a clock.

7. Death Stranding

Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding was a subject of many discussions from the moment the first trailer was released. What was that? What does it mean? Love him or hate him, Kojima is God. Indeed, for many players, the name of Hideo Kojima is a trademark that proves the quality of the title.

Death Stranding is a single-player action with an open world with many features and aspects that make it hard to describe the experience easily. You are playing as a courier Sam Bridges, and if you know what’s the deal, you won’t be scared by this news. The walking around and carrying needed deliveries is an art form that you unlock only after trying and failing for some time.
Death Stranding was released on PC only recently, but it is already performing well after the first week selling more than 3000 copies. The peak of its performance was spotted on PS with 3.000.000 players and about 390.000 active monthly users. Death Stranding is worthy of being a part of our best games for PC top, while only time will show what else it can achieve.

6. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

TaleWorlds Entertainment’s Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a game created for people who value a good strategy and sandbox game principles. The game is a prequel with eight major kingdoms based on real-life civilizations.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is an action role-playing strategy available both as a single-player and multiplayer. It is a stand-alone extension pack that some might find similar to the first game released in 2008 because it holds many characteristics of its predecessor, but improved and polished. As a player, you are still encouraged to foam freely on a map or start your journey as a future hero of your kingdom. The combat and play mechanics are engaging and blink and you miss it, you’ve spent ten hours in the game.

The game was in early access on March 30 and already surpassed the count of 248.000 unique players and 5.000.000 copies sold. The developers work hard on making your experience as seamless and fun as possible, with daily updates and improvements for the game.

5. Doom: Eternal

id Software’s Doom: Eternal is a fifth game of the series that proudly bears its predecessors’ legacy. Doom is a series that will definitely come to mind when speaking of nostalgia and “good ol’ games.” Everyone played it to some extent, the moment they got their first computer and could experience games.

Doom: Eternal is a first-person shooter, and people are still debating whether the events of the plot being prequel or sequel, build their theories, and have passionate discussions on major platforms. However, it seems like a quintessential fantasy of someone who likes old games but in HD. Doom: Eternal has well-balanced game mechanics and quite elaborated level design. The rules are the same as it ever were – don’t die on the battlefield and be great, scoring the best results on the level. What else can we ask for?

Doom: Eternal had the best opening sales weekends in the history of its series and, at the moment, is estimated to sell 700.000 copies on PC alone. Long live the classics!

4. Valorant

Riot Games’ Valorant is not an ordinary “yet another” multiplayer. The newcomer to the market, it offers the players vibrant level design and engaging game mechanics that fuel your interest: what else can I do here? From the start, you can see the massive influence of Counter-Strike, but don’t worry, it is not a rip-off of a famous title.

Valorant is a free-to-play online first-person shooter that offers you a choice from several unique characters with their perks and combat styles. Surely, there should be more grand reveals and more characters, but the original cast is pleasing too. You must master some aspects before feeling confident in the game, but it takes less than an hour for grasping the aiming and shooting nuances. Also, you really should learn to read the map for the best cooperation, but it is also an achievable thing.

So far, Valorant is doing great with reaching record views on Twitch and steady sixth place in a top of the best sold games after the official launch.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains one of the beloved and anticipated games ever made. Of course, if you have played previous games of the series or read the books, you know the lore. Even if you are a newcomer, the game is quite welcoming and provides enough information for you to feel engaged.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing game with multiple endings and endless possibilities of the game’s open world. You can follow the main story arc or accomplish side quests for unlocking as many items or character points as possible. You can constantly improve Geralt of Rivia’s magic potential or sword mastery, making him the witcher we all know. The perfectly balanced level design and game mechanics increase the game’s replayability and you will never regret the time spent in the game.

The Witcher is doing quite well in terms of sales, as for 2019, it sold 28 million copies worldwide, both physical and digital. Not even a single best PC games list is full without The Witcher 3.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption is a well balanced open-world adventure. Undoubtedly, RDR 2 makes it to almost every best games ever for PC list of the last two years. The prequel of the first game, it follows an outlaw, Arthur Morgan. No worries, players will have a chance to see John Marston once again and meet a bunch of other heroes of the Wild West. You can either chronologically move along the missions or spend some time on side quests, opening all hidden easter eggs of the game and enjoying fictional America’s scenery.

In addition, the game offers you RDR Online, where you can ally or compete with other players for unique missions. One of the most replayable games on the list, you are not limited to following one path and exploring just one side of the map.

The fan-favorite game already surpassed 29 million copies sold worldwide, which is quite an impressive result.

1. Dark Souls 3

Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls 3 and the series overall are a phenomenon that many people either love, hate, or have quite complicated love/hate relationships. So many reviews and video essays were made, and they have something in common: they all praise the gameplay and game design, the elements that make people return, and give it a shot. It holds a “one of the hardest games” title, and it makes it unique.

Dark Souls 3 is an action role-playing game with an immersive plot and famous combat mechanics. The level design is beyond praise as it serves as a place where you can find valuable loot or get lost and stumble upon enemies. You never know what these labyrinths have for you. Regardless of your playing style, you will be engaged for hours here.

Dark Souls may be one of the undeniable leaders of this top with reaching its 10.000.000 milestone. The total number of copies sold counts the amount of 27.000.000. What can we say, some things are undeniable leaders who raised a generation of players who love to challenge themselves.

Conclusion from Insider Games

Many gamers still value a well-balanced piece of work that they can feel engaged in. We want to know that creators treat us fairly and see their allies, not the statistics numbers. Each and every example on our пs list reflects more than fun nostalgia or upcoming classics. It shows the never-ending creative and technological progress that never fails to impress the imagination. Some things will never get old, while some of them may need to catch up with the changes, all that matters is the moments when we played the game and felt good.

Still, we can play every title and still be astonished by the best new pc games or feel that time goes backward when we see a reboot of the game from our childhood. It is always good to add more titles in our “must have” lists and discover things that sometimes are hidden on the surface. It is also awesome to have a title that will never lose its relevance to you.

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