Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

Modern quality gaming requires not only a powerful PC but a decent periphery as well. One of such requirements is high-quality headphones. Whether you prefer online competitions or a single-player experience, a pair of cool open back headphones for gaming will elevate your experience from acceptable to marvelous. 

This type of headphones creates a more refined and clear sound. Due to the special construction of the earcups, open-back headphones are a perfect choice for gamers. In this article, we’ve collected seven examples of the best open back headphones for gaming that will enhance your experience. So, dive in and pick the most suitable option from the list.

7 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

1EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE
EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE

noise-canceling drivers

fast volume adjusting

versatile compatibility

2Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X
Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

53 mm drivers that reproduce clear midrange and treble

100 dB/MW sensitivity

20-20000Hz frequency response with 45 ohms impedance

3.5 mm connector

3Massdrop X Sennheiser PC37X
Massdrop X Sennheiser PC37X

noise-canceling microphone

directional sound

audiophile drivers

4Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

50mm immersive gaming drivers

an analog volume control wheel and mic tune switch

a noise-canceling microphone

5Philips SHP9500
Philips SHP9500

50 mm neodymium drivers

1.5m cable

12-35 000 Hz frequency response

6Astro Gaming A40 TR
Astro Gaming A40 TR

drivers optimized by ASTRO audio engineers

premium materials

a microphone with swappable precision

7HiFiMAN HE 400i
HiFiMAN HE 400i

light frame

improved pressure pattern for the headband

extra three-month extended warranty for the registration on the official website

This article will provide you with a complete description of the best devices. It’ll help you learn more about open-back headphones and choose the best ones. The open-back design implies that nothing blocks the earcups of the headphones, making them pass air. 

As a result, resonance and low-frequency build-up are not a problem anymore. The sound is as clear as it could be, and the open back headphones for gaming catch even the slightest sound. At the same time, open-back headphones are not a good choice for noise isolation. Since the headphones pass the air, you will hear everything around you.

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE

TOP 1 Of The Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME One

  • noise-canceling drivers;
  • fast volume adjusting;
  • versatile compatibility.

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Sennheiser is one of the leaders of the acoustic devices market. Therefore, their open back gaming headset GAME ONE keeps the bar and provides high-quality sound for gamers. The state-of-the-art engineering of the headphones makes the sound clear and distinct, with the best possible quality. GAME ONE utilizes the EPOS technologies that make the gaming headphones both high-quality and affordable. 

The sleek design of the headphones is minimalistic and stylish. It fits any gaming environment, and red accents around the ear cups give an elegant touch to the overall image. 

A utility microphone is another strong side of GAME ONE. Flexible configurations and adjustable form make it one of the best options for multiplayer gaming.

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

  • 53 mm drivers that reproduce clear midrange and treble;
  • 100 dB/MW sensitivity;
  • 20-20000Hz frequency response with 45 ohms impedance;
  • 3.5 mm connector.

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Audio-Technica provides audio devices of different specializations. AD700X is one of the best open back headphones created by passionate engineers for passionate gamers. One of the headphones’ distinct features is directional input. Such games as CS: Go or Rainbow Six: Siege require depths in sound. With AD700X, such an experience becomes more enjoyable. 

The headphones may not provide the best bass, but trebles and mids are extraordinary. The 53mm drivers help achieve a high quality of sound. 

ADX700 has a flexible design. Adjustable headbands and inner cushions with the honeycomb mesh provide maximum comfort. You don’t get tired of wearing this device.

Massdrop X Sennheiser PC37X

Massdrop X Sennheiser PC37X

  • noise-canceling microphone;
  • directional sound;
  • audiophile drivers.

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PC37X headphones are a unique combination of technologies by Sennheiser. They emulate the audiophile quality of sound of such models as HD598 and HD600. At the same time, the overall design of, arguably, the best open back gaming headset is focused on providing the best sound in gaming. 

The device has curved audio drivers that are a mark of a quality product. The materials from which the headphones were made confirm that. 

The robust and sturdy microphone has a noise-canceling feature. Besides, the micro goes mute if placed vertically. It is a perfect utility solution for gamers who switch between multiplayer and single-player modes. 

The headphones have a detachable cable. It is easily replaceable and allows connectivity to the majority of gaming devices.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

  • 50mm immersive gaming drivers;
  • an analog volume control wheel and mic tune switch;
  • a noise-canceling microphone.

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Razer is a company that specializes in gaming devices. The Kraken model headphones are an ultimate combination of gaming focus and quality sound for an open back headset. 

The device has 7.1 volumetric sound that greatly contributes to the sound immersion, especially for games that use binaural technology. 

50mm drivers are designed to provide quality sound at the maximum range. The lowest of low and the highest of high sounds are clear and distinct in the Kraken Tournament Edition. 

The headphones have a cardioid mic. The mic is flexible and retractable, which means more comfort in online communication. Besides, the mic has a noise-canceling feature and high sensitivity.

Philips SHP9500

Philips SHP9500

  • 50 mm neodymium drivers;
  • 1.5m cable;
  • 12-35 000 Hz frequency response.


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Phillips creates a wide range of quality electronics, and headphones are among the best products of the company. SHP9500 with open-back cups can satisfy both gamers and audiophiles. The length of the cable almost makes it an open back wireless gaming headset. 

The distinctive feature of these headphones is their design. The device has a double headband for increased durability and enough padding for comfort. Breathable ear pads allow not only quality sound but also longer sessions of listening. 

The 50mm neodymium drivers catch all sound diapasons, making music, ambiance, and gunshots sound deep and distinct. Besides, the open-back design suppresses any pressure build-up, which increases the quality of stereo sound.

Astro Gaming A40 TR

Astro Gaming A40 TR

  • drivers optimized by ASTRO audio engineers;
  • premium materials;
  • a microphone with swappable precision.


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The Astro A40 TR is a device created by gamers for gamers. The Astro sound engineers took into account the feedback of professional gamers about the best possible design for gaming headphones. Astro A40 TR makes a huge step forward to this perfection. 

The headphones have an excellent stereo sound, which is easily picked up in competitive and solo games. This device is easily one of the best budget open back headphones. 

The Astro A40 TR has one of the biggest advantages over its competitors. It provides a great level of customization for a pair of headphones. You may tag the speakers on the outside, turning them from open-back to closed-back. It is not a mere gimmick; a closed-back configuration provides noise isolation and other benefits of such headphones.

HiFiMAN HE 400i

HiFiMAN HE 400i

  • light frame;
  • improved pressure pattern for the headband;
  • extra three-month extended warranty for the registration on the official website.


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HiFiMAN HE 400i is a modern device by all means. It is 30% lighter than its competitors, and it uses the advanced fusion of the drivers’ technologies to provide the best quality of sound. 

The device utilizes planar-magnetic technology that combines features of dynamic and electrostatic drivers. It easily makes it one of the top-rated open back headphones for gaming. In the end, the quality of the sound reaches a new level and gives you the whole spectrum of audio pleasure. 

The HiFiMAN HE 400i design is minimalistic. Everything is focused on making efficient headphones that will be easy to transport. At the same time, the stylish charcoal look will satisfy the most sophisticated gamer.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Open Back Headphone for Gaming

Open-Back vs. Closed-Back Headphones

Both options are viable for gaming, and both of them have pros and cons. Open-back headphones provide a more crisp sound, prevent tension building, and decrease bass resonance. 

Besides, the best open air headphones are more comfortable than closed-back. While the latter devices need applying of special cooling gel or any other enhancements of the earcups, the former make natural cooling due to the air pass. You may have longer sessions with open headphones for gaming without getting tired. 

However, the flow of air may be a drawback too. Open-back headphones are not the best choice for noisy environments such as gaming clubs or schools because you will hear everything around you. 

Headphones and Headsets 

Some of the provided devices have no mics. Therefore, you stand before a tough choice – a pair of the best open headphones for gaming with no mic or a headset. Headsets provide utility and quality: you may both communicate with your friends online and listen to the sound. At the same time, the best brands and models provide headphones. There is no right answer for the choice; it all depends on your preferences. 

The ModMic 

If you decide to choose a pair of headphones instead of an open gaming headset, but you still want active communication, then the ModMic may be a solution. If you don’t want to compromise on quality and online communication, you may pay a bit extra for it. It is a great utility that will help create a distinction between your online communication and other activities. 

The Soundstage 

Finally, you should pay attention to the soundstage that the headphones can manage. Imagine it like a sphere around the headphones. The better the stereo sound of the headphones is, the better it picks up the sound from different directions. 

Closed-back headphones have limited capabilities in picking the immersive stereo sound. At the same time, top-notch open-back headphones provide a new level of immersion with high-end stereo sound.


Open-back headphones are a perfect device for gamers who value sound quality and comfort. Multiplayer and solo experiences sound like never before with the devices provided in the list above. When you choose an open-back headphone, pay attention to its model, drivers, and possible advantages. You want to see the quality stereo sound, efficient design, and sturdy materials for your open-back headphones. 

Remember that such devices are designed for personal usage. They do not fit for outside use or noisy places. At the same time, you will receive quality sound not only for video games but also for music and any other audio. Open-back headphones create clear, crisp sound due to the free movement of air. Besides, you receive natural cooling that makes open-back headphones a preferable choice for longer sessions.

Open-back headphones combine well with mod microphones, creating the ultimate user experience. A microphone with a bunch of functions is a nice complement to your high-end headphones. 

The prices for open ear gaming headsets vary. The cost depends on the manufacturer, materials, and features that a pair of headphones have. However, even the budget versions of open-back headphones are a decent choice due to their well-thought-out design.