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The MMO genre opens its second breath. On the one hand, the majority of the audience is driven to the session games, battle royales, and mobile games, which leaves the MMO games niche half-empty. On the other hand, there are new titles, which try to impress gamers, offer a new, unique experience or unusual setting. At the same time, veteran-games still hold their audience and keep improving, remaining relevant and gripping after years since their initial release. Therefore, if you seek a good MMO game to sink in or hesitate to return to the modern classic, you may consider revising your knowledge about modern MMO games.

Here we offer you the top-10 best MMO games present on the market now. This top is not mere dry analytics but a shared, genuine experience. It is not a simple top of the best games but the top which we like to play ourselves. In this list, you will find the recent games and ones which proved themselves during the years. All of these games are MMOs but offer you different genres and player’s experiences. Do not consider this list as competition between the provided games. Each of the enlisted games is the best MMO in its unique way.

List of the best MMOs games of all time

15. Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the rings online

Lord of the Rings Online is one of the renowned long-livers on the MMO scene. The game was developed by Turbine games and released in 2007. It still keeps the status of one of the Best MMO Games. The game is a classic western MMORPG: pick quests, fight some monsters, upgrade your character. There’s nothing special about the LotRO gameplay. However, there are a few things that distinguish the game from its rivals. The setting of the game takes place in the most famous fantasy universe – Arda. The world of Lord of the Rings keeps inspiring a lot of people, and this passion was put into the game. The MMO has a well-written main story that takes place parallel to the book trilogy and sometime after. The game changed the developers in 2016, and Standing Stone Games prepare new expansions and adventures in LotRO for 2021, so the game remains one of the popular mmos even now.

Available on: Pc.

14. Runescape


Runescape may seem more like a museum exhibit than a real game. However, you can still play this game and meet a lot of people on the landscapes of this MMO. The game was developed by the team Jagex and released in 2001. Since then, the game has received a lot of updates and functions on modern hardware. Guinness World’s Records recognized Runescape as the biggest and the most updated free MMO game. Runescape easily can be named as one of the Best MMO Games at the moment. Besides the main game, there were several spin-off games and a few novels that expanded the world of the game and its history. The main gameplay feature of Runescape is its total freedom. There is no strict goal or conflict; the game world is open for players to explore, compete or collaborate, defeat monsters and do quests. The game may seem a bit quirky for modern standards but is one of the most popular mmos for sure.

Available on: Pc.

13. EVE Online

EVE Online

Another MMO legend that barely needs an introduction but surely shall be placed in this list. EVE Online was created in 2003 by CCP Games. The game takes place in a large galaxy that features several thousand solar systems. Humanity managed to conquer space and now redistributes its vast resources through war, diplomacy, and trading. There are background stories and lore bits for EVE online. However, the main story is written by the players themselves. Each player starts as an individual pilot. However, unlike other MMOs, EVE online features a deep and complex social cooperation system that goes beyond simple groups, clans, and guilds. Mega-corporations, criminal syndicates, law enforcers – each traditional role of MMO games is occupied by players. EVE Online may be called one of the Best MMO Games due to its unprecedented scale and freedom.

Available on: Pc.

12. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series is famous for many things. One of them is the extreme versatility of the FF games. Each new iteration is a new story set in a new world. Therefore, if you missed the previous games, you may try FF XIV with no hesitation. The original game was developed by Square Enix and released in 2010. However, the initial version was flawed and received a lot of negative criticism. A new version, Realm Reborn, released in 2013, remains one of the popular mmos on the market. The game features a classic high-fantasy setting with a usual good vs evil conflict. However, the execution makes it all. The story is captivating and interesting, the leveling system is flexible and versatile, and the general flow of the game keeps you on your toes.

Available on: Pc, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation 5.

11. Skyforge


Skyforge was developed by the Allods Team and released in 2015. The subsequent releases on consoles were in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Skyforge sets players in a techno-fantasy setting of the planet Aelion. Gamers take the role of immortals, who need to reach divinity and protect their homeworld from the alien invasion. Unlike traditional division in classes and their progression, Skyforge features the prestige system that allows players to develop several classes simultaneously and switch between them as often as they need. Overall execution, setting, and gameplay make Skyforge one of the Best MMO Games at the moment.

Available on: Pc, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

10. Black Desert

The list opens with “Blac Desert” developed by the Pearl Abyss and released in 2014 and renowned by 20 million players worldwide. The current version of the game has the sub-title “Remastered,” which keeps the quality of the product at the modern standards. The world of “Black Desert” presents an unprecedented level of freedom for MMO games. Black Desert emulates a real economic model, which elevates regular adventuring of a new level. You may be a raider, a merchant, a craftsman – any role which fits you. And it won’t be regular, boring quests. It would be the story that you write on your own. The combat gameplay is dynamic and engaging as well, so if you are looking for some carnage – you find it as well. Besides, the game has stunning graphics and visual effects, which is a rarity even for the top MMO games on the market.

Available on: Pc, PS4, and Xbox One.

9. The Elder Scrolls Online

The online game in the favorite universe of Elder Scrolls, developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and released in 2014. 15 million players explore its dangerous lands in 2020, which makes the game one of the most popular on the market. TESO allows you to visit all your favorite provinces – Syroddyl, Morrowind, and Skyrim, of course! The MMO takes place in the Second Era and tells a story, which unraveled long before the very first “Elder Scrolls” game. The ruins of the main series games are glorious palaces now, the legends, which you read in-game fiction revealed before you alive. The game offers classical MMO gameplay enriched with a well-written story. Each of the three main fractions provides a unique line of main quests, as well as each region of Tamriel has to offer one of the best MMO games stories present on the market.

Available on: PS4, PC, Xbox One.

8. Albion Online

Albion Online was developed by Sandbox interactive and released in 2017. Albion Online revolves around the idea of uninhabited island colonization, where players take the role of settlers. Albion online gives a true freedom of self-expression in a virtual world through gameplay flexibility. This MMO RPG creates a realistic sandbox, filled with resources, animals, and monsters, and gives players the freedom to explore, craft, or conquer. The flexible mechanics of game-builds are open to experiments and let players create characters outside standard classes or roles. Moreover, the RPG has hardcore elements. For example, loss of all character’s equipment after death. Such mechanics contribute to the overall challenge of the game. Albion Online became free-to-play recently, so don’t hesitate to join more than 100 thousand daily active players in one of the best MMO games available.

Available on: Android, PC.

7. Neverwinter

Neverwinter takes place in the same-name region of Forgotten Realms and brings the DnD experience on a new level. The MMO RPG was developed by Cryptic Studios and released in 2013. Neverwinter is free-to-play, so you may enjoy it right away. Mechanically, it is an action dungeon crawler – you and your party members explore dangerous ruins and catacombs, fight mighty fantasy villains, and develop your characters. Gameplay focuses on team cooperation and interconnection, which makes a well-balanced party the key to success. The vibe of the Forgotten Realms, inspired by classic Neverwinter Nights, shines with quality graphics and effects. The action-oriented combat system and classic DnD fantasy atmosphere create an authentic experience for hardcore fans and new players alike.

Available on: PC, Xbox One, and PS 4.

6. Secret World: Legends

The Secret World: Legends may be considered an unorthodox jewel among the other best MMO games. SW: Legends was developed by Funcom and released in 2012. The MMO takes place in the modern setting, which is a rarity among MMO games, and tells a story of the struggle of three superpowers: Templars, Illuminati, and Dragons. The game’s world resembles ours but filled with oddities and mysteries of each sort, and players have to solve them in one way or another. Gameplay suggests modern interpretations of familiar MMO roles and gives the possibility to mix them and create interesting gameplay options. Another selling feature of Secret World is complex, logic quests, which require maximum attention from a player and bring fruitful results as well. The MMO also gives way for characters to compete with each other in the factions war.

Available on PC.

5. Guild Wars 2

Another fantasy title in the line of best MMOs. Guild Wars 2 was developed by ArenaNet and released in 2012, a veteran of the market. The plot of the game once again returns to the battle of great good against the cruel evil. However, not the story, but the gameplay of this MMO catches attention. Guild Wars 2 became a template for further MMO RPGs on the market. It offers gameplay highly packed with activities – you never get bored in this game because always something happens around. You may start in a regular gathering quest and end with a mass battle against a horde of AI enemies, side to side with other players. GW 2 juggles activities, allowing you to write a unique, interesting adventure. Also, the game features the non-target combat system, which makes it highly dynamic. By August 2015, the MMO RPG was sold in 5 million copies and then turned free-to-play.

Available on: PC.

4. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a game from Bungie, creators of the legendary Halo series, and the sequel to the original Destiny. Join for battle against dark as a Guardian – an immortal protector of light. The story of Destiny and its narrative is on an unprecedented level even for the best MMOs, featuring the quality and scale of AAA objects, combined with well balanced multiplayer activities. The game was released in 2018, and its visuals still compete with recent titles on equal. The gameplay is a well-balanced shooter combined with MMO development mechanics. The controls are smooth, and the impact of the guns is juicy. Destiny 2 orients on cooperative PvE regimes but has a competitive side also. You may try yourself in the “Crucible” – classic competitive shooter regimes or “Gambit” – mixed PvEvP, where you have to eliminate AI enemies on the speed against the enemy team. The basic game is free, and around 9 million players already evaluated it.

Available on: PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

3. Warframe

Warframe is one of the most popular and recognizable action MMOs on the market. It was developed by Digital Extremes and released in 2013. Since then, Warframe has been growing in both quality and quantity. The MMO’s plot tells an epic story of space – warriors, tenno, who woke up in an alien and hostile solar system of the future and had to struggle against numerous enemies. The story is plain and simple but showy. The real gem of Warframe is the gameplay. The players have a variety of warframes – battlesuits that differ in abilities, attack, and defense potential. Moreover, Warframe presents a well-balanced shooting and slashing weapons, turning the simple destruction of enemies into art. The MMO also provides different PvE and PvP regimes and constantly updates them. 26 million players already tried the game. You may join them and try one of the most engaging MMO games for free.

Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

2. Path of Exile

“Path of Exile” is called a “right Diablo” among the fans of the hack-n-slash RPG genre. This title is not without grounding, after all. The game was developed by Grinding Game Gears and released in 2013. As the title suggests, you start as an exile on a hostile island, full of blood-lust enemies and hideous secrets. If you want to survive – you had to defeat all your foes by all costs. Path of Exile develops vanilla hack-n-slash mechanics and gives them a new form. The killing feature of PoE is a massive tree of abilities, which creates an almost limitless variety of builds for each of the available classes. The graphics of the MMO and its content are constantly updated, so the game remains contemporary even seven years after release.

Available on: PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for free.

1. World of Warcraft

A true legend of MMO games, which hardly requires presentation. However, here it is – “World of Warcraft,” arguably – the best MMO RPG of all times. Masters from Blizzard released the original “World of Warcraft” back in 2004, and the game remains actual till today. There were numerous clones and “killers” of World of Warcraft, but they all gone, and the king remains. The secret of such huge success is an almost maniacal attention to detail. Starting from a rich, captivating story of the fantasy world Azeroth, ending with classic MMO RPG gameplay. You are free to complete quests, develop your characters, take part in raids, dungeons, and battlegrounds. With the latest updates, you may also apply for mass battles between two major factions, the Horde and the Alliance. The game features both PvE and PvP content. Moreover, there is a “Classic” version of World of Warcraft for veterans who want to play the old school version on the game.

Available on: PC

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