WOT Review: All about World of Tanks Game

About WOT Review: All about World of Tanks Game

WOT Review

History of the game

Wargaming is a multinational team of developers, which hit the market with their “World of…” series. World of Tanks, the biggest and the most ambitious game of the сompany, was released in 2010 and kept fascinating people around the world. However, a humble past preceded an ambitious future. The very first game of Wargaming was “Iron Age” which was an e-mail based tactical game. Victor Kisly and his friends shared common enthusiasm toward the historical reconstruction and war machines of the past. As a company, Wargaming appeared in 1998. The company specialized in MMO computer games and software development. For example, BlueLithium advertising network bought a software engine in 2004. There were several successful purchases, which allows Wargaming to realize its ideas. Today, Wargaming is an offshore company with headquarters in Cyprus. Development offices are in Minsk, Kyiv, St.Petersburg, Chicago, Sydney, Prague, and Helsinki. Wargaming has developed other games such as “World of Warships” and “World of Warplanes.” However, “World of Tanks” is their most ambitious and astonishing project that stands out among other tank games.

Wargaming Logo

In 2013, the game achieved the record in the Guinness Book of Records as “Most players online simultaneously on one MOG server.” More than 190,500 people were playing simultaneously in the game. At the moment, there are more than 180 million registered players in the game. Wot receives updates constantly and expands its list of tank models, maps, and game modes. The game receives regular graphical updates too. World of Tanks remains actual even after its 10th anniversary.

World of Tanks Gameplay

The game is a tactical team-based action where tanks meet each other on various battlefields. Maps differ in the landscape (cities, deserts, forests, etc.) and match types. Each player controls a single tank unit and contributes to the team’s victory. Players destroy the enemy’s tanks and complete the aims of the missions.

World of tanks review shall mention all of the aspects of the game to build a complete picture. The game finds a delicate balance between the arcade and the simulation regimes of tanks maneuvering. The war machine’s mass feels through controls and environmental impact, the tank tower moves with a bit of a delay, and ammo needs time to be reloaded. However, you do not have to monitor all of the machine metrics or status, and you do not have to be an expert engineer to operate one in-game. The controls are intuitively simple and approachable. The destruction model deserves other words of praise: tanks realistically receive damage, and their functionality changes too. For example, a tank may stop if its tracks were hit. It is a neat detail in the tanks game.

Each of the tanks has not only the battle model but a team, which operates it. It is a nice touch that contributes to the immersion in World of tanks and provides more in-game features. The tank team has a set of skills, which modify tank parameters. Therefore, two equal tanks with different teams in them will be played a bit differently.

Another layer of gameplay is progress. During tank games, a player earns in-game currency and experience, which may be spent on the team development and unlocking new lines of war machines. Wot has an impressive collection of war units that you unlock during the game. This collection keeps players engaged. Battles on top tier tanks is another level in comparison with starting machines.

World of Tanks Xbox One and Ps 4

A World of Tanks review has to answer the question – which of the gaming platforms is the most fitting for the game. It would be quite obvious that the most optimal choice for a gaming platform would be World of tanks Pc. The game was designed for the platform, as well as controls are easily customizable. Besides, the platform has the highest performance as well. However, if you are a console player, you may try World of Tanks Ps4 or Xbox One as well. The game is free-to-play for console players and shows decent optimization. The control scheme of a gamepad may be a bit more arcade and feels odd compared to a keyboard and mouse, but with time it is easy to adapt. And moving a stick for aiming is perfectly natural for tank controls. World of Tanks Ps4 is an optimal choice for gamers who enjoy casual gaming.

Both consoles show stable framerate, but World of Tanks Xbox One has a bit better visual quality. However, you may also check out the game on the new generation consoles – Xbox Series X and PS 5. Here the game is running in its full glory and with stable high FPS.

Wot Tank Types

Matches in the game may be chaotic and a bit unorganized in the beginning. When people only start to figure out how World of Tanks works – they try different tank types and have fun with them. In the end, a battlefield turns into a mess with exploding small tanks. However, with time and experience, players learn how to balance a team in a match and how to pick a tank correctly. It is vital to know the key differences between tank types to implement the game tactics successfully. It is actual for all versions of the game. World of tanks Xbox One, Ps4, and Pc. World of Tanks offers the next gradation of war techs:

  • Light tanks. Light tanks are scouts and aggressive offenders of a team. They rush toward the enemy flanks and are most efficient in the “hit and run” tactics. Gameplay for light tanks requires practice, but a masterful light tank on a team contributes to the victory.

WOT Sheridan

  • Medium tanks. A perfect balance between offense and defense, an optimal choice for novice players.

WOT Sherman

  • Heavy tanks. Heavy tanks are slow but powerful machines, which serve as protection for the rest of the team.

T 29 WOT

  • Tank destroyers. Not a tank but a powerful, long-range weapon against them. Requires patience and precision to be efficient in a game.

Frdinand WOT

  • Artirelly. A strategic unit on a map, which can shoot almost at any point on a map. Shall be destroyed in the first place as an enemy and well-protected as an ally.

Artirelly WOT

World of Tanks Modules Guide

Progression is an integral part of the gameplay loop and the main motivation to participate in the tank games. For each battle, a player earns in-game currency, which can be spent on the tank repair, ammunition replenishment, and, most importantly, on the module’s upgrades. Upgrading the tank modules makes the machine more maneuverable, sturdy, and deadly, improving the overall world of tanks stats. Moreover, upgrading modules opens new tanks in the technological branch.

There are five modules in each tank to upgrade:

  • Gun – your main armament
  • Turret – the gun carrier; in some tanks, a part of the crew sits in the turret.
  • Suspension – a tracking mechanism. It influences speed, crossing capacity, and the load limit of a tank.
  • Engine – top speed and acceleration of the tank depends on the engine.
  • Radio – a communication module. Allow sharing the intel across the battlefield.

WOT Modules

Whether you play World of Tanks Xbox One, Ps4, or Pc – these components have the same importance.

World of Tanks Gear and Consumables

Gear and consumables are another layer of gameplay, which draws a line between casual gaming and tactical skills. Gear has additional components, which can be attached to the tank and influence the world of tanks stats. It is divided into two tiers – regular or advanced, simple, and complex. You cannot place advanced gear, which gives a certain bonus if the standard gear of the same effect is already installed. The same is true for the opposite situation. The properly selected gear may prevent the vehicle from shortcomings in a battle or enhance its advantages. Simple gear may be placed on a tank without restrictions, while complex gear must be purchased via in-game currency. Standard equipment goes for ten units of gold per unit, and advanced – for 200 bonds. Each of the currencies can be bought by real money as well to increase the tank capacity in the battle tanks game. Gear and consumables provide only a slight tactical advantage. They do not change the course of a battle dramatically. You cannot buy all of the best equipment at once and win matches immediately.

Simple gear includes toolboxes, camouflage nets, etc. Such pieces of equipment may be removed from one tank and placed on the other. Complex gear gives more visible bonuses. There are such pieces of complex equipment as:

  • ventilation,
  • wet ammunition,
  • rammer,
  • CO2 tank fill,
  • vertical stabilizer.

WOT Gear

Finally, the improved equipment can be bought only for bonds, a special currency. It provides such enhancements as a powder exhaust system, stabilization equipment, wears resistant pickup drivers, experimental loading system, a set of spare parts, and aligned optics. These give the most tangible advantages in the world of war tanks.

Gear Tips

It should be pointed out that the equipment is pretty costly at the beginning of Wot. It would be wise to collect some in-game currency to buy equipment and consumables for high-tier tanks. Tank destroyers at level 5 of the account are efficient for collecting credits. Besides, you should monitor promotions from Wargaming. You may buy all of the equipment with a 50% discount in worldoftanks. Always remove all of the equipment from a tank when you are selling it. Moreover, it is necessary to find synergy between the skills and the equipment. For example, a ventilation system would not be efficient enough without a crew skill “combat brotherhood.”

Wot Consumables

Consumables are short-term enhancements that help in the Wot battles. First-aid kits, repair kits, and fire extinguishers are recharged in 90 seconds after the use. After the cooldown, you may use consumables again. The limit for one tank is three pieces of consumables. Each consumable item may differ in quality. It depends on factors such as tank type, its nation, etc. The consumables are divided into conventional (3000-5000 credits per piece), improved (20 000 per piece), and special personal reserves, which can be purchased only with bonds.

There are two types of instructions: 1) Instructions for enhancing equipment effect, 2) instructions for reinforcing or activation of the crew skills. One instruction per tank.


Wot Ammunition Guide

Ammunition is the key component for wielding a tanks game. All of the equipment and consumables are useless if a tank does not have enough ammo for continuing a fight. Therefore, the ammo shall be replenished before each battle. The maximum capacity of ammunition that a tank may have depends on its model and the tank’s nation.

Wot Ammunition Guide

Several types of ammunition have different features and are more suitable for different battle situations in Wot. It is not enough to upload the shells with the highest damage and to hope that they will win a game. Ammo is divided into armor-piercing, high-explosive, armor-piercing composite rigid, and high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) shells. Each of the variations, except the HEAT shells, have normal and improved versions. An accurate combination of different types of ammo significantly contributes to the victory against an opponent and allows winning difficult tank games against numerous hostiles.

World of Tanks: The crew

The crew of a tank is another piece of a puzzle without which the image of the game would not be complete in a tanks game. Each tank has a few crew members, which operate the machine. If all of the crew fails, the tank is considered as destroyed and leaves a battle. Therefore, the battle tactics may be built around the actual tank destruction or knocking out a tank team. The average crew has no more than three skills. Each of the skills may be mastered to open perks – additional bonuses to a skill. In the end, an accurate combination of the skills of the crew, equipment, and consumables may create an unstoppable war machine in the battle tanks game.

World of Tanks The crew

The skills include such options as repair, concealment, firefighting, jack of all trades, armorer, off-road driving, situation awareness, etc. Perks start to show an impact on the game when they are studied at 100%. They include such variants: brothers in arms, sixth sense, eagle eye, preventive maintenance, adrenaline rush, call for vengeance.

Besides the skills and perks management, the crew itself has to be cared for. Crew members may be injured after a battle and require rest and medical attention. They may be recruited, discharged, and retrained in Wot.

All of these peculiarities and the skill to use them correctly comes with time. At first, you shall not bother yourself too much with the crew management. When you decide which playstyle fits you most, then it would be easier to pick the right tank and skillful team to operate it.

World of Tanks Economic Guide

In this World of Tanks review, we want to touch on the economic aspect of the game. The game features several types of resources. The main Wot currencies are credits, experience, and gold. Credits are the currency for miscellaneous items or buying low-tier tanks, but they still require a significant amount of credits. Experience is a reflection of your progress in the game. With experience, you unlock new tank branches, crew skills, and module improvements in the World of war tanks. Finally, gold is a premium currency that allows buying anything from the game. However, gold, per se, does not win the game for you. A player still has to earn experience and unlock new machines and upgrades. However, gold may make the way to the top smoother. You can purchase any amount of gold from 1000 for $4,7 to 30 000 for $111, or name-a-figure-and-play. Gold may boost your world of tanks stats but not to cover all of the game aspects completely.

Since 2017, Wot has been using a new type of currency – bonds. Bonds are a currency gained in ranked games. A player earns bonds at the end of war stages or seasons. Players may buy pre-combat instructions and enhanced gear with bonds.

Finally, premium accounts are a final piece of the Wot economy. Premium accounts boost combat experience for the account and crews up to 50%, provide more credits, and open more maps and missions. You may try a premium account for several days or buy it for 90 or 180 days to fully emerge into the Wot experience.


Conclusion by Insider.Games

The point of this World of tanks review was to familiarize you with the game mechanics, possibilities, and comfortable ways to play it. World of Tanks is a game created by enthusiasts who share an affection for battle machines and want to share it with you. The game gives a decent amount of gameplay mechanics such as crew and equipment management, unlocking new tanks, and upgrading your perfect tank. At the same time, the game does not require a perfect knowledge of a subject. You may be a casual gamer who just started your journey into action-MMOs and still have fun with the game. World of Tanks is available on all platforms. Whether you play World of Tanks Pc or on a console, you can still enjoy the game in any way you like.

Finally, World of Tanks provides the depth of tactical and team gameplay. A wide variety of tank types, nations, and possible combinations of equipment and crew skills opens almost endless replayability for the game. There is always room for improvement for you as a player and the online characteristics that give you new means to victory. Monetization of the game provides you with bonuses and visible perks but does not give you the ultimate weapon for all of the games. This makes Worldoftanks well balanced and fair toward all of its players. Whether you played the game before or just started your way on the game – Wot will give you bright expressions of being a tank commander.

System Requirements
  • Operating System:

    Windows 7/8/10

  • CPU:

    With two or more physical cores supporting SSE2 technology

  • Memory (RAM):

    2 GB

  • Video Card:

    NVIDIA GeForce 8600, ATI Radeon HD 4550

  • Hard Disk:

    45 GB free space

  • Internet connection speed:

    256 Kbps

  • Operating System:

    Windows 7/8/10 - 64 bit

  • CPU:

    Intel Core i5 (Desktop)

  • Memory (RAM):

    4 GB (or more)

  • Video Card:

    GeForce GTX660 (2 GB) / Radeon HD 7850 (2 GB)

  • Hard Disk space:

    45 GB free space

  • Internet connection speed:

    1024 kbps or higher (for voice chat)

Game Details
Game Poster
  1. Ryan

    I have been playing World of tanks since 2016. In general, the game is fine: a lot of variable machines, decent graphics, sound effects, you may still play without donations (you’ll have to farm the currency a lot). Concerning downsides: when you unlock a new tank, it goes with the default equipment. It means that the machine is barely playable. To upgrade it to the max levels, you’ll need to suffer a few hours. It is not the brightest side of the World of tanks. Besides, artillery may be a pain in the neck, especially if you are playing for slow and armored tanks. Finally, the most frustrating wot downside is the audience. There are people who have been playing for hundreds and thousands of hours but did not manage to learn the game properly. However, they keep blaming everyone for their defeats.

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