TOP 5 of the best PS4 steering wheel

Races are one of the most popular genres on Ps4. A lot of racing games are felt and played differently on the console on Pc or even Xbox. Besides, the Gran Turismo series is one of the best Playstation exclusives. DualShock 4 has an almost perfect design due to numerous iterations and careful analysis of past generations’ gamepads. However, even this form is not sufficient enough to give the full experience of racing. A racing wheel is another dimension of gaming. It may bring new feelings for racing gaming and let one perceive regular racing games from a different angle. Besides, simulation games fit for a steering wheel as well. Due to the advanced feedback, the feeling of a massive car becomes more realistic.

A steering wheel is a device, which allows immersing into the racing process fully. The necessity to push pedals switch transmission and work against the pressure of the track cannot be recreated on any other device. A racing device requires some skill and precision to operate it. However, you may enjoy arcade and simulation games equally, with or without a real driving experience. The racing rudders are customizable, and you can adjust their configuration for your comfort. Besides, there are additional buttons. So, you won’t sacrifice controller functionality for the sake of game configuration beyond actual racing. Finally, the feedback of a rudder is more complex than a gamepad. It is more than simple vibration; the feeling of rubber fighting against the laws of physics, pedals breaking away from your feet – all this gives more immersion than a regular gamepad. Here we present a list of the best racing devices for ps4.

Numskull Multi-Format Steering Wheel with Pedals

Numskull Multi-Format Steering Wheel with PedalsPros

  • Compatibility with many platforms
  • Durable pedals
  • Design of a sport car
  • Budget
  • Ergonomical


  • Mapping of buttons
  • Too small for a bigger grip

Numskull creates licensed video games merchandise and accessories, including racing devices. The products of the company fill the budget niche of racing wheels and provide decent quality. Multi-Format Steering Wheel has a stylish design with the company’s logo at the center. The rudder is all black with red buttons within, which, however, do not spoil the overall visual impression. The ergonomics of the device simulates a realistic wheel: the covering is rubber-coated, the pedals have anti-slip grip coating, and feet rest to ensure a comfortable and immersive experience from driving. The Multi-Format Numskull is compatible with all popular gaming series such as F1, Gran Turismo, Forza, etc. The rudder has 180-degrees rotation for precise control. There are no customization options for the device; it is a compact and niche solution for multiplatform race gaming. The pedals of the device have a durable base for most intense racing sessions. Numskull Multi-Format rudder is compatible with Ps4, consoles of the past generation, and Pc, which makes it an affordable solution for any racing fan. A decent Ps4 steering wheel.

PXN V900 PC Gaming Racing Steering Wheel

PXN V900 PC Gaming Racing Steering WheelPros

  • Multiplatform device
  • Additional Pedals
  • Anti-Slip Grip
  • Ergonomic


  • Price
  • Too cumbersome

PXN is a company that specializes in the production of professional gaming periphery. Steering wheels, gamepads, joysticks, and arcade sticks are widely used by cyber-sportsmen in different competitions. The device has a design of a racing bolide with black matte color. The core idea of the device’s design is minimalism and aesthetics. It does not try to impress with striking looks and gives necessary functionality. The steering wheel has a cross-piece and buttons of a gamepad for navigation within games. The device has dual-motor vibration feedback. The diameter of 11 inches contributes to a more immersive racing experience. 270 and 900 degrees of wheel turning for different games. 270-degree option fits for competitive racing games like Dirt, Gran Turismo, or Need for Speed. 900 degree turning suits simulators like Euro Truck or American Truck simulator. A separate big-sized pedal gives natural control with gas and brake pedals. The device has a rubber texture coating. It provides a better touch feeling and an anti-slip grip. The steering wheel supports an audio function for Ps4, which contributes to the immersion as well. The device is not customizable, which can be considered as a minus. However, it has more than enough functionality in the first place. Therefore, there is not much need for modernization in the first place. There are pedals for Pc, Ps3, and Ps4. Overall, a good and qualitative device for the console. A decent ps4 racing wheel.

Logitech Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Gaming Racing Wheel

Logitech Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force G29 Gaming Racing WheelPros

  • Durable
  • Leather covering
  • Dual-motor feedback


  • Lack of customization
  • Weak pedals

Logitech devices are remarkable for their durability, stability, and long cycles of life. G29 is a good and well-responding device with both aesthetic and natural design. It feels like a rudder from a modern racing car, which is especially immersive in rally games. The device has a PS logo on it, emphasizing the most suitable platform for usage (however, it may be used on other gaming platforms as well). Besides the logo, it contains all buttons of a DualShock, including shifts. Therefore, a user gets both comfort and immersion of a steering wheel and functionality of the gamepad. The device has powerful dual-motor force feedback, which simulates force effects realistically. You can respond to sudden gaming situations with precision. It also has a hand-stitched leather cover for better grip, solid steel ball bearings in the rudder shaft, steel pedals, and paddle shifters. The device has helical transmission gears that reduce noise and vibration. Anti-backlash material keeps the device and pedals tight. There is a hall-effect sensor with the magnetic fields in the wheel construction for sensing the rudder position with steering precision. The device has 900 degrees rotation. You may turn the rudder two and a half times – the same as a real racer wheel. With the device stripe, you will know in which direction the rudder is pointing. G29 is not customizable and does not require such a thing because of its full-fledged functionality. It has pedals for Ps3 and Ps4. The device gives the feel, look, and durability of a real rudder. A nice looking ps4 steering wheel.

Playstation 4 Wireless Racing Wheel Apex by HORI

Playstation 4 Wireless Racing Wheel Apex by HORIPros

  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Stylish design
  • Wide Customization
  • Immersive feedback.


  • Less qualitative parts than the rivals’
  • Stiff pedals

The Hori company strives to enhance gamers’ experience in all possible ways. It cooperates closely with consoles manufacturers to deliver the most suitable product. The Apex racing wheel is one such product. The device has an aggressive design with black and red coloring and a form that emanates speed. It is also highly ergonomic due to a comfortable grip and special leather covering. The buttons of the DualShock 4 are carefully positioned across the device. So, you will have access to all gamepad’s functionality. It is a wireless version of the Apex, which expands the possibilities of the device positioning. The internal rechargeable battery supports up to 15 hours of gaming per charge. The rudder has a 270-degree turn ration, which can be easily switched on 180 degrees. This is not to mention wide customization settings such as vibration feedback; for example, it has pedals for Ps4 while being compatible with Pc. The Apex provides the necessary minimum for being a good ps4 steering wheel, but its customization and wireless connectivity make it a viable choice among other wireless gadgets.

Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing WheelPros

  • Metal components
  • Silent belt-pulley system
  • High-performance force feedback
  • Realistic size


  • Plain design
  • May need additional devices for fuller immersion.

Thrustmaster is a long-living company on the market of video-games accessories. Its production is steering wheels, gamepads, and joysticks. Time-proven and qualitative, this production has something to offer for demanding consumers. Pro Racing device has an elegant and light design, resembling a real racing bolide. Calm blue and black coloring gives it aesthetic looks. The ergonomics of the device, however, feels a bit plain and simple. T150 has a simple round form without any special grips. Besides, there are a bit of uncomfortable button positions, which may be frustrating. However, when it comes to functionality, the wheel shows decent results. T150 has a 900-degree turning and can make three full rotations. The realistic size of the device contributes to the immersion – it is 11 inches in diameter. T150 has a force feedback system: gears system and mixed belt-pulley. It comes with sequential gear shifts crafted of metal. What’s more, there are three metal pedals, whose position is adjustable. Besides, the device is compatible with the TH8 metal shifter by Thrustmaster as well. The TH8 features a real-world design inspiration and allows two different shifting styles: sequential and H-pattern. T150 strives to reach a resemblance with a real rudder by all means through feedback, metal materials, and overall design. A qualitative Ps4 steering wheel.

How to choose the right Ps4 steering wheel

Despite having similar conception and its realization, steering wheels vary between each other, and there is space for choice and different options of a Ps4 steering wheel. First of all, the dimensions of the device should fit the gaming space. Usually, steering wheels require space for pedals and additional gadgets. Besides, the size of a ps4 racing wheel shall feel comfortable for your hands. The wheel should not be too small or too big for comfortable operation. Beyond the size of a wheel, its grip should feel comfortable and tight. Steering wheels have force feedback for deeper immersion. This force feedback may be a bit confusing too, and even require special gloves to handle it. Therefore, consider what kind of intensity you expect from your wheel. There are three types of force feedback in steering wheels: gear drive, belt drive, and direct drive. Gear drive connects the device with the force motor through the wheel to increase torque and feedback.

However, due to the mechanical nature of the feedback, it is pretty loud. Besides, it is the oldest type of feedback, and such wheels are rare. Belt-drive feedback works similarly to the gear-drive, but instead of gears, the wheel is connected to the force motor with belts. Force feedback works more silently, and belts absorb vibration partially. Besides, after long usage, the belts wear out and shall be replaced. However, it is the most wide-spread type of force-feedback. Finally, direct-drive connects the device and the motor directly. It gives enough torque and feedback but uses big motors as well – the most costly option.


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