The best Xbox One controllers: TOP 10

A good controller is a critical element of success in the game. Choosing one more gamepad is an inevitable thing if you own a gaming system. One day you’ll need to purchase a modern best Xbox One controller. Possibly, you want to replace a smashed one after the intense game, or you want a decent model. Standard Xbox One gamepads are great and worth buying. As the marketplace is saturated with first-rate consoles, it is difficult to select the optimal purchase.

You can easily find high quality and customizable gamepads for Xbox at an affordable price. To show you the variety of options, we’ve compiled a rank of gamepads for both serious gamers and novices. Here is our list of the best Xbox One controllers available in 2020. 

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Xbox One Wireless ControllerPoints:

  • Easy to link to a computer
  • The pad is convenient to use
  • Perfect placement of sticks
  • Correct location of all keys
  • Sync with any game in essence


  • High price
  • A wired connection to the PC only

Game consoles from Microsoft, at first glance, are a better purchase than a PC. It is because the company has built a good reputation in the game industry. Also, the manufacturer’s policy involves selling the console itself at the cost of components.

This one of the best Xbox One controller is amazing. It is like a highly modified version of Sony DualShock 4. The appearance has not changed much since the release of the primary Xbox One controllers. All the received alterations have only benefited it. The pad has a perfect balance of sticks, with nicely-modeled curved triggers.

One more innovation is support for a Bluetooth mode. The developer also removed the proprietary audio connection from the consoles, letting you connect headphones directly to a pad. Besides, the back panel’s cover was improved, so the device does not slip in the hands.

The battery life is also startling: the AA batteries can be charged while playing. This Xbox PC controller model is a stunning, ergonomic device.

Xbox One Controller: Razer Wolverine Ultimate    

Razer Wolverine Ultimate  Benefits:

  • Superb Agile & Focus joysticks
  • The software is great
  • More settings and triggers than before
  • Lightweight gamepad


  • Only wired communication via a USB cable
  • Not reasonably priced
  • The buttons may not be convenient

Razer introduced an interesting solution for gamers, Wolverine Ultimate game controller, designed for use with Xbox One consoles and PCs. Razer partners with large players to develop and distribute high-tech products with competitive advantages. 

Several major alterations distinguish this controller. It is wired, so it is great for gamers who don’t like any delay of most game consoles’ wireless nature. Using wires also saves from hassle from the lack of batteries; besides, you can get such nice lighting only with an external USB.

You may find several alterations in its buttons — in appearance, quantity, and customization. Changes include 16.8 million color choices of Chroma lighting, speedier control panel, replaceable sticks, tangible switch buttons, user-friendly rubber handle, and lightweight removable Micro-USB with cable.

The adaptable speedy trigger buttons shorten the stroke, which is perfect for rapid-reflex missions. The pad feels soft but firm in hand. The front panel has speedy buttons for muting the headset.

Microsoft Xbox One controller  

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless ControllerBenefits:

  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Modern technology
  • Decent build


  • Standard powered by two AA batteries
  • Sometimes it crashes when using with a computer, and you should connect the device again 

This one is a standard solution from Microsoft. Minimalistic design is everything gamers need. This console is the choice of most users. Asymmetrically placed sticks require a little habit, but they are extremely convenient. Since Microsoft is not only engaged in consoles, it also develops the most popular software for computers; you will not even be afraid of compatibility problems. There is a connector for attaching the headset. This device is just the way it should be. The objective disadvantage is this joystick works from 2 AA batteries. You may solve the problem by simply purchasing batteries.

The key characteristics are as follows: wireless; vibration response; 2 mini-joysticks, crosspiece, 11 buttons; 2xAA; supported API-XInput; motion sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope; headset connection.

Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2    

Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2Benefits:

  • Superb design
  • Bluetooth
  • High build quality
  • Replaceable sticks & D-Pad
  • Custom display of buttons with paddles


  • Weightier than a regular console
  • Expensive

This modern and one of the best Xbox One Controller is convenient to use, especially for an extended period. It is powerful, as well as pleasant to hold. Nevertheless, serious players can rather speedily wear them out.

The Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2, the latest work of Microsoft’s high-end console, follows this model. It retains ergonomic design, yet it virtually improves everything. The paddles on the back can be directed to any button via the partner app. The sticks are detachable and longer-lasting. The parts are covered with a wonderful soft finish. It contains triggers and handles. The designers added Bluetooth, too, to connect to the PC wirelessly.

Some users may say the price of the Xbox One Elite controller is high. For people who do not mind paying, this model is optimal. It will obviously last longer than a standard controller, as it has many serious features.

Xbox One Controller: Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition        

Razer Wolverine Tournament EditionBenefits:

  • Synapse software is perfect
  • More triggers and settings
  • Joysticks are fabulous
  • Optimal weight
  • Special form
  • A lightweight controller


  • Costly
  • Only for wired communication with a specific cable 

Professional eSports players need to have an easily adaptable controller. Razer’s goal was to create such a pad. By optimizing ergonomics for convenience and adding a whole set of functions, the developers created a tool for competitions and victories.

The foremost model pays special attention to efficiency, including customization options for hardcore gamers. There are four buttons with a speedy control panel for tasks such as switching between profiles or turning off the sound. Rubber pads with tight sticks allow you not to lose control over accuracy.

The Xbox One controller is optimized for use with a PC or on the Xbox game console. The ergonomic form of the device, adequate weight of the device, and the outstanding parameters increased this model’s rating in the European market. Professional eSports players noted the convenience of the design and the response speed.

This excellent solution will be handy in a fiery game. Whether or not the purchase is worth it depends on your budget, but the Razer gamepad is a decent substitute to Microsoft’s Xbox pad.

Scuf Prestige 

Scuf Prestige Benefits:

  • Full customization
  • Premium controller
  • Also works with Xbox One and PC
  • Lightweight for long gaming sessions
  • Adjustable triggers and displayed paddle controls
  • Up to 30 hours on a fully charged battery


  • Costly
  • The best pad for customization
  • Charges through micro USB
  • Overkill for most mobile and PC games

This Xbox One controller is a fully customizable Xbox One wireless controller that eSports gamers choose. A third-party accessories brand SCUF has proven itself as one of the reputed manufacturers of eSports gamepads, and SCUF Prestige is its leading product. This is a highly customizable one of the best Xbox One controller created for reduced response time and maximum comfort of professional players.

Everything is accurate, fast, and reasonable. The front panel and thumb handles can be swapped by your favorite colors. You can adjust triggers from a full tap to a shorter tap. That is convenient for shooters.

This gamepad was originally aimed for the Xbox One, but it equally works great with Android via Bluetooth connection.



  • The appearance is similar to the official one
  • Great price
  • Robust design


  • Only wired
  • Not many selections in colors 

Amazon remains a jack-of-all-trades by offering a wide variety of accessories for Xbox One. Located under the AmazonBasics standard line, these additions to your controller promise an affordable price without compromising the quality.

For the Xbox One equipment, the developing “AmazonBasics” line is a decent option on a tight budget. With the major retailers’ support, the range expands to basic while keeping the quality and functionality standard. Amazon generally fulfills this requirement with its gamepads, chargers, and other items for the platform. It offers a family-friendly combination of efficient features at a low cost.

If you are seeking a trustworthy and inexpensive gamepad, consider Amazon’s offer. Wired Xbox One controller differs from a typical console by shape and size. The buttons are in a convenient position, and at the lower part, there is a Jack headset.

It comes only in wired mode, so you may not reassign any of its buttons, yet it’s the pad for a perfect budget, particularly useful for kids.

Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick      

Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick      Benefits:

  • Easily modifiable
  • Trendy & prized Hayabusa stick
  • Robust design


  • Quite expensive
  •  A very big arcade stick

The creator of the gamepad is Hori Arcade Stick Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai. Sony officially licenses the new version of the popular arcade gamepad.

If you are an admirer of combat games, in this case, you may need to buy an arcade flash drive that will raise your efficiency to the next level. The blend of varying direction with button presses is ideal for a first-rate handle from Hori and a wonderful input for Xbox competitors with a first-rate combo joystick.

Hori Fighting Stick is a great option for gamers who want to learn to control an arcade stick before buying a more professional model. There are 8 standard buttons on this model. It packs the original so-called Hayabusa stick together with KURO buttons, but it also enables modding. There’s plenty of room to store cables, so it looks efficient. The stick is easy to use.

The pad may seem a bit costly, yet if you play many combat arcades continuously, it is worth improving your gaming performance.

Xbox Adaptive Controller    

Xbox Adaptive ControllerBenefits:

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Two USB ports
  • High flexibility due to adaptable modular control
  • Tested together with support groups
  • Every task is mapped to a particular peripheral


  • Mains adapter not contained within the box

For several years, Xbox One has been on store shelves. Microsoft presented to the gaming community an innovative Xbox Adaptive Controller, which lets players use third-party devices for control.

A unique gamepad, in its essence, has only a few buttons. Designed for gamers with limited mobility, the model offers the same controls as on any other gamepad with large buttons. This device is not held in hands – you should put it on any flat surface. The key feature of the item is that you can attach additional devices to it – serves as their link.

Additional modules are connected via the usual USB-C, USB-a, 3.5 mm, and other connectors. This device is a universal platform for linking third-party modules, due to which everyone can fully play video games.

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller       

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller   Benefits:

  • Pleasant texture of buttons
  • Solid build
  • Wired pad for Windows 10
  • Nostalgic style
  • Animated logo display
  • The elegant little screen


  • Wired
  • Bulky frame
  • Increased price
  • The tiny screen is not useful

Microsoft knew about gamers’ nostalgic sentiments, and that’s why it released an updated version of the old Xbox One controller, giving it the name Duke. One of the Xbox creators Seamus Blackley and Hyperkin worked on the implementation of the updated device.

The chosen gamepad is compatible with Xbox ONE platform. The highly ergonomic and high-tech devices can work together with PCs. You must take into consideration the requirement for Windows 10 OS. Use the USB interface to pair up the console. The length of the interface cable is noteworthy: the value of this indicator is 2.74 m.

The key feature of the Hyperkin Duke Wired Xbox One controller is the vibration response feature. The gamepad has a 3.5 mm audio Jack designed for attaching headphones. The gaming device comes with full documentation. The model is packed in a box, whose design is similar to the usual Xbox style.

This model is a skillful embodiment of a classic gamepad.

Advantages of the best Xbox One controllers  

Most games are more enjoyable to play with a high-quality keyboard or a fast gaming mouse. A growing number of games menu systems are developed around the consoles instead of the customary WASD control scheme that players know.

The main reason why Xbox One gamepads surpass in performance the DualShock 4 PS4 console is that they function without wires accurately with your processor. No additional software is needed.

With a controller of this type, you just need to plug it into your home computer to play. The PS4 gamepads can also operate with PCs but with more effort. Product compatibility also varies between Windows Play Anywhere and Xbox Game Pass for such games as Gears of War 4 and Cuphead.

To operate with the best Xbox One controller on your processor, you need Windows 10. It may take five seconds to update the drivers on Windows. Mac and Linux solutions require additional work. Running on a laptop with your gamepad is as simple as attaching a Micro USB cable to your computer. Another option is to grab a wireless Xbox One console adapter from Microsoft, or if your personal computer has Bluetooth, you can pair it like any other device.

All you need to do is connect your best Xbox controller to a PC and enjoy your favorite game.


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